Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries?

The name Harley Davidson to most people, means high-end motorcycle. But, even though the main product associated with the name is a motorcycle, they also have a battery manufacturing industry. So, who makes the Harley Davidson Batteries?

The Deka East Penn manufacturing produces Harley Davidson batteries. The batteries were manufactured before by the Yuasa before Deka won a contract from them to be the official producer of Harley batteries.

The Harley Davidson batteries are excellent for motorcycles and are long-lasting with a high cranking power. Many people prefer the Harley battery for their motorcycle as it offers increased power output which means better performance, and it is a money saver.

About the Manufacturer

Deka East Penn Manufacturing company was formed in 1946 by Delight Jr, an air force. The company began manufacturing the Harley Davidson batteries in early 2000 when it won a contract from Yuasa, another manufacturing company. Deka has been reported to have the lowest defect rates in the battery industry as they have strict quality controls over their products. It owns to the fact that the East Penn manufacturing company handles all the production processes from the raw materials to the finished product. They are one of the best brands on the market and process approximately 30,000 batteries per day at their factory. East Penn Manufacturing is said to have a huge facility that spans 3.5 million square feet on their 520 acres of battery complex located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The manufacturing complex can produce several product lines of batteries as East Penn manufacturing is also the manufacturer of batteries brands like Deka Battery, Napa Battery, AutoZone Duralast Battery, and Duracell Car Battery among others.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries?

Are Harley Davidson batteries good?

The quality and performance of the Harley Davidson batteries can not be overlooked, as it has received multiple commendations from user reviews. In addition, the company is said to have excellent customer service, which has made it a great choice for people. The Harley Davidson batteries come in different cell sizes that can easily power whatever engine you have. It also has an excellent lifespan that can last up to 5 years depending on how well it is managed. 

The Kind of batteries Harley Davidson make

Harley makes different kinds of batteries, each with different features. Below are the batteries made by Harley Davidson:

  • Absorbed Glass Mat battery: it is one of the best lead-acid batteries available. It is a sealed battery which makes it maintenance-free and spillproof. In addition, the battery uses fibreglass mates and gel-like consistency to make it vibration resistant more than normal batteries.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: lithium-ion batteries are very durable, and some are rechargeable. It has a higher cranking power than the lead-acid batteries and is said to be lighter in weight. They can be a little expensive but are worth it because of their high performance.
  • Flooded lead-acid batteries: these are like traditional batteries in that they require care and are not spillproof. The battery water may need to be refilled periodically due after use. However, they are not as expensive as other batteries. 

Harley Davidson Warranty

Harley Davidson has a different battery that varies in power output. So, for most of its batteries, it has a warranty of 12 to 48 months, depending on the battery. However, the lithium-based batteries of Harley Davidson have a 12-month warranty and are sold on their official website.

Some Harley Davidson Batteries are available.

There are different batteries Harley Davidson has to offer. Here are some of the batteries:

  • Lithium LiFe 4Ah Battery: this is a powerful battery that is long-lasting and has more cranking amp than the AGM batteries. The lightweight lithium-ion machinery can provide up to twice the runtime of the lead-acid battery. In addition, the battery can work perfectly under any condition with less noise and is lighter than lead-acid batteries.
  • Lithium LiFe 6Ah Battery: it can store energy for a long time and power the bike accessories easily. The battery has a brass terminal that helps prevent corrosion due to dirt and works flawlessly in extreme conditions. The battery is also maintenance-free.
  • Lithium LiFe 8Ah Battery: the battery has an impressive lifespan depending on its maintenance. The battery will not lose charge when disconnected for storage. Therefore, it is guaranteed a longer runtime than most batteries. The Lithium 8Ah battery uses 85% Amp-hour capacity, which means the capacity to power accessories like the audio.
  • Energizer TX20HL Motorcycle Battery is a lead-acid battery with great cold-cranking power of 310 amps. It is compatible with many Harley bikes and enables multiple recharges without losing functionality. In addition, the battery is maintenance-free as it has a sealed design which also makes it spillproof. 


Harley Davidson is a proponent of quality products. It is many people’s favorite as it offers top-notch products and good customer care. Their batteries are manufactured by Deka East Penn manufacturing company. Harley Davidson batteries are long-lasting with high cranking power, making them ideal for any condition. They offer different batteries with different features for different motorcycles. Depending on the type of battery, the company offers a 12- 48 months warranty.

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