Difference Between C4 and C8 Batteries

C4 and C8 are types of C batteries, each having its own set of features and ratings. The primary difference lies in how fast the batteries are charged and drained. Read on to learn more about the difference between the C4 and C8 batteries.

What are C Batteries

C batteries are the standard dry cell battery created to work with minimal internal moisture and are best for portable devices. C batteries are everyday used batteries in toys, flashlights, remotes, etc. One characteristic that separates the C batteries from others is that they tend to have a longer lifespan. C batteries can also be called R14 batteries from International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) designation. C batteries often measure 50mm or 1.97 inches in size and 26.2mm or 1.03 inches in diameter, smaller than D batteries and larger than AA and AAA batteries. 

How long should a C battery last?

The lifespan of C batteries depends on how they are used, the battery’s capacity, power consumption of the device used, and the battery’s model. On average, a C battery of 1.5V should last at least 18 hours when discharged at a rate of 200 milliamperes which is considered low to what most devices needs. Also, C batteries can last a maximum of 10 years in storage.

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What does the C represent?

The C expressly represents ratings on the battery. It is assigned based on the amount of current a battery can generate within a given time. A unit of C represents 1A, two units of C represent 2A, and so on. With each rating comes a difference in charging and discharging rates. The ratings can also be called C-rates, and it is used to differentiate between batteries.

Where are the main differences between the C4 and C8 batteries?

There are not many differences between the C4 and C8 batteries aside from their durability and rating. Their main features are highlighted below:

Power Output

Since it has been established that C is a rating for the batteries, the numeral value that accompanies the C is the number of capacity that the batteries possess. So, a C battery has a power of 1Ah. Therefore, a C4 battery produces a total output of 4A while the C8 battery produces a max output of 8A.

Charge and discharge time

Another significant difference between the C4 and the C8 is its time to charge and discharge. A C4 battery will take about 15 minutes to charge and discharge moderately. However, a C8 battery charges fast and discharge more slowly. It connotes that the more the rating of the battery, the lesser the amount of time to charge, and the more power outputted, the lesser the battery’s running time.

Longevity and replacement

C Batteries are best charged at a low amp rate for a longer lifespan. Let’s say you have a battery of 8Ah with a rating of 4A. It means the battery will be charged at twice its capacity, which is not a good idea to do as it can shorten battery lifespan. Charging at a low amp rate pays in the long run as it helps prolong the battery’s lifespan. Also, C4 and C8 Batteries are long-lasting; however, C8 batteries have a longer life span than C4 batteries due to their better capacity.

Dissipated heat

Constant heating when charging your battery may occur due to how it’s being charged regardless of the type of charger used. Charging up your batteries at high capacity and discharging them at high power will cause constant heat up in the batteries. More heat is generally dissipated in the C8 batteries.

C4 BatteriesC8 Batteries
– Maximum Output – 4A
– Less life span than the C8
– Lesser ability to hold a charge
– Discharge moderately
– Suited for high drain devices
– Less expensive
– Maximum Output – 8A
– Better lifespan than C4
– Higher Ability to hold a charge
– Discharge Slowly
– Better suited for High drain devices
– More expensive


Both the C4 and C8 batteries are great for long-term use and high-capacity yield, but you can choose the one most suitable for you, depending on your needs. The C4 batteries have fewer heat problems and can be used long. However, the C8 battery gives higher power and fast charging. Additionally, It is advisable to charge your batteries at a low amp for more extended use to slow down the charging time.

Next time you want to get a battery, you can decide on buying the best one. We hope we have shown the difference between the C4 and C8 batteries and cleared any confusion you may have about them. 

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