What Batteries Are Compatible with Craftsman?

Whether you’re a professional or not, there’s a Craftsman V20 solution for every project, from drilling and sawing to gardening and trimming. Craftsman is a high-performance tool that provides excellent mobility and range. As good as this tool is, not all batteries are compatible with it, so what batteries are compatible with Craftsman?

Craftsman 20V power too is compatible with V20* 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries. The battery gives 1.5 times the typical 20V Max lithium battery runtime. These batteries also have a charge status LED display that informs you of the charging status. Additionally, these batteries are praised for their cycle life, increased power, and high productivity.

Are batteries for Craftsman V20 interchangeable?

Craftsman cordless power tools, batteries, and chargers are incompatible with other devices. Continue with the recommended tools and chargers and ensure that the CMT model number matches the one on the product for compatibility.

What Batteries Are Compatible with Craftsman?

What is the life expectancy of a 20-volt lithium battery?

A Lithium-Ion battery’s expected life span is two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever comes first. A charge cycle is a period of use in which the battery is entirely charged, thoroughly drained, and fully recharged.

Is it possible to swap 20-volt lithium batteries?

The answer is no; lithium-ion batteries are not transferable. The proportions and form (as well as the voltage) are not compatible with another manufacturer’s product.

 You can’t use one battery in place of the other, whether it’s alkaline or lithium-ion.

Can Cordless Tool Batteries Be Replaced?

Batteries for cordless tools are not interchangeable. Only when they are from the same brand are they interchangeable. The battery tools will be compatible as long as the manufacturer is the same. Manufacturers do this on purpose to assure long-term profitability and sales and a loyal consumer base.

Craftsman Batteries Are They Universal?

Other tools, even similar ones, batteries, and chargers are incompatible with Craftsman batteries. All Craftsman cordless power tools are compatible with the V20  2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery.

Are Black and Decker and Craftsman the same thing?

Craftsman is a lawn and garden equipment and workwear manufacturer. Craftsmen are owned by Stanley Black & Decker, which the Sears house brand once owned. However, Stanley Black & Decker licenses the manufacturing of craftsman tools to various other brands like Sears Holdings.

Do Black and Decker Batteries Work with Craftsman?

The basic explanation is that Black and Decker’s batteries are not interchangeable with Craftsman batteries. There are different reasons for this, like, the marketing and sales perspective. Brands love it when customers use their batteries, so Craftsman will prefer users to use their batteries. It ensures the brand’s durability and increased sales. The other is about technological security. Aside from the fact that batteries are made and constructed differently, mixing batteries is also not suggested due to the possibility of battery leakage and sub-optimal gadget performance.

Will Craftsman batteries fit Black and Decker?

While Black and Decker and Craftsman use the same 20v lithium-ion battery technology, it may not fit due to an intentionally introduced minor design flaw. These batteries will not fit into each other’s shape for the same reason.

Is mixing Batteries Safe?

Mixing batteries is risky, so businesses and IT experts have always advised against it. The most important thing to remember is that various batteries are designed for different uses and must be used accordingly. If alkaline cells are used with lithium batteries, it can severely damage your device. You combine fundamentally distinct parts and force them to operate together. When utilizing batteries interchangeably, you risk ruptures or device explosions. As a result, the sensible thing to do while replacing batteries is to stick to the same brand. While mixing batteries, there are a few extra factors to consider. One of these is to avoid mixing old and new batteries. This will, in most cases, be significantly distinct from one another and will damage your device. Overcharging and combining batteries might cause the gadget to explode in the most extreme circumstances.

What You Should Know About Interchanging Batteries

There are various things to consider before changing battery brands, highlighted below.

  • Distinct chemistry: Lithium, alkaline, and NiCad batteries, for example, are produced differently and have different composition and effectiveness thresholds. Forcibly combining volatile materials can result in a dangerous rupture to the equipment and those who use it.
  • Performance: It is critical to use identical-brand batteries because this is the only method to ensure optimal gadget performance. No other battery can equal the implementation of this one.
  • Safety: In the most extreme instances, mixing batteries can result in an explosion. It is a situation that should be avoided at all costs.


Though most users want to replace the batteries in their gadgets with the best available option, it is not advisable. When replacing batteries, try to get the same brand if possible. This is necessary to ensure the device’s health and durability.

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