Who Makes FVP Batteries? Are They Worth Buying? 

Everyone seeks reliable batteries with greater longevity and high performance to power their devices efficiently. FVP, for instance, is a popular and trustworthy battery brand in the automotive industry. 

However, people often question regarding its manufacturer and whether the brand’s batteries provide value for the money.

Exide and ATLASBX design most of the FVP batteries. Besides, FVP has proven its worth over the years by consistently providing high-quality, premium products. 

The brand has extended its product line from car batteries to lawn, garden, and watercraft batteries. Plus, it also sells oil filters, condensers, motor oil, and a bunch of other products. 

That said, we’ll explore more about FVP batteries in particular and what they offer. 

About FVP 

FVP was officially launched in 2005 with an aim of providing quality products and delivering unmatched customer service. FVP products are designed to offer OE quality and superior performance than national battery brands of similar pricing. 

Initially, the brand started with OEM-quality batteries, car radiators, filters, and more. Today, it offers an entire collection of batteries for boating, RV, garden, automotive, and lawn needs. 

The brand didn’t earn a reputation overnight. Instead, it continuously offered exceptional products to meet client requirements. The brand also flawlessly dealt with customer needs by offering seamless customer service. 

FVP’s customer service is known for quickly addressing customer pain points and demands. 

Further, the brand’s products are manufactured to industry standards and verified by expert technicians, which makes up for another reason for its popularity. It has also expanded its footprint internationally through FVP Israel and FVP China. 

FVP Battery Features 

The FVP batteries have AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) that offers optimal deep cycle, starting and cycling efficiency. Thus, they are an ideal choice for light trucks and cars. Besides, the garden and lawn battery range of FVP can effectively cater to the motor tractor needs.

Further, its marine batteries do not disappoint either. They’re designed to ensure extreme pressure and vibration. Hence, they power up your vehicle even in extreme circumstances. 

Lastly, the golf cart batteries offer excellent runtime and extended lifespan. 

What’s Good About FVP Batteries? 

The VoltEdge batteries of FVP deliver industry-level durability and strength in commercial, automobile, garden and golf applications. 

They also limit gassing and boost watering intervals with Calcium Grid Alloy. Besides, the FVP batteries prevent plate deterioration and offer better resistance to rust. 

They also provide a higher volume paste that enhances energy density and shelf life. 

Here’s what else you can expect from FVP batteries. 

Better Compatibility 

Generally, you have limited options when purchasing batteries for your car from a specific brand. 

Fortunately, FVP lives up to customer expectations by offering batteries for specific car models.

For instance, if you own a Suzuki automobile, you can get a Suzuki-specific battery. The higher compatibility will optimally power your vehicle and allow for seamless operation. 


FVP batteries today are more cost-effective than they have ever been. You can buy high-quality FVP batteries at a low price tag. Amazon, eBay, and a few automotive stores sell FVP batteries. 

You’ll also easily find them in retail outlets if you prefer in-store shopping.

Better Performance

FVP batteries are manufactured for high amp use and hence constitute a better performance rating. 

Most FVP batteries have high amperage discharge rates and won’t harm your vehicle if you replace your existing automobile batteries with FVP ones.

The high amp and fast discharging rates make them compatible with several applications. 

Plates With a Good Design 

The excellent design of battery plates limits the deep cycle battery failure modes, which is highly probable in standard deep cycle batteries. 

It maintains a balance between performance and structural design. 

Resistance Capacity 

The product is designed to withstand various elements. For instance, the high resistance capacity maintains the battery’s starting power even in extreme conditions. Besides, the reserve capacity keeps the battery working even during failures. 

Low Maintenance 

Another attractive feature of the FVP batteries is this one. They do not require much upkeep – a perk many car owners prefer. You do not need to clean the spills or add water frequently for the efficient functioning of the battery. 

What’s more, you won’t run into annoying battery leaks. 

Maintenance & Warranty 

FVP Platinum offers a 3-year warranty. So, if you run into manufacturing flaws within 3 years, the manufacturer has you covered. They’ll either fix the battery or offer free replacements. 

However, note that you can only enjoy the warranty if you bought and installed the FVP battery in a light truck, car, van, or sports vehicle in the US. 

Besides, the warranty only covers failures due to craftmanship or manufacturing defects. That is, the warranty might not cover other battery damages you may encounter. However, there could be exceptions. 

Therefore, it’s best to inform the manufacturer about the battery problem to learn if you can benefit from the warranty.  

