Who Makes Weize Batteries?

Weize Deep-cycle rechargeable batteries are a go-to if you are looking for a heavy-duty battery on a budget. They can be used to power home appliances home systems such as exit signs and fire alarms. 

Who Makes Weize Batteries?

Weize batteries are manufactured by a renowned company that makes electronic automotive products. Jiangsu Weize Locomotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd is responsible for the production of Weize batteries, including the Weize automotive batteries in the market. They also specialize in manufacturing tire pressure monitoring and alarm systems, OBD remote diagnosis systems, automobile key automatic control systems, and the like.

Jiangsu Weize Locomotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 1925 on strict principles of innovation, service, and delivering quality and has since then kept to these principles. They are known for their specialty in the design, development, production, and marketing of automotive electronic products. Their main well-known products are the tire pressure monitoring and alarm system, GPS vehicle monitoring and management system, one-button start system, automobile key automatic control system, vehicle OBD remote diagnosis system, automobile special window closing system, and their mobile phone car remote control system. 

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They have been well-reviewed for their thoughtful customer service, quality products, and performance consistency. Jiangsu Weize Locomotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd has dozens of national patents. Their products are at the forefront in technological levels, with its domestic competing companies. 

How good are Weize batteries?

Weize batteries are an excellent choice if you are looking for a battery that lasts long. It is very affordable and can power on for a long time. It is good for people with special needs to power up electric wheelchairs. It can power up the vehicle for a long time while also allowing the vehicle to use maximum speed. It is also perfect for camping trips, travels, and hikes. The weize 12v 100AH is perfect as a battery backup, as it provides a longer backup time.

It is reliable for medical and industrial use thanks to its heavy-duty, long-lasting system. What’s more? It costs less than other AGM batteries of equal capacity. There is also a one-year warranty policy, and if there is a fault within one month of your purchase, it will be replaced by a new one. 

How Long Does Weize Battery Last? 

Weize batteries are popularly known for their long battery life. They could last for at least two years and, if properly maintained, could last up to five years, as with any AGM battery

Are Weize Batteries Compatible With Most Vehicles?

Weize batteries come in different models and for their respective uses. Some of them can be used to power ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) and motorcycles. However, make sure the battery of your choice is compatible with your vehicle in terms of specification, size, amperage, and the like. Using a battery too powerful for your vehicle can damage both the battery and the vehicle, and using a battery with a capacity that is too low can weaken your vehicle and make it underperform. 

If you are getting batteries for industrial use, such as tractors, solar panels, machines, it demands a very powerful one. You can always consult an expert on which model is best for your vehicle or appliance.

Maintenance Of Weize Batteries:

  • Do not overcharge the batteries. There is a significant possibility of the battery getting damaged or weakened when you charge for a longer time than needed. Although they can be left for up to 5 months when at full capacity, it is not recommended to do so. Ensure to charge it every 2-3 months.
  • Keep the batteries in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing them in hot temperatures. Recommended temperature is 23 degrees.
  • Store the batteries in a fully charged state. When the battery is charged, it automatically switches to maintenance mode to help it last longer. 

Where To Buy Weize Batteries:

Weize batteries are quite accessible. You can find them in the battery section of e-commerce stores like Amazon, U-buy, and the likes. You can also find it in automotive shops, Walmart, battery guy, or Weize battery dealers. 

Top Weize Batteries

Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM:

Its deep-cycle technology helps to charge faster as the internal resistance lowers. It is great as a replacement battery, long-lasting, and very affordable. It is perfect for UPS systems, trolling motors, wheelchairs, and electric scooters. It is very low maintenance, has an anti-overheating cover, and has zero spill technology. 

Weize 12V 100AH Pure Gel Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery:

This unit gives a longer lifespan even in high-temperature conditions. Its gel formula keeps the electrolyte from evaporating, hence keeping the performance level intact in differing temperatures. It is a low self-discharge battery, anti-spill, and offers up to 15 years standby use service life in optimal conditions. Gel batteries are also a safer option than traditional lead-acid batteries. This battery is recommended for solar and wind power applications, marine applications, RV and camper applications, and off-grid applications.

Weize 12V 75AH Deep Cycle Battery:

This model charges five times faster than most flood batteries. You also have no worries about spilling with this model. The self-discharge rate is relatively low, so you would not need to charge it so often. It is versatile and maintains steady performance in different conditions. This model is great for electric scooters, golf cart electric DC, solar storage, RVs, Lawn, and garden tools, emergency lighting, industrial and medical equipment, etc.

Weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery:

If you live in a hot area, then this weize model is perfect for you. In hot weather, the water in the acid tends to evaporate faster, hence reducing the charge but not with the 12V 55AH deep cycle battery. It charges real quick and is ready for immediate use 0nce charged. It has an overheating-resistant cover and no-spill technology. It is good for use in lawn tractors, home alarm security, RVs, mobile scooters, portable tools, and electric vehicles. 

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