Duralast Vs. Autocraft: Which Car Battery Is the Best?

A few years back, car batteries didn’t cost more than $100. Times have evolved, and so has the automotive industry. Battery prices have undergone a massive surge. 

However, consumers do not hesitate to invest in a premium battery so long it offers an extended lifespan and powers the car engine efficiently. 

Duralast vs. Autocraft are two popular battery types, but customers often question their ideal option.

Both Duralast and Autocraft are high-performing, reliable, and affordable car batteries. So, the best option will be determined by your needs and preferences. 

We’ll uncover the similarities and differences between both batteries to help you choose the right option. 

Duralast Vs. Autocraft: An In-Depth Comparison 

Choosing the right battery for your car is challenging, given the numerous available battery options. For now, we’ll unfold the features of the two batteries in question: Duralast vs. Autocraft. 

Let’s see what they offer and why one might be better than the other. 


Durability is an important factor when choosing a suitable battery for your car. A few people confuse durability with battery construction. However, durability refers to the average lifespan of a battery. 

Luckily, both Duralast and Autocraft batteries are durable. They last longer than conventional car batteries available on the market. 

You can expect them to perform optimally for 3-5 years, depending on your usage and maintenance habits. 

In fact, you can boost their durability through proper maintenance. Besides, note that the budget batteries won’t last much longer. Therefore, go for the Silver or Gold battery series if you seek a more durable battery model. 

Cold Cranking Amps 

Cold Cranking Amps, also called CCA, is a battery’s ability to withstand cold temperatures. 

Because car batteries are notorious for freezing or going bad during cold climates, opt for a model with a high CCA rating. A car battery with a more CCA rating would likely perform better during cold months. 

Fortunately, Duralast and Autocraft batteries perform fairly well in cold conditions, with a 600 CCA rating. 


Investing in a quality battery is one thing, but one must never go out of their way. That is, there’s no point in buying an expensive battery to face a budget squeeze. Luckily, Duralast and Autocraft batteries are both affordable, low-cost products. 

Yes, you may find minor price differences here and there, but they only exist due to varying models. Besides, a few online stores might sell them at a higher price. Make sure you visit different online stores to compare the battery prices and purchase from an affordable store. 


Voltage is another concern for car owners when deciding between Duralast and Autocraft. Fortunately, both batteries produce the standard battery voltage of 12 volts. 

A few car batteries from cheap brands run on 6 Amps, significantly affecting a car’s performance on rough paths and extreme conditions. 

However, Duralast and Autocraft offer a voltage enough to power your car. In fact, a few Duralast and Autocraft batteries offer an impressive voltage of 14.5 volts. You can always read the battery label to check its precise voltage. 


Warranty is another primary factor to consider when purchasing a car battery. A warranty-backed vehicle boosts your trust in the brand and encourages you to complete the purchase confidently. 

Autocraft and Duralast batteries offer a 2-year warranty, unlike standard batteries with a warranty of 6 months to a year. 

Reserve Capacity 

Reserve Capacity refers to the number of minutes a charged battery can keep up with the load before discharging. A typical Duralast battery provides up to 110 minutes of reserve capacity; the same goes for Autocraft. 

Yes, you may encounter minor fluctuations per the models. However, the overall reserve capacity is almost similar. 

Who makes Duralast Batteries?

Duralast Vs. Autocraft: Primary Differences

Duralast and Autocraft have excellent CCA ratings and reserve capacities and are durable enough to keep your car running smoothly. Let’s explore some differences to help you see what makes them different. 


If you prefer a portable battery, you cannot go wrong with Duralast. They are more lightweight and portable than its competitor. Duralast batteries weigh around 38.68 Ibs, while Autocraft has 43 Ibs of weight. 

A lightweight battery is easy to handle and reduces vehicle pressure. So, Duralast is a winner in this regard. 

Positive Terminal Location 

The negative terminal is typically at the battery’s side, marked with a minus sign. On the flip side, the positive terminal is located at the end of the battery, marked with a plus sign. 

The Autocraft battery has a positive terminal on the top left side of the battery, while the Duralast has a positive terminal on the lower left side. 

