Do Gas Stations Sell Batteries?

Gas stations are stops where you can fill up your gas tanks and get refreshments in their convenience stores. So, do gas stations sell batteries? Suppose you require a battery or other hardware product and wonder what types of goods are sold in the gas station. This article will help you find out, read on to know more.

Do gas stations sell batteries?

In short, the answer is yes and no, as it depends on the gas station, the location, and the kind of battery you need. Most gas stations do not sell batteries as they stock up other goods. However, some gas stations act as car service stations and may offer automobile batteries for sale. It is rare for a gas station to sell automobile batteries. Still, small batteries like the AA and AAA, which can be used for flashlights and other devices, may easily be found in the convenience store located at the gas station. It doesn’t hurt to ask for batteries at a gas station as some have upgraded. The best place to get batteries is either an auto shop or a hardware store. 

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What type of batteries are sold at gas stations?

Most gas stations do not sell the standard heavy-duty batteries or powerful electrical gadgets used in cars. You are most likely to find AA and AAA batteries as they are not so expensive and come in bulk packs. Aside from these batteries, it is possible to also find an emergency battery power pack at the gas station. The gas station’s convenience store is more concerned about providing necessities. However, some gas stations may offer a different assortment of batteries. It is better to go to the hardware store, especially if you need a specific battery rather than the gas station.

Why don’t gas stations usually sell batteries?

The majority of shoppers that go to the convenience stores at the gas stations are not looking for batteries, so most stores don’t stock them. In business, they say “know your customer base,” and most customers who shop at the gas stations are looking for refreshments. Batteries at these gas stations stores are not as profitable as foods and drinks, so it doesn’t make sense to be selling them. However, if the area has no hardware stores around and a gas station has a store, it is more likely they sell batteries as more people will buy them. Because beverages and food sell more, it is rare for gas station stores to stock batteries, but it is possible.

What do gas stations sell?

Typically, gas stations stock up on necessities that users may need at a stop. Some of the items found at a gas station include magazines, fresh foods and drinks, snacks, lottery tickets, maps, beef jerky, candy bars, sanitary pads, and cigarettes. Some gas stations may also have a car wash attached so that you can buy some car wash products as well. 


Gas stations are mainly known for filling gas, but they sell other products too at their convenience store. Batteries are essential to our everyday life, and it is possible to find a gas station that sells batteries, but it is hard as most people don’t go to the station to look for batteries. The most common thing you will find on sale at gas stations are essential necessities like food. If you require a battery, it is better to visit a hardware store or an auto shop, as you are more likely to get the battery you need.

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