Is there a difference between an A23 and an A23s battery?

The various options available in the market when purchasing a new battery or a replacement battery for your everyday household gadgets might be overwhelming. It’s crucial to know the distinction between them, especially ones with nearly identical names like A23 and A23s batteries. Continue reading to learn the difference between A23 and A23s to ensure you’re getting the right one for your gadget or appliance.

There is no real difference between the two batteries, as you can use them interchangeably depending on the specification of your device.

Ways of identifying a battery?

There are ways to tell the difference between different types of batteries. Here are some of them: 

  • Look for the Pb symbol on lead batteries and the Li symbol on lithium batteries on the label. 
  • Take note of the weight difference: lithium is significantly heavier although having the same proportions. 
Is there a difference between an A23 and an A23s battery?

A23 batteries are non-rechargeable alkaline cylindrical cells that power small electrical devices, including home security systems, garage door openers, and Bluetooth headsets. These batteries are also useful when a higher voltage is required for other radio-frequency transmitting or receiving applications. With a diameter of 10.3mm and a length of 28.5mm, A23 batteries weigh roughly 0.3oz or 8 grams. Ideal for small, lightweight gadgets. It features an incredible eight LR932 batteries connected in series, allowing it to deliver up to 12 volts regular capacity with a 50-60 mAh range without putting the devices it powers at danger of damage. Because these batteries are small in size but are large in capacity, you may use them to power your gadgets without the requirement of extra converters. other names for the A23 battery exist for the battery, such as V23GA, MN21, 8LR23, A23S, 23A, 23AE, L1028, 1811A.

How can you tell if the A23 battery is running low?

A23 or A23s batteries, like many other batteries, show signs of age, including a reduction in battery life. It typically happens over time as battery power decreases with age and use. One of the indicators that the battery needs to be replaced is that it has lost its capacity. It’s probably time for a replacement if it no longer holds a charge or fails to power the gadget adequately. A23 batteries are aimed at providing your device with long-lasting power. The voltage gradually drops as it loses its charge until it reaches 6 volts, at which time it is considered dead and no longer holds any charge. A23 Batteries can also be affected by warm weather. For example, in cold conditions, a battery’s lifespan is reduced when the chemicals inside the battery lose their ionic charge, reducing the amount of power it can produce. However, there are simple solutions to these problems, such as warming them so they can run at full capacity. Make sure you don’t go too far with either extreme temperature, as they have a substantial effect.

Where to get A23 or A23s batteries?

Even though A23 and A23s batteries are less prevalent than other basic battery types, you may still purchase them at most local hardware stores. You may also find many different brands online, such as Amazon. Each battery’s features and reviews are listed online for you to review simultaneously. They are mostly purchased in bulk at wholesale costs, which results in higher per-battery savings than if purchased individually. However, they do come packaged singly. These batteries have an excellent shelf life of 3-5 years. They may be maintained on standby for lengthy periods when carefully managed and can last for roughly 3 hours of use depending on the device they are powering. Which brand is best depends on your requirements, which you can readily establish by comparing costs, features, reviews, and other factors online. It will ensure that you get the most value when purchasing batteries that meet your specific needs.

Best A23 batteries available

Energizer A23: This pack will provide 12V power to your smaller remotes and keychain gadgets, with enough shelf life for the batteries you’re saving. It has lasted the longest among the A23 batteries and provided consistent levels across different cells. These are some of the best A23 batteries that are available right now:

Duracell A23: The 23A pair is not inexpensive like the rest of Duracell’s specialty battery line. While it lacks the same cost level as the other items on this list, it makes up for its performance. It has five-year storage, and each cell’s long-lasting power is promising.

AC Delco A23: The design of the AC Delco battery is modern, with a seven-year shelf life. The battery has a low price per 12-pack and is mercury- and cadmium-free. It also has a steel-coated casing to prevent any leakages that may occur.

Battery Safety Issues of A23

There are some safety measures you can take when handling your A32 battery; they are:

  • Keep away from children as The A23 battery, like any other small and shiny object, could be swallowed by a child or pet 
  • They are still harmful as they are made of chemicals, particularly 12V batteries, which can cause severe internal injuries and burns when they contact bodily fluids due to electrolysis.


It is critical to consider the function of purchasing an A23 or A23s battery before purchasing one. If both are used in a household gadget that doesn’t require a lot of voltage, like a flashlight or remote control, and they’re compatible, then either one should function perfectly. Before you buy, make sure you verify the specifications of your gadget to see what voltage and amp-hour ratings the batteries have. Knowing which batteries will work best with your devices helps save you money on replacements in the future while also enhancing the speed and reliability of each battery.

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