Nissan Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change: A Complete Guide

Many newer models of upscale cars are moving away from key fobs and towards keyless fobs. Having the ability to open their vehicle without a key is a convenience and comfort for car owners. We all know how inconvenient it is to insert a key into the keyhole to open a car door. Nissan is one manufacturer of cars that embraces keyless entry. It is important to note, however, that Key fobs present many issues.

Why the Nissan key fob does not work:

Newly replaced Nissan batteries usually do not work immediately after replacement for several reasons. Whenever a battery needs to be replaced, the Key fob’s electronic system automatically resets. It is impossible to imagine a more frustrating situation than not being able to unlock your car when your key fob stops working. In some instances, your fob itself might be to blame, but in the majority of cases, it’s your battery. Following are several options to consider if it does not work.

➔ Internal damage is possible

An issue may not always be caused by a bad battery; the key fob may also be damaged internally. The key fob works by communicating with the car through its transmitter and receiver. Damaged or missing parts interrupt communication, and the communications fail to function correctly. It’s possible the key fob itself is damaged or the car’s electronics are faulty.

Condition of your car:

Additionally, the age of the vehicle has to be considered because worn-out wiring can also be a problem. It is possible that the key fob has been misused in some cases and has been damaged. It may not seem important, but if not handled with care, an electronic device can become out of alignment. You should not, however, attempt to fix it yourself if you suspect that there is internal damage. Alternatively, they can suggest a replacement fob if repair is not possible.

➔ Batteries for key fobs

Despite the fact that your key fob can last a long time, it does have a life expectancy and a user’s permission to use it. When the car is well-maintained and the key is kept, it will last 8 years, but do not assume that it will last longer if you have been dropping the key a bit more than usual.

Due to Dead battery:

Normally, you will find that your key fob is not working due to a dead battery or an insufficient amount of juice in it to power it. There is a widespread problem with this, and diagnosing it is not difficult. Whether your key fob responds to your commands or not depends on the state of the battery.

Fix by Replacing the battery:

Therefore, we recommend using the spare key to open the door. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, replace the battery in the key fob. It should be possible to get such parts in any aftermarket auto parts store. There are few people who will even change your battery. Key fob works again after being damaged. It is possible to change the battery yourself if your local auto parts store does not change batteries. Consult your owner’s manual for help. It is very easy to find one online in case you don’t already have them.

➔ The Remote is damaged internally

The key fob is one of the most misused electronic devices, and it is liable to be destroyed. The battery terminal contacts and the battery itself are the most common causes of failure. The only way to make sure that this is accurate is to inspect it yourself. Examine the parts of the remote control after it has been disassembled. If any parts of the device are broken, you would quickly be able to tell. Also, you can put the fobs back together by soldering.

➔ The Reprogramming of the Remote

Key Fobs may not connect to cars after battery replacements, which is an indication that the newly replaced battery needs to be reprogrammed. The car remote must be reprogrammed to function properly.

➔ Inflammation cylinder may damaged

Key fobs are not only used to open doors, but they also serve as a key to open the ignition and start the car. The vehicle receives requests for each function present in the dashboard. Key fobs won’t work if any of the parts are damaged. A key fob that opens your vehicle’s door, but does not start your vehicle, is not the problem. Rather, it may be the ignition that is malfunctioning. It is easy to imagine that if your vehicle is quite a few years old, the engine might fail, as well as the ignition cylinder. You can salvage it if the damage is in the early stages, and they can advise you on the repair. You might need to replace it if the ignition cylinder is in a worse state.

➔ Key duplication

Whenever a key is duplicated, it compromises its integrity. To be more precise, you may wish to create a replica of the original. Duplicates do not function the same as originals. Consequently, if your key fob does not work you can expect it to be far removed and as different from the original as possible. The better solution would be to buy a new key fob and program it to fit your car rather than replicate it.

How to fix Nissan Key Fob problems

It is possible, however, to fix the issue by resetting the battery. If you replace the Nissan Remote’s battery even if it does not work, then you may want to try taking the battery terminals off for about 10 minutes and reattaching them. It is a method of resetting Nissan’s programming.


Suppose you replace the battery on your Nissan key fob and the fob suddenly stops working. Your key has to be reset so that it can function with the vehicle again, which is why you need to program it again. This is most commonly the cause, but faulty fobs and car problems can also cause a similar problem. Programming the automotive on older models can be done by the owner. The only way to do this in the case of a keyless car is to contact your dealership. It is relatively easy for you to replace an emergency battery on a key fob at home and within a few minutes after the battery has died.

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