Price Range  

The price range of FVP batteries varies because different companies manufacture them. However, ATLASBX manufactures most of the FVP products. ATLASBX, headquartered in Tennessee, is a South Korean Corporation. 

Besides, Exide also creates a few FVP items, most of which are manufactured in India. The average price range of FVP batteries is between $50-$200. 

FVP Vs. Other Batteries

Automobile batteries mostly have an identical in-built. Manufacturers include slightly different materials and make minor tweaks to the standard layouts. However, the products are almost similar by the end of the day. 

You can choose between costly gel-cell batteries or conventional liquid-cell packs. The former employs a gel for electric charge, making them ideal for usage during extreme conditions. 

On the other hand, the latter contains electrolyte (water and sulfuric acid) to power any device. 

FVP batteries are liquid-cell batteries. You can always compare their size, warranty, price, cranking amps, and cold cranking amps with other similar manufacturers to learn more about the product. 

Where Are FVP Batteries Manufactured? 

The production facilities of ALTASBX make most FVP batteries. The products have several manufacturing sites in South Korea. 

In fact, the brand opened another massive manufacturing facility in 2020 in Clarksville, Tennessee. 

The 40-acre battery-manufacturing facility primarily makes lead-acid batteries. ATLASBX headquarters in Nashville, TN, monitors and tests the products. 

Exide is another popular manufacturer of FVP batteries with facilities in Sri Lanka and India. The most popular plant sites include: 

  • Haryana 
  • Tamil Nadu 
  • West Bengal 
  • Maharashtra 
  • Uttarakhand 

Types of FVP Batteries 

As stated earlier, FVP batteries are available for different purposes. 

For instance, you can purchase them for boats, kitchens, golf carts, cars, trucks, etc. In other words, you’ll find different batteries for each application. Popular FVP battery types include the following. 

  • Heavy Duty VoltEdge 
  • Golf Cart VoltEdge 
  • Automotive VoltEdge 
  • Automotive Platinum 
  • Automotive Platinum AGM 
  • Power Sport AGM Platnium 
  • Garden VoltEdge 
  • RV and Marine VoltEdge 
  • SLA VoltEdge 
  • Power Sport AGM VoltEdge 

Major Battery Categories and What They Offer

FVP provides different battery categories. Some popular ones include. 

  • FVP® VoltEdge® 49 AGM Automotive Battery. The Absorbed Glass Mat offers an efficient starting and deep cycle performance. They offer optimal energy to power up light trucks and cars. 
  • FVP® VoltEdge® GC2 Golf Cart Battery. Since gold carts require durable batteries for efficient performance, FVP golf batteries are built keeping the vehicle’s needs in mind. The VoltEdge gold battery is known for its reliability and maximum runtime. 
  • FVP® VoltEdge® U1L-340V Lawn and Garden Battery. FVP lawn and garden battery is another durable product that meets the recreational vehicle and tractor demands. You can use these batteries to power your vehicle even in extreme temperatures. 
  • FVP®VoltEdge® M31-8DP Dual Purpose Marine Battery. They can withstand high-vibration situations and endure extreme conditions pretty well. 

Are there Alternatives to FVP Batteries? 

In all honesty, a few battery brands provide a range and battery variety as impressive FVP. However, Duralast, Odyssey, Trojan, and Banshee are a few other options to explore. 

How to Compare FVP Batteries to Other Automobile Batteries? 

People often question how they can compare FVP batteries with other auto batteries when looking for alternatives. Here are a few steps to help you. 

  • To begin with, measure the height, depth, and width of the battery. Write the measurements down to look for them in any other battery.
  • Now, find the CCA and CA ratings of FVP battery and note them down. Do not forget to consider the warranty of FVP batteries and compare them to regular batteries because they keep you safe in the event of battery issues. Battery warranty is generally listed as a free-replacement period. 
  • Last but not least, price comparison is crucial. There’s no point in purchasing an expensive battery with the same features as FVP. Because FVP batteries are relatively affordable, check the price before purchasing a battery from an XYZ brand. Compare it with FVP and make your final choice. 

FVP Batteries: Are they Worth Buying? 

FVP batteries are worth purchasing, given their low maintenance, high resistance capacity, cost-effectiveness, and superior performance,  

You’ll have numerous battery choices, from marine batteries to car batteries and golf cart batteries to garden and lawn batteries. 

Besides, the fairly priced products make FVP an attractive option, and many people today prefer it over other brands. 

Overall, FVP products provide value for money. You are, however, free to explore more options and compare them before finalizing the battery for your automobile. 

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