Where is The Ford Transit Battery Located?

A Ford transit is a type of ford car brand known to be a family of light commercial vehicles. It is a full-size cargo van. People new to using Ford transit vans might find it challenging to locate the batteries. If you are in this category, the Ford Transit battery is located under the driver’s seat. Follow this write-up to know more. 

Ford is an automobile company, an American multinational automobile manufacturer. Their cars are unique. As soon as you set your eyes on them, you see the name boldly written on the front and back of the vehicle, so you should have no problem recognizing ford cars. 

The Ford car brand is fond of making beautiful luxury cars with excellent interior and exterior designs. Each model of Ford car has its upgrade depending on the years they were made, so a Ford transit van 150 that has been upgraded to a Ford transit 250 can never have the same design. 

The Ford brand has made different kinds of cars ranging from Ford Transit, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Ranger, Ford Aspire, and many more. The batteries of each Ford car brand are located in the same place, except for the Ford Transit van; its batteries are located in a different area. 

Where is the Ford Transit battery located?

Where is the ford transit battery located?

Your car won’t be in good condition forever, and at times, it might develop battery faults that might need replacement or re-fixing, so it is essential to know where your car battery is located. You may also want to know where your car’s battery is to know the battery size.

There are 2 batteries in The Ford Transit, which are located under the driver’s seat. However, car batteries are usually located under the bonnet in most other cars. If I didn’t know any better, I would probably have opened the bonnet of the Ford transit to look for its batteries. You are probably perplexed at the choice of the battery location chosen by the manufacturers. I am sure they have a good reason for putting the batteries under the driver’s seat. The batteries are located under the driver’s seat for safety reasons.

Why does the Ford Transit have 2 batteries?

The Ford Transit van uses the BAGM-48H6-760 battery, a relatively compact battery. It has a 120 minutes reserve capacity because of the enormous technology that the van has, so it needs more power to operate. In addition, the 2 batteries put together increases the ability of the van’s electrical system for cranking and other purposes. Once the engine starts, the 2 batteries are automatically connected, and when the engine is turned off, they detach. The Ford Transit batteries are designed to last between 3-5 years. The Ford Transit battery is size 48, weighing about 54kg.

How to locate the Ford Transit batteries?

To start with, move the seat to the back, then you’ll see 2 plastic screw covers on both sides of the seat’s foundation, which you can easily remove with your hands by just pushing them backward with your fingers, and under each screw cover, there will be an exposed rail stop bolt.

Next, you’ll need to use a T-40 torque pit to remove the bolts. When this is done, you should be able to remove the seat by simply pushing it forward and making sure that the armrests are fully extended. After this, you’ll see the battery compartments with 2 plastic tabs on the top; pull them towards you. Next, you rift the fabric-covered trims by pulling up on the tabs and tucking or folding them to keep them out of your way. Next, you need to remove the rare metal battery cover by unscrewing 2 fastening bolts from the left and the right sides. Next, unfasten the 2 electrical cords by un-clipping them from their fastness and removing the bars. To remove the battery cover, remove the trim panel that covers the negative battery cable, and then you’ll need to loosen the knots on the negative pole clamps and remove the cable from the battery. Next, unsnap the tabs in the front, then slide the battery cover forward until it is released. When this is done, your batteries are exposed, and you can do whatever you wish to the batteries.  

How to Jumpstart the Ford Transit van?

  • You locate the hood release on the Ford Transit’s driver’s side, usually underneath the steering wheel, and open the engine hood. It is adjacent to the driver’s door.
  • Under the hood, look for the battery jumper. It can be found on the engine’s driver’s side. There, you’ll find the jump box. 
  • On this jump box, there’s a small red access box. To reach the positive battery post, gently open the red box.
  • Connect the positive end of the jumper cable to the exposed positive battery post.
  • Connect the negative side to the ‘ground,’ typically found on the driver’s side. It’s a long bolt with a tightened nut at the bottom.
  • After the Ford Transit has been jumpstarted, operate it for at least 20 minutes to allow it to recharge.

How to replace the Ford Transit battery

When you have uncovered the battery, you will locate the positive pole clamps and unscrew them so the cable will be easy to remove. This shows that the battery is no longer in use and can be securely removed. When lifting the battery, make sure to utilize the topside handles because it is there to ease the lifting of the battery.

In summary, the batteries of a Ford Transit are located under the driver’s seat, and it is easy to remove, replace, or Jumpstart. Following the steps stated above, you will find it easy to locate and fix your Ford Transit battery anytime. 

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