How Long Do Ford Fusion Hybrids Last? 

Ford Hybrid is one of the most prestigious automotive manufacturers in the US, with several models providing fantastic features. People are increasingly considering electric and hybrid cars as environmentally friendly and economically efficient alternatives.

Ford Fusion hybrid is yet another snazzy-looking, sporty model perfect for reducing your carbon footprint and enjoying a hassle-free ride with your family. However, those willing to purchase it often question how long it can last.

A Ford Hybrid can last up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles on average. If you only drive 15,000 miles yearly, expect your car to last around 12-13 years. 

Discover some exciting facts about Ford Hybrids and their expected lifespan in the guide below. 

How Long Do Ford Hybrids Last?

Anyone who planned to purchase a Ford Hybrid after years of saving would naturally be concerned about its average lifespan. If you maintain your sedan well, it can last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. 

So, driving an average of 15,000 miles annually will give you around 12+ years on the road. However, it is worth noting that the precise lifespan significantly depends on your maintenance habits and style of driving. 

A well-maintained Ford Hybrid might last longer than the anticipated lifespan. Likewise, how cautiously you drive on the road also determines the life of your car. 

However, with best practices, expect it to last up to 13 years!

How Long Do Ford Fusion Hybrids Last?

How Many Miles Can a Ford Hybrid Go?

Ford Hybrids can give around 200,000 miles of service with proper maintenance. In fact, if you go for battery replacements every few years, it may last even longer. 

However, because Hybrids are costly, most owners sell the vehicle instead of going for battery replacements after the service life ends.

Note that we made a rough estimate of mileage, and your vehicle may last longer than that. 

For instance, a few Ford Hybrid owners reported high numbers of mileage. According to an article published in, a high-mileage Escape Hybrid reached a whopping 618,000 miles

Therefore, your driving habits and maintenance considerably impact the longevity of your car. 

Harsh riding might break your Hybrid before it hits 150,000 miles on the odometer. On the other hand, a gentle driving style limits wear and extends the average life of Ford Hybrids. 

The Best and Worst Ford Hybrid Years

The Ford Hybrids had 2 generations within 10 years; a few were better than the others. Let’s explore the best and worst Ford Fusion Hybrid Years. 

Best Ford Fusion Hybrid Year 

2020 has been the best Fusion Hybrid year, and for a good reason. We cannot see any complaints regarding the model on CarProblemZoo or CarComplaints. 

It was the last model year of the Ford Hybrid and included minor design changes. Besides, Ford Hybrids from 2017 and on are a few other reliable options to explore. They have new and distinguished features from former second-generation models. 

Worst Ford Fusion Hybrid Year 

2010 was a bad year of the Ford Fusion Hybrid because several consumer complaints were seen on CarProblemZoo and CarComplaints. A few users reported engine issues, while others complained about power steering failures. 

Because 2010 was the worst year in the history of Ford, the models made during that year had older manufacturing technology with built-in issues. Besides, they also have fewer features compared to new Hybrid models. 

How Long Does a Ford Hybrid Battery Last?

Ford Hybrid features a powerful battery pack lasting up to 8 years or 80,000 miles. However, you can extend its battery life to around 100,000 miles by keeping it in a cool area.

What Happens When a Ford Fusion Battery Dies?

Ford Fusion battery is different from a standard car battery. Its battery generally gives you warning signs before dying out. 

Knowing the potential warning signs of a Fusion Hybrid battery failure is crucial as an owner. It keeps you from running into battery issues in the middle of the road, allowing for a safe ride. Some tell-tale battery problem signs include: 

  • The engine starts producing weird sounds 
  • The car battery fails to hold a charge 
  • The combustion engine starts by itself 
  • You noticed the car’s mileage performance dropping 

Hybrid Fusion batteries have less than 10 years of lifespan and typically show failure signs after 8 years. If, however, you run into issues within 8 years, you can check your car’s warranty. 

Most Hybrid cars have two primary battery types: a hybrid battery and a tiny battery to power the electronic features of the vehicle. Even if the smaller one expires, you can operate your car seamlessly without encountering any issues. 

