Honda Key Fob Not Working After Battery Replacement: A Complete Guide

Modern cars and vehicles are equipped with keyless entry systems. This makes entering the vehicle convenient without the hassle of using the car keys. You can open or even start your car with the help of a key fob, which is a small electronic device. The key fob may stop working for whatever reason, even with a fully charged battery. The type of battery you use may be the cause of your key fob not working after a battery replacement.

Honda key fob won’t work after battery replacement:

Most people are familiar with Honda because of their TOP-of-the-line SUVs and sedans. All Honda vehicles are equipped with a key fob, but they all come with remote start. Having a range of 400 feet, it is one of the most reliable products on the market.

Since the key fob comes with all of the above features, it is extremely frustrating when it stops working. In most instances, the battery is not always at fault. You may find that even after changing the battery, the key fob still does not work. There might be other factors to consider in this case.

Resetting the key fob might be the cause:

An automobile key fob needs to be paired securely with the vehicle in order to function. Key fobs are equipped with transmitters that are connected to receivers in vehicles. It is impossible for others to unlock yours, even if they have the same make and model as yours. You can feel safe and secure in your car due to the additional layer of protection.

The drawback of this is that the connections may get reset when your battery is changed or your key fob is replaced, and your vehicle will then be unable to be recognized. If you want the key fob to work with your vehicle again, you will have to reprogram it. In some cases, you may not be able to start the car until the program is updated.

Fob key reprogramming can help fix the problem:

It is possible that your key fob needs to be reprogrammed. It is not uncommon for aftermarket key fobs to have similar problems, although original key fobs are not affected. The problem affects the owners of second-hand cars as well. This is a relatively easy way to reprogram a key fob. The process is easy for older models of cars, but it requires special equipment and software for newer models. As a result, you might need the help of a Honda dealer.

Damaged key fob:

If your key fob does not work, it may be the result of a broken part. The chances are that you may have accidentally damaged the circuit or the keys if you tried to change the batteries yourself. It is sometimes the unlock button that causes problems which means that your key fob has a broken unlock button, and you need to get a new one. When none of your controls work, your key fob may be defective.

The transmitter is damaged:

Signals are sent and received by two components of a key fob, which is based on a basic communications principle. Here, the transmitters are in the remote and receivers are in the car. In pairing, signals are exchanged between the two devices. Through their interactions, the door is locked and unlocked, the vehicle is started, etc. The key fob will no longer function if either of the two components is damaged since the communication line is broken.

Fixing the transmitter:

Other internal damages can also affect the transmitter, such as loose connections. The key fob might not need to be touched in this case. You can have it fixed by a locksmith or mechanic, or even by the dealership if you are willing to pay.

Installed incorrectly:

You should check if the battery has been installed correctly. Furthermore, your owner’s manual will provide more details about battery replacement. Checked the battery’s orientation before installation. Batteries are usually marked on their positive sides, but not on their negative sides. As a general rule, the positive side faces down, but this may vary.

Incorrect battery type:

If you are planning to change your battery, be sure to consult your manual. Here you can find information on how to change your battery, as well as which type of battery you should purchase. If you use the wrong voltage, your key fob may become inactive. Also never try to push the battery in to ensure that it fits into the battery holder. This can damage the terminals.

Damaged Contacts:

Since key fobs are almost always used, they are subject to heavy abuse. This can damage circuit boards, break connections, and even damage the buttons. Be sure that the controls and their contacts are working by opening the key fobs carefully. In the case of a missing or loose connection, you can try soldering it. Without some familiarity with boards, do not attempt. Make sure the buttons are functioning properly. In some cases, they pop out of place and must be pushed back into place.

What to Do if Your Car Key Fob Doesn’t Work:

  • Almost every modern car comes with a mechanical key, including Hondas.
  • Using this mechanical key, you can open the driver’s side door.
  • Press the Start button after you open the car and hold the key.
  • The engine will probably start and run. The key fob battery may not be the problem if the engine doesn’t start and you cannot even open the doors.
  • When your Honda Key Fob fails to work after a battery change, don’t assume it’s because the battery is dead.
  • It is most likely that you used the wrong or fake battery.
  • You must make sure the battery is installed correctly to ensure that it works.


Changing the battery in a car is not a difficult task for an average person. It is still true that the key fob will sometimes stop working even after a battery replacement, but there are ways to reset the key fob, especially with an aftermarket one. For older models, you can reprogram the Honda key fob yourself, but newer models may require a technician.

Even though the above-mentioned is a significantly more popular reason, it’s not the only one. It is possible that you will need the assistance of a dealer or a locksmith. The key fob can nevertheless be opened again for repairs if you are knowledgeable about opening the fob.


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