Battery Model 

It goes without saying that Duralast and Autocraft batteries differ in their models. The former comes under the 24 DL model, while the latter has the Silver 50 model. 


The weather condition significantly affects your battery’s performance and health. The Duralast battery functions efficiently in all weather conditions, while the Autocraft battery isn’t suitable for regions with harsh cold weather. 

Pros of Duralast Battery 

Some noteworthy advantages of Durlast batteries include the following. 

  • It is portable and lightweight 
  • It works efficiently in hot and cold climates 
  • The Durlast battery is reasonably priced 
  • Its reserve capacity is pretty good

Pros of Autocraft Battery 

A few benefits of an Autocraft battery include

  • Autocraft is more suitable for hot weather 
  • It features quality components 
  • It is highly durable 
  • It is pretty affordable 
auto craft battery

Duralast Vs. Autocraft: Which One to Choose? 

Because both batteries are designed with robust technology and are meant to be used in different weather conditions, there’s no clear winner. 

Both batteries have their advantages and disadvantages. Autocraft can be your ideal option if you want a battery that works efficiently in hot conditions. Duralast, on the other hand, works well in all types of weather. 

Who Manufacturers Duralast Batteries? 

Johnson Controls, a leading manufacturer of automotive batteries in the US, manufactures Duralast batteries. The firm has been in the business for 100+ years and is committed to excellence. 

Johnson Controls has a history of designing quality products for its consumers. Currently, around 150 countries use products manufactured by Johnson Controls.

Who Manufacturers Autocraft Batteries?

Autocraft batteries are made and sold by Johnson Controls. However, Advanced Auto Parts, a US-based automotive aftermarket parts supplier, also sells Autocraft batteries. Numerous physical stores also sell Autocraft batteries. 

Make sure you authenticate the store for reliability and reputation before purchasing any battery. 

Importance of a Quality Car Battery

There’s nothing wrong with seeking ways to cut down your expenses. However, a few expenditures are necessary. Take your car battery, for instance. 

You may assume purchasing a cheap battery would help you save money, but you’ll run into additional costs anytime soon. Therefore, investing in a quality car battery is always better than opting for a cheap, good-for-nothing battery. 

Here’s what you can expect after investing in a high-quality car battery. 


Every car owner expects their car battery to last as long as the manufacturer states. When purchasing a high-quality battery, you can expect it to last between 4-5 years. However, your usage significantly impacts the overall lifespan of a battery. 

For instance, not driving your car or aggressively riding it can drastically impact the battery life. So, follow the best practices to boost your car’s durability. 

Advanced Features 

Quality batteries contain the best materials to avoid battery defaults. For instance, upgraded lithium batteries perform reasonably well regardless of environmental conditions. They last up to 5 years, saving you money on frequent repairs and checks. 

On the other hand, cheap batteries lack advanced technology and lead to issues with headlights, AC systems, and even stereo systems. 

Hassle-free Operation

It isn’t uncommon for batteries to experience premature failures due to high or cold temperatures. Substandard batteries have a low quality in-built and struggle to power up your car in extreme conditions. 

High-quality batteries, however, have ample power to resist unwanted battery failures. 

Note that we’re referring to premature battery failure here. Batteries are bound to degrade over time. However, if your battery deteriorates before the date specified by the manufacturer, it’s a red flag and signifies a cheap battery. 


Never purchase a battery without a warranty. A battery’s warranty signals its quality. If a battery brand shows a battery’s warranty on the label, it depicts the manufacturer’s confidence in its functionality. 

Unreputable and cheap brands do not offer product warranties. 

On the other hand, reputable brands selling high-performance batteries offer 2-3 years of replacement warranty. 

Final Words 

Choosing between a cheap and quality brand is relatively easier. You know you can spend the money to purchase a quality product, so you ditch a battery brand with a poor market reputation. 

However, the case is different when comparing two reliable brands – Duralast vs. Autocraft. Both brands have consistently produced quality products to meet consumer needs. This explains why they hold a strong reputation among buyers. 

The best way to determine your ideal brand is to assess your needs. Once you get your requirements sorted, pen them down, and read the specifications of batteries provided by both brands. This will help you choose right. 

To conclude, the battery that caters to your needs will be the winner. 

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