Duralast Gold Vs. Platinum: Which One To Choose?

Batteries power most of the things we use today; hence they are vital for living in the modern world. There are different types of batteries serving different purposes and so many different brands of the same type. Each has the purposes they fulfill, specifications, and why you should choose one over another.

It is important to make a good investment in the right battery, and this article will guide you in choosing between two batteries- the Duralast Gold and the Duralast Premium. Both battery models are efficient in their way, but depending on what you are looking for in the battery, one will serve you better than the other. After reading this article, you will be quite knowledgeable about the Duralast Gold and Platinum batteries, which will go a long way in helping you choose and even recommending them to others. 

Who Makes Duralast Gold And Platinum Batteries?

Duralast batteries are one of the most popular battery brands, well-known especially for their quality. You can trust that the company behind their making is committed to making the best for their customers. Duralast is owned by Autozone, a leading retailer of automotive parts in America. The company was founded in 1979, and its headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Clarios LLC. makes Duralast batteries for Autozone, although this was not until 2019. Johnsons controls were making the batteries until later in 2019 when Brookefield business partners took ownership of them and then formed Clarios LLC.

Clarios manufactures other batteries too, like Diehard battery, Optima battery, Motorcraft battery, Interstate batteries, and a good number of others. This shows that they are reliable and trusted by many. 

Duralast Gold Vs. Platinum: Which One To Choose

Gold Versus Platinum

Before comparisons are made, let us know more about each of the batteries. 

Duralast Gold Battery:

The Duralast Gold Battery is a deep cycle lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries are affordable high-performance batteries that consist of two lead electrodes, lead oxide and porous lead dipped in an electrolyte consisting of sulfuric acid and water. They are a good choice if you are looking for a pocket-friendly but efficient battery. 

Pros of Duralast Gold Battery:

  • High resistance to vibration due to its polypropylene material.
  • Relatively more affordable
  • They are made with anti-corrosion components, so you do not have to worry about rust
  • Reliable and durable compared to the usual lead-acid batteries
  • Low self-discharge rate

Cons of Duralast Gold Battery:

  • Requires more maintenance
  • Difficulty in recovering after several deep discharges

Duralast Platinum Battery:

The Duralast Platinum is an AGM battery designed to last and function efficiently through different weather conditions. AGM is an acronym for Absorbent Glass Mat. AGM batteries are advanced lead-acid batteries that are built to cater to the needs of modern, more recent vehicles. With this AGM technology, they are more efficient and versatile compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. They are completely sealed, leaving no worries of accidental spills. It is a low-maintenance battery and can meet high electrical demands. 

Pros Of Duralast Platinum Battery:

  • The battery is very durable.
  • It is very low maintenance and hardly requires a lot of attention.
  • It has a low self-discharge rate
  • No spills 
  • Faster recharge 

Cons Of Duralast Platinum Battery:

  • Higher cost
  • Overcharging can damage the battery 
  • It is charged on a special device

Similarities Between Gold and Platinum Duralast Batteries

Both batteries share a good number of similarities which is possibly why it is quite hard to choose between both. Here are some of the similarities they share:

  • Durability:

Both batteries have similarities in how long they last. If well maintained, they can last up to four years. 

  • Voltage:

Voltage is the measure of how much power a battery can produce. Both batteries have a voltage of 12V

  • Warranty:

They both have a 3-year free replacement warranty. Ensure to maintain the battery properly to get the most of the warranty. 

  • Group size:

Group size is the standard sizing of a car battery that takes into account its length, width, height, and sometimes polarity. Polarity is the position of the negative and positive terminals on a battery. They both have their negative terminal on the top left and positive terminal on the top right. They are both the same group size, 34. They both fit well in many vehicles. 

Differences Between Gold and Platinum Duralast Batteries:

These differences can serve as a guide for you to compare and choose. One has an advantage over the other in each case, but depending on what feature you need your battery to possess, you can easily identify your preference. 

  • Weight:

They both have slight differences in weight. Duralast Gold is a bit heavier, weighing about 42.36lbs. Duralast Platinum weighs about 41.29lbs

  • Battery type:

Duralast gold is a deep cycle lead-acid battery, duralast platinum is an AGM battery. This gives platinum a slight advantage over duralast gold in terms of durability

  • Cold Cranking amps:

Cold Cranking amps refer to the ability of a battery to start a car in cold temperatures. It is called CCA, in short. Platinum has a CCA of 740, over Gold with a CCA of 700. Duralast Gold has the advantage over Duralast platinum in terms of CCA, because it would start better in cold weather. 

  • Reserve capacity:

Both have a wide gap in a reserve capacity, with platinum at 200 minutes and gold at 140 minutes. Reserve capacity is how long (in minutes) a fully charged battery can sustain a given load at a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The usual load is around 25 amps, ad reserve capacity measure how long it can be sustained before discharging down to 10 volts. Platinum supersedes, in this case, with long minutes of sustenance. 

  • Cost:

The duralast gold is more affordable than the platinum battery. It is a good choice if you are on a budget because it offers about the same durability as platinum. Platinum is more expensive but is well worth it because of the advantages it has. 

  • Fitting:

Although they both can fit into most cars, Duralast platinum is designed in such a way that it can be manipulated to fit into any car without spilling. You cannot do this with Duralast gold. 

  • Deep discharge:

Duralast platinum can manage several deep discharges without wearing out, but Duralast Gold batteries tend to weaken with many deep discharges. 

Which One Is the Better Choice?

After all the comparisons made, your choice depends on the features you prioritize and the ones you can forgo. Generally, the Duralast Platinum battery is a better choice in terms of cold cranking amperage, deep self-discharge capacity, reserve capacity, and fitting, but it is more expensive. If you are simply looking for something that can perform efficiently but at an affordable price, then the Duralast Gold battery might be the preferred one. It is very durable, with moderate starting power, and resistant to vibration damage. Most people go for duralast gold because of its affordability compared to other lead-acid batteries. 


How long can the batteries last?

They last up for about 3 years and a bit more if well maintained. There is also a warranty that lets you get a replacement for free, lasting up to 3 years.

How can I maintain the batteries to last longer? 

They are both low-maintenance batteries; hence they do not require so much attention or refilling. They are designed to have very little tendency of corrosion too. However, avoid frequent deep discharging with Duralast gold as it could damage the battery. Simple cleaning of the casing would do. 

Which battery is best for cold regions?

Cold-cranking amperage (CCA) is a measure of a battery’s ability to start at a cold temperature. Duralast platinum is better in lower temperatures has a CCA of 700, compared to Duralst gold with a CCA of 740. 

Will Autozone help to install the battery?

Yes. Autozone offers installation services for customers free of charge. However, in the case of battery replacement, where some components need to be removed before installation or where some maneuvering is required, you may be charged some bucks for that. Duralast batteries are quite easy to install. Autozone also offers free testing and free charging for your battery. You can also recycle old batteries with Autozone. Please note that terms and conditions may apply to these free extra services. 

How does the Autozone warranty work?

Autozone is very confident about its batteries’ durability, so they give warranties of up to 2 years and more. However, the warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, improper installation, or commercial use of the battery. Duralast Gold and Platinum battery have 3-year free replacement warranties on them. Simply walk into any Autozone store to claim your warranty if your battery is defective within that period.

How can I tell when my battery is dying?

You can easily spot when your battery is dying through your car headlights. Dim headlights indicate a weak battery. Also, when your engine is slow to start, that can be a sign of a dying battery.

With this article, hopefully, you can confidently make the right choice for your vehicle. 

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