Who Makes Diehard Batteries?

The ownership of the Diehard battery brand is not a one-way story as the brand has been around for almost 55 years and has been through a series of takeovers. Diehard batteries are automotive batteries, and they are now considered premium batteries. It is a brand currently owned by Advanced Auto Parts and sold exclusively in the following stores- Advance, Sears stores, and Carquest.

Who Makes Diehard Batteries Now?

The brand was initially owned by Sears, introduced in 1967 but was later bought by Advanced Auto parts in 2019. Globe Union developed the battery for Sears, then got bought out by Johnson Controls, who continued to manufacture Diehard batteries for Sears. However, in 2019, Johnson Controls sold their battery section to Clarios company, which continues to manufacture them alongside Duralast, Varta, and up to 20 other brands, including Exide. Diehard manufacturing later returned to Johnsons Controls after a fraud case involving both Sears and Exide. Later in 2019, Automotive Auto Parts bought the diehard brand.

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Are Diehard Batteries Good?

Well, as the name implies, the catch of diehard batteries is too diehard, lasting forever, but it is not the usual case, although they do last a lot longer than other batteries. They are one of the most trusted battery brands in America and other parts of the globe. According to customer reviews, they are reliable and powerful. Diehard batteries are also praised for their performance in harsh weather conditions. Different types of diehard batteries are tailored to meet some specific needs:

  • The Diehard Red 650 CCA is known for its high starting power and friendly pockets. It is also a versatile battery for the weather changes through the years. It Is recommended for when your batteries need a replacement and when you are on a budget too. 
  • Diehard Gold 640 CCA is well-reviewed for its Stamped Grid Technology which gives it a strong, durable and positive grid. It is also great as a replacement for your dead car battery. 
  • Diehard Platinum AGM 710 CCA is long-lasting, supplying twice the life of a standard flooded battery. It is designed to meet the needs of different power vehicles that need high electricity to run their accessories. It is very easy to use, install and maintain thanks to its non-spill and maintenance-free design. It also has the Stamped Grid Technology, which makes it strong and durable. 

Diehard also makes other types of batteries for different vehicles, such as the Power Sports and Marine batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, water scooters, and the like. It has a special feature of highly porous microfiber separators that enables absorb the electrolyte, making it spill-proof for the efficiency of the kind of vehicles they serve needs. They also make small engine batteries to serve machines like lawnmowers, generators, four-wheelers, small tractors, etc. they are cost-effective and last longer than the standard small engine batteries. Heavy-duty batteries for trucks and big farm machines are a part of their products too. 

They come in various sizes and capacities, depending on what is compatible with your vehicle. You can check your car manufacturer manual or ask for recommendations from an expert on choosing the right battery.

How Long Do Diehard Batteries Last:

Diehard batteries last up to six years if well maintained and not roughly used, and even with rough use, they can serve for up to four years. For your diehard battery to last long, you need to perform routine checks and maintenance on it, such as cleaning your battery cables, checking the water levels, and adding more water when necessary. To refill the water in your battery, here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Remove battery cables from the battery post using a screwdriver and allow it to cool for a while
  • Check if the plates are submerged in the acid-water mix. If not, add distilled water up to the mark indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Replace the caps on each cell firmly, making sure it is well seated. 

Here are some battery maintenance tools and products that you can use to increase the durability of your battery:

Battery cleaner spray: 

Battery cleaner spray is specially designed to clean corrosion off batteries. Corrosion is caused by acid leakage. It leaves a white residue around the cables and terminals. Simply spray the affected area with the spray and leave it for a while to neutralize the acid, and wipe it off with a towel.

Battery cleaning brush:

This is used the keep the battery cables, terminal posts, and cable clamps clean.

Terminal protector kit:

It is used to protect terminals from corrosion and ensure the best electrical connections.

Battery hold-down bracket:

It is used to hold the battery together and prevent it from getting loose. They are easy to install and very affordable.

Car battery maintainers:

It is a car battery charger that tests how full the car battery is at intervals then charges it when needed. 

Battery cables, Terminal clamps, and a side terminal wrench:

Change your cables when you see corrosion. Corroded cables and clamps can reduce the voltage and cause starter failure. 

More Factors To Consider When Choosing A Diehard Battery:

  • Reserve capacity: this is the amount of energy a battery can hold in reserve for when it is needed. It comes in handy when you need to charge quicker than usual.
  • Discharge capacity: this is the ability of a battery to release energy. It depends on how much it has been charged. Most batteries have a discharge capacity of about 80% to 84%.
  • Cold-cranking amps: a battery’s power is measured in amps. The higher the number, the more likely it is to last. 

Diehard Battery Warranty

All diehard batteries come with a replacement warranty of two to four years. The warranty varies according to the battery you purchase. You can claim your warranty by visiting exidegroup.com, then click the button that says “Claims Centre,” download the warranty, go through it to see if it still applies to you, and submit your warranty claim.

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