H7 vs. H8 Battery: What’s The Difference?

H7 and H8 are DIN-standard battery labels (battery codes) that are more widely used in Europe and hardly used in the United States. However, high-end luxury and light commercial vehicles employ H7 and H8 batteries. It is because they can meet the demands of modern cars, the majority of which contain a significant quantity of electronics. This article will examine the distinctions between the H7 and H8 battery types.

Even though the H7 and H8 batteries have similar qualities, they perform differently due to size differences. High-end automobiles such as BMWs, Mercedes, Cadillacs, Bentleys, etc., commonly use these batteries.

What Is an H7 Battery?

The H7 is categorized as a 94R in terms of group size. H7 battery refers to the battery’s capacity, size, and cold cranking output. Every size in the “H” group has the same width and height, with the length being the only variable. An H7 battery can supply at least 850 AMPs in cold temperatures and at least 1000 AMPs in hot temperatures. It has a 12V battery with a reserve capacity of 140 mAh. It works with various engines and can generate 790 cold-cranking amps. It’s about 1.5 inches smaller than the H8 in terms of length.

What Is an H8 Battery?

H8 batteries, also known as Group 49 batteries, are a common battery type seen in high-end vehicles. The H8 group is designed to last a long time. Even though the H7 battery has a bigger capacity, the H8 battery has a superior cold cranking capacity of 1000 amps in cold conditions and a reserve capacity of 140 amps. The most significant benefit of upgrading from a smaller capacity battery to an H7 or H8 cell is that your automobile will often start on the first try without wheezing or sputtering following installation.

Difference Between H7 and H8 Batteries

There are numerous differences between the H7 and H8 batteries. The differences between H7 and H8 batteries are shown below:

Reserve Capacity 

The Reserve capacity measures how long a battery can keep running without the alternator recharging it. The standard value is when the battery can maintain a constant 25 amps before dipping below the minimum voltage. The H8 has a higher RC than the H7, which can last longer between charges.

cold-cranking power Amplifier (CCA)

The CCA rating of a battery determines how well it can ignite an engine in cold conditions. This method is used to find a battery’s amperage capacity at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The H8 battery is more efficient than the H7, with a cold crank start of 1000 amps and a reserve of 140 amps.


Group H batteries are similar in width and height, with just the length difference. The difference in length between the H7 and the H8 is about 1.5 inches. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the H8 is more powerful as they may not use the same technology.


As the price goes up, so does the complexity of the internal components and the amount of battery power supplied. The price difference between the h7 and h8 groups is significant. A basic H7 cost less than a basic H8. Because the price, material used, and amount of power produced by the battery has improved. 

H7 BatteryH8 Battery
The specifications of these batteries are 278x175x190 mmThe specifications of these batteries are 315x175x190 mm
These are the Group 94R Batteries.These are the Group 49 Batteries.
Less powerful than the H8.It’s more powerful than the H7 battery.
Reserved capacity is less than the H8 battery.The reserve battery is more than the H7.
Basic H7 is less expensive than the other one.Basic H8 is more expensive than the H7.

Is it possible to upgrade the car’s battery?

Of course, installing a bigger battery than the car’s current one would depend on the factors. The battery is usually housed in a separate and secure compartment. Car manufacturers don’t usually leave any space bigger than the recommended battery size. Therefore, it is hard to install a large battery and replace the old one in certain types of vehicles. Another crucial factor to consider is the car’s maximum power usage. Large batteries have a large capacity for power production. Even though current batteries can manage power, drivers must match their car’s maximum power consumption to the power provided by the battery.

Is it possible to replace the H7 battery with an H8 battery?

The H series of batteries are made to fit recent cars and light trucks. H7 and H8 are nearly identical in width and height and can be used alternately. However, they differ in length; H7 is 315 mm long while H8 is 354 mm long. Whether you choose the H7 or H8 is mainly determined by the capabilities of your car.


First and foremost, both batteries belong to the H group having the same height and weight; however, they differ in length. Both h7 and h8 batteries are used in high-end luxury vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The batteries also vary in their groups, with the H7 belonging to the 94R group and the H8 to the 49-battery group. Before replacing batteries, verify the terminal types and orientations, battery capacity, CCA/MCA rating, and other features to ensure that the old and new batteries are interchangeable.

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