What Battery Does The Weight Watchers Scale Use?

Did you recently buy a Weight Watchers scale and love its accuracy and performance? One of the best things about this scale is that it is convenient to use, and you can also sync it to the WW app to get a complete picture of your health and other essential factors. 

What’s more, this scale comes with a long 10-year warranty and can be set for ten people at a time. The scale is also pretty lightweight and easy to store. 

That said, have you ever wondered what battery a Weight Watchers scale uses? 

A Weight Watchers scale uses an alkaline or lithium-ion battery, depending on its model.

Let’s look further into this article to know more. 

Why Does the Battery of a Weight Watchers Scale Even Matter?

Most of you may have never realized the importance of a battery your scale uses until you came across this article. This is because we often ignore what goes inside the machine when using a unit. However, that’s wrong because a battery can make or break the performance of a scale and requires a specific type of maintenance to work effortlessly for long. 

What Battery Does The Weight Watchers Scale Use?

Moreover, the scale’s battery is the only way to keep the scale producing accurate results. If the battery dies, your scale may fail to generate accurate results, leading to a misconception about your body. 

So, even if you own a Weight Watchers scale or any other device, ensure to learn about its battery, so you know how to charge or deal with it to maintain the performance. 

What Battery Goes In a Weight Watchers Scale?

Weight Watchers scales are known for their efficiency and accuracy. However, like most other devices, they often use batteries that need to be replaced to maintain their performance. 

These scales either use a lithium-ion or alkaline battery. Since these scales are available in different models, the battery used by each differs. 

One of the best qualities of both these battery types is that they are readily available. However, before investing in a battery, go through its product description to confirm its suitability for the scale. 

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Does Weight Watchers Scale Require Battery Replacement?

We can’t praise a Weight Watchers scale enough. This machine is durable and an excellent asset for reducing and monitoring your weight. 

It has an ergonomically built surface and can easily withstand a maximum weight of 400 pounds at a time. The scale is also easy to clean because the surface doesn’t absorb water. 

However, regardless of how impressive this scale is, you can’t deny that its batteries need replacement now and then. This scale comes with limited battery life. 

And so to maintain its performance, it is imperative to replace it after a few months. 

Here are some indicators that show your scale needs a battery replacement. 

  • If your Weight Watchers scale stops working entirely, there is a dead battery, and replacing the old one with a new one is the only way to make the machine work again. 
  • Sometimes the scale starts showing wrong results, and that inaccuracy signifies the importance of battery replacement. When an old battery is replaced with a new one, the scale shows accurate results. 
  • You need to replace your scale’s battery if it has suddenly started to work slowly. If your Weight Watchers scale shows results with a delay, its battery life is gradually depleting. 
  • The good thing is that all Weight Watchers scales display an LO sign on their screen. This sign indicates the need for an urgent battery replacement. 

Here are some essential steps to replace the battery on your Weight Watcher’s scale. 

  • Turn over your scale and put it on a safe surface.
  • Use a screwdriver to open the battery compartment at the back. 
  • Loosen the screw and remove the cover of the battery.
  • Now make sure to remove the old battery carefully. They could be hot, so choose a piece of cloth to perform this task. 
  • Dispose of the old battery immediately.
  • Insert the new battery correctly and put the battery cover back.
  • Finally, test by turning on your scale and checking if it’s working perfectly.

Ways to Increase or Maintain the Life of Your Batteries 

Devices like Weight Watchers scales need good-quality batteries with long life to support their performance. Batteries can make or break a machine, so you need to ensure that when you replace a battery, you do it with a good one. Moreover, use your scale correctly to enjoy a good battery life. 

Here are some ways in which you can increase the battery life of your Weight Watchers scale. 

  • Even if you have a tight budget, don’t compromise on the quality of batteries you use. Make sure you only invest in high-quality and original alkaline or lithium-ion batteries that promise to work for long. It isn’t wise to buy a low-class battery and then replace it now and then. 
  • If your scale requires more than one battery, ensure that all of them are either old or new. Mixing new and old batteries isn’t a great thing to do.
  • If you don’t plan to use your scale for some time, take the batteries out. Unused batteries can damage your machine with time.
  • Avoid using the old batteries for an extended period. As soon as the device shows an LO ign, find a replacement as old batteries can damage your scale easily.
  • Make sure to avoid using your scale in a room with high temperatures or humidity. Moisture can reduce the life of the battery, affecting its overall performance.

Final Words

A Weight Watchers scale is vital to your weight loss and fitness journey. So, if you want to ensure its consistent performance, change its battery every six months or as soon as the scale starts showing certain vital signs. 

Finding one won’t be a hassle since this scale uses an alkaline or lithium-ion battery. However, replacing the old battery with a new one will help your machine perform well and may also save it from any damage. 

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