How To Fix A Dewalt Battery Not Charging

Dewalt Batteries have been around for a long time providing lasting power and energy supply to appliances and machines. These batteries are based on an XR lithium-ion chemistry, making them light and durable.

Despite its capabilities, as with most batteries and appliances, there are faults peculiar to Dewalt batteries, one of which is the battery not charging. This can be caused by different factors addressed in this article.

Types Of Dewalt Batteries

Dewalt manufactures batteries in different sizes and voltages to cater to the various power needs of other appliances. The common types of Dewalt batteries include;

Dewalt 20V Batteries

This standard Dewalt battery model is durable and built to last two times longer. This model is designed to resist wear and tear, with a three-year warranty. The LED fuel gauge displays the battery’s state of charge.

Dewalt 12V Batteries

It is lightweight and compact with extended runtime and increased capacity. The nominal voltage is about 10.8 volts, and the initial voltage without load is 12 volts. It also has a fuel gauge indicator to show the capacity levels.

Dewalt 54V Batteries

The 54V Dewalt battery is a powerful, long-lasting model. It is designed for heavy-duty power needs, providing high power capacity for a short time full charge.

How To Fix A Dewalt Battery Not Charging

Are Dewalt Batteries Worth It?

Dewalt batteries can last for up to three years or more. The battery’s lifespan is also based on external factors such as the charge state before it was stored, the temperature, and conditions. Dewalt batteries are tested and trusted by users for the following characteristics;

High Capacity

When fully charged, your Dewalt battery can last for an extended period. It also gets to full charge fast, so you can get back to using it sooner.

Lightweight And Compact

Dewalt batteries are light and easy to handle due to their composition and compact size. The small dimensions and weight does not weigh down on the appliances it powers.

Easy To Use

It has a LED indicator that shows you the charge level so you can know when it needs a recharge. Dewalt batteries do not self-discharge largely and have no memory effect.

Why Is My Dewalt Battery Not Charging?

You may experience difficulty in charging your Dewalt battery because of various reasons such as the charger not being plugged in properly, rusty contacts which inhibit the flow of current, and a completely dead battery requiring more time for the cells to reactivate, which is also known as sleep mode.

How To Fix Your Dewalt Battery To Charge

You can apply different methods to get your battery working and holding charge again. They include;

  • Cleaning the contacts
  • Slow charging
  • Charge tapping from another charged battery
  • Using an alternate current adapter

Cleaning The Contacts

This is the easiest method to apply when fixing your Dewalt battery charging issue, so it is likely your first resort. Dirty or rusty contacts will not allow charges to get through easily because it interferes with contact between the battery and cable. Cleaning the contacts removes the dirt, allowing current to flow freely into the battery. To clean the contacts, you need sandpaper with fine grit between 320 and 400, a clean rag, and a charger to test if the battery now charges fine.

If you have rusty contacts, scrub them and the battery charger until the rust is completely off. Connect the charger to see if it responds and charges the battery properly. If the contacts are dirty, use a clean cloth to wipe the contacts and the charger till it is clean, then test with the charger to see if the battery charges.

Slow Charging

Sleep mode is when a battery is completely drained, shutting it down and taking a while to boost. It happens when the battery is undercharged or left uncharged for a long time. This method is effective for bringing batteries out of sleep mode.

An effective way to bring a battery out of sleep mode is to charge it little by little, in short, controlled bursts, until it is up enough to charge properly. In sleep mode, a battery is too low to charge normally hence the need for this controlled method. To get the battery charging properly again:

  • Connect the battery to the charger and let it charge for about 3 seconds, then turn it off.
  • Repeat the process, removing the charger just before the lights come on.
  • Continue this for about half an hour until the battery is safe enough to be charged usually.

Connect To Another Charged Battery

It is possible to pass the charge from an excellent battery to a weak one to boost it up. To do this, you need another fully charged battery, preferably of the same make, which in this case is another Dewalt battery. You also need two pairs of scissors or two unfolded paper clips or razor blades. Here are the steps to set up the batteries;

  • Use scissors, paper clips, or razor blades to connect both positive terminals to each other.
  • Use the other pair of scissors, a second paper clip, or razor blades to connect the negative terminals to each other.
  • Leave the setup in place for about five minutes.
  • Remove the scissors, paper clips, or razor blades and test if the battery holds a charge.

Note that the terminals must be correctly connected. Connecting it the wrong way may lead to a completely damaged battery.

Using An Alternate Current Adapter

For this process, you would need an AC cell phone charger, a pair of scissors, a thin screwdriver, and a wire stripper. Using an old AC phone charger is best because it would become useless after this process.

Here are the steps for creating the mini booster cables;

  • Snip the end of the AC charger
  • Pull out the wires and draw them apart.
  • Use a wire stripper to peel off the cable cover.
  • Remove the Dewalt battery pack case with a thin screwdriver and remove the plastic side pieces.
  • Bring the battery out of the pack and plug the AC cell phone charger into a power outlet.
  • Wake up the Dewalt battery by touching the negative terminal with the black (negative) wire and the positive terminal with the white (positive) wire.
  • Touch the wires on and off continuously for a minute. Ensure the right cable is touching the right terminal- that is, positive to positive or negative to negative.
  • Put the plastic case back on the battery pack and place it to charge.
  • If the battery still does not respond to charging, repeat the process for about a minute

Other methods you can try include:

  • Trying a different power outlet.
  • Checking the charger for faults.
  • Contacting customer service for help.

Blinking Red Light On Dewalt Battery Charger

The light on your battery charge indicates if the battery is charging or fully charged. The red light stays on when the battery is charging, while the green light shows that it is charging properly or almost full. What does it mean when the red light blinks constantly?

The red light is meant to stay on, not flash. A blinking red light indicates that the battery is not correctly connected to the charger or the battery is dead (sleep mode). Try removing the battery and then place it back or charging it to fix this issue. If this does not work, apply the slow charge method or contact charge method using another fully charged Dewalt battery.

There are other lights on the charger to indicate different things. The yellow light indicates that the battery is nearly full, and a flashing green light shows it is almost fully charged.

How To Reset Your Dewalt Battery

Many people have problems resetting their Dewalt battery, but it is a very simple and quick process. Follow these steps to reset your battery;

  • Disconnect the battery from the charger
  • Press the reset button on the battery and hold it down for about three seconds
  • Connect the battery back to the charger and press the reset button down again, holding it down for about three seconds


Why Won’t My Battery Charge Beyond Two Bars?

This can result from charger problems or the battery itself is bad. You can change the charger or test the charger with another battery to know which one has a problem. If this keeps happening, you can call customer care or a technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

What Is The Hot-Cold Delay Fix?

It is a simple maintenance practice to keep your battery durable. It simply means keeping the battery in a cool, dry place to prevent overheating.

How Long Do Dewalt Batteries Go For?

With good maintenance routines, Dewalt batteries can last up to three or more years. To maintain your Dewalt battery, clean it properly from time to time, avoid leaving it to overcharge by monitoring it, and also keep the battery away from high temperature or heat.

What Is The Warranty Period On Dewalt Batteries?

Dewalt batteries and chargers have a standard three-year warranty, one-year service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

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