Who Makes AC Delco Batteries?

The battery starts the car and powers the electronics, and having the right battery is important. One of the best battery makers is AC Delco. AC Delco has a good reputation and is widely known for its high-quality batteries and aftermarket parts. However, many have wondered who makes AC Delco batteries and how good they are.

AC Delco batteries are part of General Motors, but their batteries are manufactured by the Middle East Battery company, which Johnson Controls partly own. AL Delco batteries are said to be maintenance-free and are ideal for GM vehicles like Chevy, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac.

AC Delco does not only make batteries but also car parts for GM and other car brands. They are said to be the largest parts makers in the United States. 

About the Manufacturer

AC Delco is a global automotive battery and parts manufacturer owned by General Motors. AC Delco was formed as a subsidiary of GM in 1916 by William C. Durant. It has its headquarters in the United States, with its battery manufacturing division is in Saudi Arabia, called the Middle East Battery Company. Initially, General Motors battery plants manufactured the batteries exclusively with the Middle East Battery Company. However, General Motors later sold the battery plants to Johnson Controls. So essentially, AC Delco batteries are being manufactured by the Middle East Battery, with Johnson Controls owning 49% of the manufacturing company.

Are AC Delco Batteries good?

AC Delco batteries are considered the highest quality and suitable for most cars. AC Delco Batteries have been said to perform excellently in GM vehicles. They are said to be reliable with better durability and longevity. The battery terminals are free of corrosion and have a large reservoir that can hold a charge for a long time. Also, the batteries have an advanced vent cap design that prevents leakage issues and have a high cold cranking amp. Finally, AC Delco batteries have a warranty spanning 12 months to 42 months, and most have an 18-month free replacement warranty.

Types of AC Delco Batteries available

There are majorly two types of AC Delco batteries available; they are highlighted below:

  • AC Delco Gold (professional) batteries are built with break-resistant plastic and use the high-density negative paste to make the battery more durable and extend its lifespan. The battery features vents caps to prevent leakages and has a robust envelope separator to maintain the battery temperature. These batteries come with a 42 months replacement warranty and do not have a service charge during the warranty period.
  • AC Delco Silver (Advantage) batteries: These batteries have an enhanced lifespan by using positive and negative grids coupled with impact resistance plastic cases. They are sturdy, efficient, durable, and require almost no maintenance. It also features flame retaining vents and has a special terminal design to prevent corrosion and acid leaks. However, they have a lower limited warranty of 18 months but offer low prices for their services.

The best AC Delco batteries available 

AC Delco offers different batteries for all types of cars. Here are some of the best batteries of AC Delco:

  • AC Delco ACDB24R Group 51 Battery: these batteries have slow discharge rates and will last three times longer than traditional batteries. They are built with calcium alloy and durable design to make them vibration resistant. It is said to be low maintenance and comes at a low price.
  • AC Delco 34AGM Professional Group 34 Battery: they are suitable for heavy-duty vehicles as it has up to 2 hours of reserve capacity and features envelope separators for better acid circulation. The batteries are built with a positive grid which lowers resistance and helps boost conductivity. However, it is a bit more expensive than other batteries in its class.
  • AC Delco 48AGM Professional Group 48 Battery: these AGM batteries are designed to maintain the battery temperature in extreme conditions and output high currents so most electrical components can run on them safely. It has two variants which are with cables or without cables. With its high-density paste, it offers better performance and a longer lifespan. Also, the battery cores are covered with insulators to prevent short-circuit issues.
  • AC Delco 47AGM Professional Group 47 Battery: these batteries are great for rough terrain as it has spill-proof technology and is maintenance-free. They have better recharge and discharge rates. The use of silver calcium alloy boosts the life cycle of the batteries. These are also designed with better circulations to prevent any chance of short-circuiting.


AC Delco is a global company that makes batteries and automotive parts. Their products are of high quality and a great value for money. AC Delco operates under the ownership of General Motors, and its batteries are manufactured by the Middle East Battery company located in Saudi Arabia. The batteries are known for their longevity, durability, and great warranties. They offer different types of batteries for different cars but are known to perform the best in GM cars. It is worth mentioning that before purchasing any batteries for your car, it is best to check its features to determine if they will serve your needs.

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