Who Makes XS Power Batteries?

The XS power battery is used to power vehicles and machinery and offers lithium and AGM batteries. The XS Power batteries contain several design features that deliver higher power per unit weight of the battery, known as energy density. In addition, their dedication to product testing has given them a technological advantage in the market, but who makes the XS power batteries?

The XS Power batteries are manufactured by the Loxus company, a high-performance ultra-capacitor cell, and module producer. The XS power batteries company has its in-house testing lab and also uses other authorized labs and experts to ensure they deliver the best product.

XS Power batteries are located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and deliver different products like high-performance batteries, chargers, cable, and accessories. In addition, they offer custom-made power solutions to different markets worldwide like automotive, marine, and commercial markets.

About the manufacturer

The Loxus company is a smart power company that designs and manufactures power and energy storage systems for capacitive energy storage systems (CESS). The CESS technology’s main application is to be a substitute for electrochemical batteries in different applications like alternative energy, industrial, medical and grid-connected markets, where size and weight constraints prevent traditional battery technologies. Loxus has teamed up with XS Power Batteries to provide ultracapacitor products as they have consistently provided the most reliable, powerful, and longest-lasting products. The CEO of Loxus said about the partnership that, ‘’the possibility to integrate both companies’ synergistic technological capabilities to develop and manufacture cutting-edge new products, such as high-tech lithium batteries, smart charging solutions, and new hybrid capacitor and battery solutions will move both companies forward”. The batteries are manufactured at the Loxus plant in New York.

Are XS power batteries good?

The XS Power battery offers almost 3x the cranking power of other batteries its size. Also, the XS Power batteries are created entirely of Pure lead, which stores more electrical energy, resulting in a greater capacity. In addition, the grid design in the XS Power battery is thinner, which means more power due to its larger surface area. XS Power batteries also have extremely low internal resistance, allowing longer discharge and faster recharging. Furthermore, the company offers a free 60 days trial period in which users can return the battery and get a refund.

The Types of XS power batteries available

Most of the XS power batteries are lithium-based, with different types. Here are some of the available XS power batteries:

  • Titan8 Series: The lithium titanate oxide (LTO) series employs a high-power cell capable of producing 100 times its capacity and delivering its maximum output to the device. It’s ideal for situations where you require large amounts of energy in a short time and want long-term storage without recharging frequently. These series have up to 25 models available.
  • XV Series: it is suitable for vehicle charging systems and will not harm high-powered audio equipment. This battery should last the lifetime of your car or truck if you prevent continued exposure to temperatures above 140 degrees. It has 14 different models.
  • S Series: The S battery series is designed for high-power applications. The innovative I-BAR system allows these 12-volt batteries to be adaptive, making them ideal for lower-rated amps or hydraulic systems that require more capacity than ordinary lead-acid batteries can provide. The closely packed cube design also has advantages over other products today, such as higher starting torque and significantly greater thermal stability, ensuring that these cubes always provide long-term performance. This series only has 7 battery models.

The warranty of the XS power batteries

The warranty offered comes with different durations, each with its unique conditions. Here is how the XS power batteries warranty works:

  • 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee: this is a risk-free offer that allows you to test the battery for 60 days. If there is any reason you are not satisfied with the battery performance within 60 days, you can either collect a refund or exchange the battery with your proof of payment.
  • 1 year warranty: this warranty covers batteries like the 14V & 16V XS Power AGM, 12V & 16V XS Power Lithium, and 12V, 14V & 16V XS Power TITAN8 Lithium batteries. This warranty covers battery manufacturing defects and quality and is a limited lifetime warranty. If your device breaks down due to overuse, misuse, or repairs performed by XS Power, you may be entitled to a replacement for up to ten years from purchase. It may also cover indirect losses such as lost revenue due to removal or installation costs.
  • Two years warranty: Also related to the manufacturing defects, this warranty covers the 12V XS Power AGM (PS&XP Series) Batteries. This warranty is only provided to the original owner and not a third party. However, there is no obligation on XS Power’s side if the battery is ever damaged or fails due to abuse, misuse of the device by users (including installation), poor maintenance, or repairs conducted wrong.
  • A three-year warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship for the 12V XS Power AGM (D&S Series) batteries. In addition, XS Power will provide a warranty for installation and maintenance. If something goes wrong, they are liable to fix it. However, the warranty does not require indirect damages, abuse, or misuse, which may result in damage or failure.

Top XS power Batteries available

  • XS Power D6500 XS Series: it is a powerful battery used as a backup or starter replacement. It’s one of the ideal batteries for audio systems because it has a lot of amps. The absorbed glass mat technology used allows for a long lifespan. Additionally, leaks and spills can be prevented when utilizing this model, making it simple to mount. The D6500 has a low resistance to improve output and power.
  • XS Power D3400 XS Series: it combines AGM technology with anti-shock resistance, making it suitable for all users. The battery is designed to withstand spills and leaks, and its adaptability allows it to be installed anywhere. Because of its high energy density mechanism, this battery is suitable for various high-end automotive audio systems. In addition, it is appropriate for vehicles with audio/video equipment and improved sound systems. The use of fibreglass provides some protection as it is designed as an AGM battery for a sound system.
  • XS Power D925 XS series: it is a 12-volt deep cycle battery with AGM design technology that can power automotive audio systems ranging from 1000 to 2000 watts. This battery can be used as your car’s main battery or as an accessory battery if there is a need for a battery upgrade for the audio system. The AGM battery is leak-proof and spill-proof. It is also heat and vibration-resistant. Furthermore, this battery lacks external vents, which can be installed in various positions without leaking. It has enough battery capacity to power enhanced engines.
  • XS Power D3100 12V AGM 5000A Car Audio Battery: It can power high-performance automobile audio systems thanks to its 12V capacity. As a starting battery, this battery produces 4000 watts of electricity, while as an extra battery, it produces about 5000 watts. It is one of the best car audio batteries because it can be used to power improved automobile systems. This battery operates better than others of its size and uses a high energy density mechanism (AGM). It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a full warranty.


The XS power batteries offer batteries that are high performing with low resistance and fast charging. It is manufactured by the Loxus company, a power, and energy storage system manufacturer. The batteries have different types, which consist of different models. Users can pick any of their products based on their needs. The XS Power batteries have a 60 days guarantee and a warranty that spans from a year to three years with different conditions. These batteries can be used as the main battery or an auxiliary and are long-lasting.

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