Best Group 24 Batteries (Detailed Review)

Group 24 batteries are versatile. Apart from their uses in all types of vehicles, you can also use these in boats, medical equipment, security systems, UPS systems, and other heavy-duty industrial applications. These batteries are known for holding a charge for a long period.

If you’re looking for a reliable group 24 battery or why you only need Group 24 battery, this post is for you. You will find an abundance of choices in the market for group 24 batteries from different brands, but on the other hand, it can make the process a head-scratching one for you.

So, our experts, after hours of researching and analyzing different group 24 batteries, their specs, durability, performance, and other factors, came up with this list of the top 4 best group 24 batteries. And for those who are still wondering what’s going on and what are the Group 24 batteries, keep scrolling down to know about these products.

What is a group 24 battery?

Mostly, you will find Group 24 batteries in large UPS, medical and security systems, wheelchairs, in vehicles, industrial applications, etc. Not many people used these batteries as starting/cranking batteries, and these are more suitable for the deep cycle of standby/floating applications.

These large and mid-size batteries have quite a few subgroups, and their dimensions also differ from the others. So, be careful when shopping as a minor size difference might cause the battery not to fit in its space.

Most common Group 24 battery feature AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) design, but you will find many other variants such as gel-cell batteries, flooded batteries, and lithium-ion batteries.

Best Group 24 Batteries ( Our Top Picks)

Product List Buy From
ACDelco M24AGM Professional AGM Voyager BCI Group 24 Battery
Universal Power Group UB12750 45821 12V 75AH GRP 24 Battery
ML75-12 – 12V 75AH SLA Battery – Mighty Max Battery Brand Product
Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-24T

ACDelco M24AGM Professional AGM Voyager BCI Group 24 Battery

group 24 battery

Product Features:

  • Features Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology; hence it is maintenance-free and free of spills, leaks, and no need to add water.
  • Valve regulated-gas technology delivers 3-times more cycle life than the standard batteries.
  • It includes full-frame power path grids, offering higher cranking amps and low self-discharge rates.
  • A leak-proof pressurized valve system ensures reliable safety and long working life. Prevents dry-out and various damages due to acid.

Our Review:

Our first pick of Group 24 battery comes from a reputable brand, the ACDelco. This M24AGM is an AGM battery and ideal for those who need a reliable power source. As the name states, the battery features innovative AGM technology, so no need to pour water frequently to keep it in working condition. In this unit, the electrolytes are held inside the glass separator and will not flow freely within each cell.

The unit measures 7 x 11 x 7 inches; that you can easily move around and fit wherever you want. The battery features innovative valve-regulated gas technology that reduces water loss and enables it to provide more than three times the cycle life than the standard batteries when used with vehicle applications. Due to this technology, you will get various safety benefits, and it will keep you safe from leaks and spillages.

Another benefit of this leak-proof valve system is that it enhances the batteries’ working life and prevents dry out and acid damages. Moving on, the M24AGM by ACDelco includes heavy-duty, thicker plates that are resistant to abuses and vibrations.

As for the capabilities of this Group 24 battery, it includes full-frame power grids that deliver higher cranking amps and low discharge rates. The CCA rating of 500 with a reserve capacity of 140 minutes will allow you to use it anywhere without any fuss. Overall, the high cycling capabilities and outstanding charge holding make this battery a perfect addition to your vessel. Lastly, ACDelco stands behind their product and offers 18 months warranty on the purchase.

  • Lead calcium alloy makes it rust and corrosion-proof.
  • It includes a leak-proof pressurized valve system.
  • Low discharge rate.
  • Long working life than the others.
  • Affordable price.
  • A bit heavier.

Universal Power Group UB12750 45821 12V 75AH GRP 24 Battery

group 24 battery

Product Features:

  • Unit’s dimensions are 10.24 inches x 6.61 inches x 9.13 inches and weigh around 49.10 Lbs.
  • It is a maintenance-free, leak, and spill-proof battery.
  • Rechargeable group 24 battery that you mount in any position, and resistant to shocks and vibrations.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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Our Review:

The UB12750 is a premium group 24 battery from Universal Power Group (UPG), and it is an ideal OEM replacement in terms of fitment, quality, durability, and performance. Further, it weighs around 49.1lbs, so this is one of the lightweight Group 24 batteries available on the market.

One of the unique features of this battery is its modern valve regulated design that prevents spillages; hence it is safe to use in compact places and close to sensitive equipment. Due to this unique design, no need to worry about hazardous fumes escaping from the battery’s case.

Like other Group 24 batteries, this UB12750 also features Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. In simple words, there are well-designed separators placed between the plates. Because of this technology, the batter is resistant to shocks and vibrations and holds its ground firmly.

The battery has a CCA rating of 433, which we found on the lower side than its rivals. But it will be sufficient for a reliable cranking, starting battery. Further, you can also use it for off-grid applications such as solar systems, RV house, golf carts, and so on.

All in all, this UB12750 is a practical and safe-to-use battery that will serve you for a long time. Its specifications make it one of the best group 24 batteries on the market.

  • Suitable to use for floating and cycling uses.
  • Low self-discharge.
  • Affordable price.
  • Durable and spill-proof design.
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
  • CCA ratings are on the lower side.

