How To Change Quip Toothbrush Battery?

Quip is a brand known for its range of battery-powered toothbrushes. Their products have brought a lot of disruptions in the industry and continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Not only these products are innovative, but they are good for the environment as well. 

Instead of replacing your old toothbrushes every month, just purchase this battery-powered toothbrush and use it for years. 

Since these toothbrushes are battery-powered, you need to change/replace their batteries after a few months. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of changing the Quip toothbrush battery with an easy 5-step formula. 

How To Change Quip Toothbrush Battery?

5 Easy Steps to Change Quip Toothbrush Battery

Here’s the 5-step easy guide to changing your Quip Toothbrush’s battery: 

1 – Locate and Snap Off

First, you need to locate the two dots on the toothbrush. They are usually on the backside of the handle. Locate these dots and put your finger on them while holding the toothbrush in your hand. 

Hold the top part of the toothbrush with another hand and carefully snap them off. Remember that you do not want to push too hard or put too much force into these. Otherwise, the toothbrush will be damaged. 

2 – Remove the Old Battery

Once the head of the toothbrush is removed, remove the old batteries. But before removing the old batteries, you will need to remove the motor tube. Click on it with a thumbnail or any other material, and it will come out. Once it is out, flip the toothbrush downwards and the batteries will come out of it. 

Also, do not forget to dispose of these old batteries. These batteries are hazardous materials and should be disposed of immediately. 

3 – Put the New Battery

It is now time to put the new batteries in. Remember that you will need the standard AAA batteries from a good brand. A good AAA battery in the battery-powered toothbrush could last around three months. 

When putting the new batteries inside, make sure the negative end of the battery is facing downwards. 

4 – Return the Motor Tube

After inserting the two new batteries back into the toothbrush, put the motor tube back. Again, to put it back, you will need to press it. 

In addition, you should confirm that the tiny notches are placed correctly. 

5 – Realign the Dots and Check

In the end, you will place the toothbrush head back. To check if you have put it correctly, realign it with the dots. 

Another way of confirming it is the clicking sound. Roll the head of the toothbrush until you hear the click. 

After that, start the toothbrush to check if the batteries work as needed. If the toothbrush does not work after replacing the batteries, there might be other problems. 

Troubleshooting the Common Problems with Quip Toothbrush 

If the toothbrush does not work after replacing the batteries, try again with different batteries. There are chances that the new batteries that you are using are already bad – so, you need to make sure that the batteries are not the problem. And the best way to do this is to replace the batteries again. 

If the toothbrush still does not work, make sure there are no gaps in the motor and body. If there is any gap causing the dysfunctionality, you can either replace the motor or make sure that is properly sealed with the body. 

If none of the solutions are working out, take the picture of the toothbrush and send it over to Quip’s support site. They provide excellent services and will happily help you in this regard. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding changing the Quip Toothbrush Battery. 

  1. Can you change the battery in Quip?

Yes, it is possible to change the battery in your Quip Toothbrush. There is an easy 6-step guide in this article that walks you through the process. 

  1. What battery does quip use?

Quip uses the standard AAA batteries inside all of their battery-powered toothbrushes. These batteries are available at almost every store and are used widely in other products. 

  1. Are battery toothbrushes as good as electric?

There is a mixed opinion about this. Some people prefer battery toothbrushes because of their usability and durability. While others prefer electric toothbrushes because the brushing power does not decrease with time. 

Although you can replace the batteries to increase the brushing power in the battery-powered toothbrushes, you will still feel a decrease in the power as the batteries degrade. 

  1. Can I replace the quip battery?

Yes, you can replace the Quip battery. Quip toothbrushes use the standard AAA batteries, and they are quite easy to replace. 

  1. How long do quip batteries last?

In normal conditions and with normal usage, Quip batteries can last for about three months. It is the standard duration for all the AAA batteries. 

  1. How do you change the batteries in a quip toothbrush?

There is a simple step-by-step formula to change the batteries in a Quip toothbrush. In a nutshell, you have to: 

  1. Locate and Snap off the top
  2. Remove the old batteries
  3. Put the new batteries in
  4. Return the motor tube, and
  5. Realign the dots and check. 


Are battery-powered toothbrushes better?

Electric and Battery-powered toothbrushes are innovative products that are having a great impact on our daily life. These toothbrushes have a lot more brushing power which helps clean our teeth better.  

To Sum It Up

Electric and Battery-powered toothbrushes are gradually becoming the new normal. They are gaining traction because of the benefits they provide. In the case of the battery-powered toothbrushes, all you have to do is to change the batteries every once in a while. Usually, the batteries last for almost 3 months. 

But, what to do when you have to change the battery of your toothbrush? Quip is the market leader in battery-powered toothbrushes. And, in this guide, we explored the easy 5-step formula to change the batteries in a Quip Toothbrush. We hope it helps. 

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