Who Makes Costco Kirkland Batteries?

Kirkland batteries are known to work well with most household gadgets, just like the big brands and, better yet, at a lower price. It is the go-to brand because customers know they are getting efficiency for less. Costco owns all Kirkland products, but you might be wondering who manufactures Kirkland batteries- you will find out soon.

Who Manufactures Kirkland AA Batteries For Costco?

Kirkland AA batteries are manufactured by Duracell. Duracell is a leading manufacturing company for alkaline batteries, rechargeables, and specialty cells. The company, founded in the 1940s and launched in 1965, has become a trusted brand for compact, long-lasting batteries. The popular Duracell bunny is well-known and quite endearing to the brand. 

A fun fact about Duracell is that in 1969, it was the first battery on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. The Duracell bunny is also one of the most known brand icons across the world and has evolved in looks over time. 

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Duracell became a permanent member of the Berkshire Hathaway group in March 2016. They are the world’s leading consumer battery company by market share. They have continued to deliver on their promise of reliability, quality, and innovation over the years. 

Kirkland Batteries Versus Duracell Batteries:

Since Duracell makes Kirkland batteries, too, you might be wondering if they are the same but just branded differently. Well, some similarities, such as both batteries being alkaline stands, there are some differences between both batteries such as:

  • Duracell batteries have a magnetic charge, but Kirkland batteries do not. 
  • Pricing- Kirkland batteries are quite cheaper than Duracell batteries. 
  • Duracell batteries tend to be a better choice for usual home needs like remote controls, battery lights, etc. They also come in different shapes and sizes to cater to different needs. Although Kirkland batteries are just as efficient, they tend to leak a lot and not last very long. 

The one you choose depends on its purpose. For gadgets that do not drain much power, such as remote controls, toys, clocks, etc., the differences do not matter. High power drain gadgets like motors, lamps, cameras, screens, however, need a more durable battery. 

  • Kirkland signature AA alkaline batteries: 

Affordable, with up to 10 years of shelf life and no added mercury. It is all-purpose for everyday house gadgets and is quite reliable. 

  • Kirkland AAA alkaline battery:

This is a good choice if you are looking for something that is pocket friendly. It comes in 1.5V too.

  • Duracell Ultra AA Batteries:

These are great for powering LED torches. They deliver 1.27V after 30 minutes of powering. A good choice if you cannot afford the pricey lithium batteries.

  • Duracell Plus AA Batteries:

It works as an all-rounder battery with a shelf life of up to 10 years, thanks to its duralock technology that keeps it fresh for long periods. They are said to deliver 50% more power than regular AA batteries. 

Who Manufactures Kirkland Automotive Batteries:

Clarios, a foremost energy storage technology company that manufactures batteries for brands like Diehard batteries, Champion batteries, Duralast, Optima batteries, Autocraft, and up to ten more brands, manufactures Kirkland Automotive batteries too. They manufacture marine batteries, lawn and garden equipment batteries, golf cart batteries for Kirkland. 

Until the latter part of 2019, Johnson controls used to manufacture Kirkland automotive batteries. Johnson Controls automotive battery business was eventually sold to Brookfield business partners and formed Clarios LLC.

Kirkland Automotive Battery Warranty:

Kirkland automotive battery models are marked by codes, the codes that begin each model name has a different warranty plan attached to them. Below is a list of the codes and the corresponding warranty:

  • MTX-AUX and M: 12 months free replacement warranty.
  • MTX: 36 months free replacement warranty.
  • MTZ: 48 months free replacement warranty.
  • MT: 24 months free replacement warranty; 45% refund within 25 – 36 months, 25% refund within 37 – 48 months, 10% refund within 49 – 60 months.
  • MTP: 30 months free replacement; 45% refund within 31 – 48 months, 25% refund within 49 – 60 months, 10% refund within 61 – 72 months. 

It is important to note that using Kirkland automotive batteries for commercial purposes or in commercial trucks will reduce the free replacement warranty to one year instead of the full warranty.

  • Marine batteries: you get a free battery replacement when you claim a warranty within 12 months.
  • Golf cart batteries: you get a free battery replacement when you claim a warranty within 12 months.
  • Lawn/ Garden batteries: also has a 12-month free replacement warranty. 

Choosing The Right Automotive Battery:

To make the right choice of battery for your vehicle, you need to know the factors that will be a good match for it.

  • Reserve capacity: Kirkland reserve capacity is 130 minutes of cranking AH. Reserve capacity is an important rating to keep in mind when buying a battery.
  • Discharge capacity: shows how much electricity your battery can handle. It is an indicator of your battery’s health and charge state. 
  • Cranking amps and cold cranking amps: Kirkland offers up to 700 cold-cranking amps in reserve capacity, which makes it reliable for cold weather. 

Kirkland Car battery:

Kirkland is a leading brand for car batteries, mainly known for how long they last. The car battery also has an attractive warranty plan over other car battery brands. 

Kirkland car batteries have special features that make them preferred over other batteries:

  • Patented rounded corners called optimized CircaTech grids to reduce battery failures and internal shorts.
  • Lifespan negative paste technology to seal the calcium and silver alloy to prevent flaking. This contributes to the durability of Kirkland car batteries. 
  • To improve its recharging performance, it has the lifecycle feature, which is a calcium or silver alloy added to the car battery plates.
  • Speaking of its attractive warranty plan, Kirkland car batteries come with a three-year full replacement warranty plan and, on top of that, a 100-month prorated limited warranty. 

Although, Costco no longer sells Kirkland branded car batteries. It has been replaced by the interstate brand. 

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