The problem typically arises when your Hybrid battery loses power and fails. At this point, your vehicle’s performance will be significantly affected, and you’ll fail to get it working.

Your car will refuse to compromise, and you’d need to replace or repair your battery. However, because Hybrid batteries are expensive, car owners generally avoid replacements. The decision primarily depends on your Ford’s condition. 

For instance, if your car is in good shape, perhaps you’d go for a new car battery or get it repaired. The latter option is more affordable than the former. 

On the flip side, if your car isn’t in good condition, you better sell it off rather than go for costly replacements. 

How Long Do Ford Hybrid Tires Last?

Your Ford Fusion Hybrid can provide around 36,000 miles. However, experts recommend changing the tires every 6 years. 

If you opt for a more reliable tire brand, expect the Hybrid tires to last up to 10 years. 

How Long Does Ford Fusion Electric Motor Last? 

The Ford Fusion Hybrid electric motor lasts the entire lifespan of the car. Electric motors require minimal maintenance and are more robust than combustion car engines

You’ll rarely run into electric motor issues. However, the motors may start acting up after the average lifespan of the car has passed. 

How Long Do the Spark Plugs Last? 

The Ford Hybrid spark plug lasts up to 100,000 miles before needing a replacement. However, careless driving habits may require replacement every 60,000 miles. 

What About Insurance Costs? 

The annual insurance cost of a Ford Hybrid is around $1,570 or $131 monthly. This is slightly similar to the insurance costs of midsize cars or perhaps a few dollars costly. 

Note that we estimated the figure, and the exact insurance costs differ per model and region. 

Are Ford Hybrids Reliable?

Ford has introduced numerous models over the course of 25 years. The first Hybrid hit the market in 1998, followed by another version in 2004. Fast forward to 2009, when the Hybrid Fusion was introduced. 

Overall, all hybrid models offer reliable mileage with reasonably priced rates to provide owners value for the money. 

The brand has created around 180,000+ hybrids without encountering any failures. All Ford Hybrid models offer high performance with quality nickel batteries lighter than the ones featured in other models. 

The Consumer Reports highlight that Ford Fusion ranks among the most reliable sedan featuring a hybrid battery. 

Another Ford review reports that the model ranks third in the electric and hybrid class of vehicles. Ford Fusion scored 8.3 out of 10, with 91% overall vehicle quality. 

The overall score is higher than Toyota and Nissan Hybrid models, with 80% and 71% ratings each. 

The car is super comfortable and gives enough room for 4-5 people to sit and enjoy a convenient ride. The car also includes several safety features for the better protection of riders. The push button starts the car immediately with swift acceleration. 

Besides, the 8-inches touch screen responds quickly and entertains on the go. 

The features combined give the Ford Hybrid a reliability rate of 87/100.

Tips to Extend Ford Fusion Hyrbid’s Life

You can always do something to keep your car in good shape. If a few practices prolong your Ford Hybrid’s life, why not try them? Here are a few things to remember as a Hybrid owner who expects their car to operate smoothly even after a decade.

  • Avoid taking your car on bumpy roads. Instead, practice smooth driving habits. 
  • Opt for top-notch fluids and parts to enjoy the maximum efficiency of your car. 
  • Keep yourself abreast with the factory-suggested maintenance
  • Go for frequent repairs to avoid running into severe issues 
  • Wash your Hybrid regularly to keep it from dust buildup. 
  • Avoid parking the car outside too frequently. Instead, store it in a garage to keep it from cold or hot temperatures. 
  • Read the instruction manual to find out more about the car’s unique needs and understand the warning symbols. 


Ford has lived up to consumer expectations by introducing reliable and quality vehicles to date. The brand continues to please customers by featuring quality components in its new models. 

Ford Fusion Hybrid is another impressive model with its advantages outweighing the disadvantages. In fact, there are hardly any consumer complaints regarding the model. 

Those willing to invest their hard-earned money into Ford Fusion often ask about its average lifespan. You can expect it to deliver 150,000 – 200,000 miles on average. 

Besides, reduce aggressive riding and consider periodic servicing to keep your vehicle up and running. 

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