Who Makes Odyssey Batteries?

While some batteries provide enormous cranking power, others provide deep cycle power reserve; however, the innovative Odyssey batteries produce the two. Odyssey batteries are designed with durability, delivering exceptional performance, and comes with different features to meet the need of your electronics. The batteries have massive starting power, deep cycling, and quick recovery; however, who makes the Odyssey batteries?

Odyssey batteries are made by EnerSys Energy Products Inc, a subsidiary of EnerSys. The batteries are manufactured with thin plate pure lead technology and use lead instead of lead alloy in other batteries. Also, the batteries have a rugged construction that is anti-vibration and prevents spillage.

Odyssey batteries have increased power- twice as conventional batteries due to their surface area, which contains more pure lead. Also, the batteries have a high cranking power in that they can generate 2250 amps in 5 seconds which makes them suitable to use in extreme temperatures. In addition, Odyssey batteries are known to withstand high drain devices and recover quickly with the standard charge produced by the automobile.

About the manufacturer

EnerSys is a universal leader in the manufacturing of stored energy solutions. EnerSys is committed to providing solutions to the growing need for energy efficiency, dependability, and sustainability. They make and sell power batteries and battery accessories, chargers, and monitoring systems. It claims to maintain a unique place in technology leadership by offering world-class products and services to clients, which is accomplished through extensive investment in research and development and a commitment to bringing innovative products to market quickly. They only own production sites in about 18 countries for the time being. Their sales and service sites, on the other hand, are located all over the world. EnerSys has established itself as a vital partner in heavy-duty equipment maintenance and supplies. For example, energy does not make Odyssey batteries alone but is the manufacturer of NorthStar Batteries and X2 Battery.

Are Odyssey batteries good?

Odyssey batteries are considered one of a kind in the market. Even though the batteries have warranties, they are long-lasting and are built ruggedly to make them durable. Also, Odyssey batteries have high CCA, HCCA, and Ampere, providing a reliable battery while increasing the power output. Furthermore, with its deep cycling and high starting power, the batteries have high adaptability to weather and temperature changes. 

Who Makes Odyssey Batteries?

Odyssey batteries are made for who?

With all its unique features, you may be wondering if you can also use the Odyssey battery for your automobile. Here are prime examples of the devices that can operate perfectly with the Odyssey batteries:

  • Emergency services or fleet cars: ODYSSEY batteries provide high starting power and a deep cycle backup capacity for onboard equipment. It accomplishes all of this without reducing its lifespan. As a result, it is the ideal blend of excellence, power, specific design, and longevity. Examples include the sheriff’s department, fire department, taxi service, and ambulances.
  • Marine use: Odyssey’s marine dual-purpose batteries are designed to provide dependable and efficient power. These batteries can power heavy-load ignition cycles and recover just in time for other tasks. The typical life of a dual-purpose battery is three times that of a regular battery. Because of the pure lead plates, it provides around twice the amount of power as traditional batteries. The battery is designed to run various recreational vehicles and boats while providing adequate power for electronic gadgets. It’s the ideal source of energy for a day on the water.
  • Basic automobiles: Odyssey batteries’ deep cycle reserve power assures that cars will start reliably even after two years of lying idle. The batteries also provide the power and endurance required by different vehicles. In addition, the rugged structure and non-spillable, dry cell design provide extreme stress and vibration resistance. Some automobiles are SUVs, Light trucks, Motorcycle and ATVs, Muscle cars, etc.
  • Heavy duties vehicles: They require a significant quantity of energy to operate their enormous ignition systems and the numerous internal and external electrical systems and electronics. Odyssey’s heavy-duty batteries meet the demand by delivering up to 400 cycles with a discharge depth of 80 percent. The ignition cycle, hydraulic activities, and the lighting system all require a lot of energy, met by deep cycling. 

The warranty on Odyssey batteries

Odyssey Batteries offer at least four different battery types to serve different vehicles and applications, including Car, Road racing, Marine, Resort Vehicles, Heavy Dust, and Fleet Vehicles. In addition, all batteries come with up to a four-year free replacement guarantee.

Types of Odyssey batteries

  • Odyssey Extreme Batteries: Odyssey Extreme Batteries can deliver an output of up to 2250 amps for five seconds, which is three times the capacity of regular batteries, while sustaining 400 charge/discharge cycles up to 80% capacity. Also, A six-pack design is used for the battery.
  • Performance Batteries: The Performance battery is an excellent option for those looking for a dependable, high-performing product with more capacity. This battery has a significantly higher CCA. This type’s long service life and extensive cycle capabilities make it ideal for handling onboard equipment in today’s vehicles! it is most suitable for commercial trucks
  • NorthStar Pro Batteries: Pure lead plates are used because of the increased power density in NorthStar Pro Batteries. The benefit is that no alloys or chemicals are required, which are known to cause corrosion and part aging in traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • PowerSport Batteries: The PowerSport batteries are constructed of 99 percent pure lead, which allows them to deliver more power. Thanks to the dry cell AGM construction, you may be able to install these batteries on their side.


Odyssey has received good commendations based on the performance of its batteries. The Batteries are manufactured by EnerSys Energy Products Inc, a subsidiary of EnerSys. The batteries use pure lead to increase the surface area, thereby increasing the durability and power output of the batteries. There are different collections of Odyssey batteries, each able to meet your different vehicular needs. In addition, the batteries have warranties that cover them up to four years and are good with high CCA, HCCA, Ampere, and its deep cycling feature.

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