Kirkland Vs. Duracell Batteries

There are many batteries in the market, and one needs to be careful when we need to buy one. There is nothing like having a good battery that lasts long and is powerful enough for our gadgets. In this article, we will be examining the features and performance of the Kirkland and the Duracell batteries.

Know about Kirkland batteries

Costco Wholesale store’s signature brand Kirkland are batteries known for their quality and value as they offer a good product at an affordable rate. Kirkland batteries are from the alkaline line, and they are non-rechargeable. However, Costco does not produce or package anything under the Kirkland brand. Most of their signature products, like the battery, are, manufactured by Duracell, as the secret was revealed in an interview by Kirkland CEO Craig Jelinek. Since Duracell is well known for its product, we can safely assume that their quality will also reflect in the Kirkland batteries.

kirkland batteries

Know about Duracell batteries

For over a century, Duracell has been in business and manufactures speciality cells, alkaline batteries, rechargeable, and smart power systems. Duracell is well known in the battery world for its long-lasting and quality products. The long-lasting ability is Duracell may be linked to the technologies it contains. The main technology is Duralock and high-density Core. Duralock keeps the active component inside the battery in a protective covering to prevent leakages. At the same time, the high-Density core contains more active materials that help the battery produce more energy. The rechargeable capabilities of Duracell batteries also help maintain their long life.

Kirkland Vs Duracell Batteries

The Kirkland and Duracell batteries are from the alkaline line and have some very good features, but there are some differences. Highlighted below are the difference between the two batteries:

  • Magnetic charge: Duracell batteries have a magnetic charge while Kirkland does not. If your battery needs anything magnetic, it is better to opt for the Duracell battery.
  • Price: one main difference between Duracell and Kirkland is the price difference. Even though the same company manufactures both, Kirkland batteries are cheaper than Duracell’s. However, it is important to note the warnings and warranty on the Kirkland battery as there have been complaints about battery leakages.
  • Usability: Duracell batteries come in different shapes and sizes and are suitable for various applications and controllers. Duracell has been at the forefront of the battery world for a long time. In terms of Usability, Duracell seems like the best option to use.
  • Lifespan: both batteries are designed to be long-lasting, each having its different technology to back it. However, Duracell has been known to last longer than most batteries available and, with its rechargeable feature, can last longer than Kirkland.

Which should you go for between Kirkland and Duracell batteries?

Both batteries are excellent for use; however, your choice will be determined by your requirements and abilities. Since Duracell manufactures both, you can easily choose between any of the two based on your need. Listed below is a list of the qualities the batteries possess:

FeaturesKirkland batteriesDuracell batteries
Life cycleLast long but may experience battery leakageLast longer than Kirkland 
Magnetic chargeIt does not have a magnetic chargeIt has a magnetic charge
priceEconomical A little pricey
Performance/capacity (100%)80%89%
Battery typeAlkalineAlkaline
box of assorted batteries
  • Duracell Ultra AA batteries: These are the best economical alkaline batteries that can maybe rival the high price lithium ones. It delivers about 1.25V after about 30minutes of continuous working.
  • Duracell Plus AA batteries contain Duralock technology to keep them safe for up to 10 years in storage. Duracell claims this battery can outperform about 50% of all AA batteries available.
  • Kirkland Signature AA 1.5V alkaline batteries: with a voltage of 1.5, this battery comes with a seven-year shelf life. The battery comes at a reasonable price and has no added mercury.
  • Kirkland AAA alkaline batteries 1.5V – 64 counts are very affordable yet durable AAA batteries. They have a voltage of 1.5 and can be used for a long time.

Tips on using and storing your batteries

There are a few ways to store and use your battery that will ensure its long-lasting feature. Some of them are:

  • When a device is not in use regularly, take out the battery
  • temperature harms a battery, so store in a cool, dry place
  • Try as much as possible to use the same type of battery and brand
  • You may want to wipe off your battery before using them. It helps remove moisture from them.
  • Separate batteries with different age and brand
  • Align the battery so the positive terminal of one battery cannot be the negative terminal of another
  • Keep your batteries away from metal containers or metal objects when storing them
  • Always check the charge of rechargeable batteries and charge appropriately.


Kirkland and Duracell batteries are both durable and reliable batteries manufactured by Duracell. These batteries have extended use cases, and many people have commented on their performance. However, Duracell batteries seem like a better option due to their durability, especially in high drain devices, the technologies it uses, and their rechargeability. Kirkland has a good reputation in the market, but there has been a complaint of leakages in the batteries. As said above, Duracell batteries are more expensive even though both batteries have almost similar qualities. So, the choice of the battery you choose will depend on what you want to use it for, your budget, and how long you need it. Lastly, store your batteries well as they can affect how long they last.

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