Who Makes John Deere Batteries?

John Deere batteries are known for their starting performance and durability. They are one of the best tractor-sized batteries and have a good rating on google. However, many people don’t know who makes John Deere batteries despite all these wonderful qualities.

John Deere batteries are made by Kreisel Electric company. The company develops innovative battery technology for e-mobility and stationary systems. Due to its differentiated battery technology and battery buffered charging infrastructure, John Deere has seen demand growing.

The investment of Deere in Kreisel electric means optimized vehicle and battery power design which uses Kreisel charging technology to build the battery that customers will adopt. If you want to know more about John Deere batteries and the company behind them, then read on as we examine more about these batteries.

About Kreisel Electrical Company

Kreisel was the first to produce immersion-cooled electric battery modules for high-maintenance applications in 2014. They serve a range of customers across the globe, including those that use commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, marine, e-motorsports, and other high functioning machinery. John Deere using Kreisel technology is demanded a lot for sole- or hybrid propulsion systems for highway vehicles. Some of the applications which depend on John Deere batteries as its primary power source include turf equipment, utility tractors, small tractors, and some road-building machines.

The Kreisel brand has stated a commitment to continue investing and developing technologies that help provide value to the customer and work toward zero-emission propulsion systems in the future. They have created a charging infrastructure system (CHIMERA) that uses patented battery technology. It has helped them in making long-lasting and high-density battery modules.

Who Makes John Deere Batteries?

Where is John Deere made?

John Deere company is rooted in the United States, with its global headquarters located in Moline, Illinois. John Deere manufactures tractors and batteries in 4 US states Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They also have factories in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Since its inception, John Deere has had 104 locations globally, with 47 in the United States.

The Kind of Tractor John Deere Manufactures

John Deere has 700 different tractor models that have been made in its factory. It gives them an extensive tractor lineup. There are various tractors like the 4WD with 560hp used in vast farmlands, while there are sub-compact ones like ride-on mowers suitable for homeowners. Depending on the use, you can use any of the extensive lineups of utility tractors available. These tractors can be outfitted with different attachments like plows, shovels, balers, and mowers. All these tractors use different battery sizes. To get the appropriate cracking amp for a tractor battery, you must ensure the dimension (length, width, and height) of the battery will fit the tractor.

The Warranty on John Deere batteries

John Deere has one of the best warranties, and different users from their reviews have corroborated this. As the years progressed, the technology used in the batteries improved, giving rise to more extended warranties. The average warranty on John Deere batteries is ten years, especially on the 1 -4 series tractors. Some rules come with the warranty, which are listed down below:

  • With the purchase of a tractor for ten years, there are additional powertrain and engine warranties.
  • All recommended maintenance stated in the operator’s manual performed by the customer will be at their own expense.
  • The receipt of work done on the tractor elsewhere and the part bought to complete the work must be kept by the customer.
  • After the standard John Deere warranty has passed, the customer will need to pay an extra $250 before the company can do any warranty work.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to transport all warranty work to the factory.
  • Secondary owners cannot transfer the 10-year warranty.


John Deere batteries are one of the top brands for automotive as they offer excellent features. The batteries are manufactured by Kreisel electric company. The batteries are used all over the world in different high-functioning applications. They also manufacture tractors and offer some mouthwatering warranties. As for every gadget and machinery owned, it is advisable to do regular maintenance to keep them working for a long time.

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