Does Autozone Give Money for Old Car Batteries?

When your car battery dies, it’s no longer useful to you. And your first instinct is to dispose of it. However, it would be best to dispose of it safely and correctly. Car batteries, unlike other batteries, cannot be disposed of carelessly or left just somewhere in the trash.

For this reason, people often take them to companies or factories that would either buy them or recycle them. One of the companies that accept batteries is AutoZone. Some companies buy old or used batteries, so people often ask if AutoZone does the same.

AutoZone won’t buy your used car battery. However, they are willing to receive old batteries for recycling and provide you an incentive for bringing in an old car battery in the form of a $10 gift card.

Does Autozone Give Money for Old Car Batteries?

Your automobile battery uses lead and acid to maintain a dependable and long-lasting charge. These substances pose a significant risk to the environment and human health. Handling a sealed battery is risk-free, but disposing of one improperly can be harmful. This is why people are persuaded to recycle these batteries rather than dispose of them carelessly.

Why Should I Recycle My Car Battery?

You can’t just toss your batteries in the trash or recycle them how you usually do to other things. The acid or lead inside these batteries could cause serious environmental harm.

People will get exposed to health problems, including skin irritation and other serious issues, when they come into contact with these toxic chemicals and hazardous materials. In addition, burning batteries release heavy metal-containing harmful vapors into the atmosphere, polluting the air people breathe and leading to respiratory issues.

So, if we care about the environment and are responsible enough to look after others, we should responsibly dispose of old car batteries. This may appear to be a minor gesture, but it can significantly impact our environment and possibly earn you some money. To safely dispose of their car batteries, people go to companies that buy them for a little change or companies that offer incentives to recycle old batteries, such as AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Give You Money for Old Battery?

Yes, they do. The controversy, however, is about whether AutoZone buys old batteries or not. Some people consider the $10 merchant card a way of AutoZone buying back the battery. But it’s not exactly like that. AutoZone considers the $10 a payment for bringing the battery for recycling. AutoZone states they would offer you a $10 gift card for every battery you recycle with them on their battery recycling page. This means that even though you did not purchase the old batteries at their store, you are still being paid to dispose of them.

This is wonderful news for folks with a few batteries lying around their yard or house. Old batteries can be disposed of to improve the appearance of your home and yard while also earning you more money to spend on accessories or components. Getting rid of those old pieces of junk or garbage is worth considering. 

Even though they don’t buy old batteries, when you buy a new battery from AutoZone, a core charge is subsequently added to the cost of the new battery. This core charge will be refunded to you when you bring back the battery when it is dead. The core charge is usually $22. This encourages clients to return their old batteries, thereby encouraging recycling.

car battery recycling

What Is a Core Charge?

At AutoZone, some parts of a vehicle, such as batteries, alternators, starters, etc., have an additional fee called a core charge. A core charge is a type of deposit or additional fee you pay for a part when you purchase it; you will 

receive it back when you return the old part you are replacing. This encourages customers to return old parts for proper disposal, recycling and remanufacturing.

What You Need To Do Before Taking Your Battery To AutoZone:

Before taking your battery to AutoZone, you must learn to remove it from your vehicle safely. 

  1. To begin, you’ll need to put on gloves and protective gear. It’s possible that old batteries have a leak, and coming into contact with battery acid is hazardous.
  2. To remove the nut on the terminal, you’ll need a wrench. First, disconnect the negative cable, then disconnect the cable from the positive terminal (it should be coated in red). Make sure your wrench does not come into contact with both terminals at the same time.
  3. Almost all batteries will include a hold-down device at the bottom in the shape of a strap or block. Remove it as well.
  4. Examine the battery for cracks, leaks, or other problems that could jeopardize its safety.

After doing these, you can safely take your battery to an expert at AutoZone. 

Caution: If you’re not sure where your battery is or which terminal is positive or negative, it is recommended that you take your car to a nearby auto parts store.


AutoZone has a battery recycling program even though it doesn’t purchase the batteries. With the recycling program, you can be rewarded with a $10 retail gift card that you can use to purchase other things from the store if you bring the battery for recycling.

Car batteries, which are made of lead and acid, can be extremely damaging to the environment if not properly disposed of. Throwing away your old battery in the trash or a landfill is bad for the environment and dangerous for your health. To recycle and properly dispose of your old battery, it is safer to bring it to a retailer like AutoZone.

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