ML75-12 – 12V 75AH SLA Battery – Mighty Max Battery Brand Product

group 24 battery

Product Features:

  • ML75-12 SLA is a group 24 rechargeable and maintenance-free battery.
  • Dimensions are 24 inches x 6 61 inches x 8 27 inches.
  • Rechargeable spill-proof design with high discharge rate and long service life.
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations.
  • Excellent performance even in high and low temperatures.
  • It comes with a 30-day refund policy and one year warranty.

Our Review:

Mighty Max’s ML75-12 is a Group 24 model that offers reliability, a long life cycle, and superb performance. And all this comes at an affordable price.

Moreover, the ML75-12 features an absorbed glass mat (AGM) and sealed lead-acid structure. It means that the electrolytes will not move freely, and that also makes them maintenance-free. However, ensure that the terminals remain clean all the time. Thus, it is safe to use in compact places as there will be no hazardous gases coming out of the battery.

Furthermore, the unit is compact and measures around 10.24 x 6.61 x 8.27 inches, and weighs around 50.71. Further, you can use it for various applications.

The lead plates feature calcium-tin-lead alloy that delivers high power density and long working life. Because of its heavy-duty construction, you can comfortably mount this battery in any position, and due to premium construction, it is resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Unlike other rechargeable and spill-proof batteries, this ML75-12 features a high discharge rate, long service life, deep discharge, and safe to use in extreme weather.

In the end, this group 24 battery meets and exceeds OEM specifications, and the makers back the product by offering a 1-year warranty.

  • It comes with sturdy flip handles so you can easily carry it around.
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations.
  • High discharge rate
  • Safe to use in enclosed environments.
  • Few users state that it doesn’t hold a charge for long.

Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Deep Cycle Battery

group 24 battery

Product Features:

  • Rechargeable and maintenance-free design.
  • It includes AGM & VRLA technology that eradicates spills and pressure.
  • The best choice for demand mobility and wheelchairs.
  • Dimensions are 7.68 inches (L) x 5.16 inches (W) x 6.42 inches (H).
  • Exceeds industry standards and comes with one year warranty.

Our Review:

The DCM0035 by Interstate is a group 24 maintenance-free, and rechargeable 12V battery. The battery features VRLA Technology that prevents it from spillages and over-pressure.

However, to get the longest life and excellent performance out of your battery, we will suggest using it in applications that discharge regularly and recharge the battery.

Furthermore, the durable casing of the Interstate Batteries keeps it safe and secure in rough and extreme weather. The durable carrying handle is another handy feature and keeps you safe in case of any spillage. In addition, a simple design makes it effortless to use.

Moreover, the robust metal charging ports enables it to endure rugged uses without damaging the ports, whereas the durable and shiny plastic body secures the inner side of the battery and guards it against any substantial shocks and vibrations.

Lastly, you will also get a hassle-free warranty of one year from makes so that you can buy it with confidence.

  • Compact and light-weight.
  • Safe to use near sensitive appliances.
  • Durable body and construction.
  • It comes with removable handles.
  • Offers mounting flexibility.
  • The handle is a bit flimsy.

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-24T

Product Features:

  • Deep Cycle service performance is excellent with AGM design.
  • It does not require any maintenance.
  • Utilisation of the flotation and cycle.
  • AGM design might provide a greater degree of reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Our Review:

A Lifeline Marine AGM battery is manufactured in the USA by hand. Several US Military ships are powered by these batteries, and they have passed the high standards imposed by the Coast Guard. Designed to deliver the highest levels of reserve capacity and lifecycle, they set the industry standard for this type of service.

The Lifeline Battery is constructed to the highest quality standards, and it self-discharges only 2% per month at 77°Fahrenheit or 25°Celcius, in comparison to conventional batteries that discharge 10% or more per month. The batteries are certified by the Coast Guard, DOT HazMat-exempt, and have long lifespans compared to conventional batteries. Installations and services are guaranteed for marine and other seafaring applications.

Marine Batteries from Lifeline are the Original AGM technology, used by the U.S. Airframe Manufacturers have chosen it because of its shockproof, high impact, reinforced case, which prevents bulging. High density deep cycle plates provide increased reliability, power, and extended cycle life without requiring maintenance. Their backup power systems are offered as Off-Grid, Utility-interconnected, or totally Off-the-Grid power for Renewable Energy Systems such as Solar and Wind.

A key feature of Lifeline Marine Battery is its design that offers low impedance characteristics with excellent charge acceptance that can charge at predetermined voltage levels without current limitation, using corrosion-free copper alloy connections.

Lifeline Marine Battery provides unmatched reserve capacity and life-cycle performance, these are designed to be the industry’s best. Lifeline’s innovative processes and high-quality materials have made it the market leader in terms of customer satisfaction and value. Almost every Lifeline deep cycle battery is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

LIFELINE series batteries were developed to overcome many of the inadequacies associated with sealed gel batteries, including those for marine, recreational vehicles or RV, UPS and inverter stand-by applications.

  • There is a longer lifespan for these batteries.
  • They take a short amount of time to charge.
  • A high amount of power is generated by these devices.
  • In extreme conditions, AGMs might be more reliable.
  • Capacity decreases over time.
  • Overcharging affects them negatively.
  • The cost of this Lifeline battery is high.

Vmax SLR 85 12 Volt 85Ah AGM Deep Cycle Group 24 Battery

Product Features:

  • Suspension of its electrolyte is achieved by an AGM electrolyte system.
  • This Vmax SLR battery requires no maintenance.
  • The Battery does not produce any harmful fumes or gases.
  • This product has military-grade alloys.
  • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations.

Our Review:

When it comes to batteries that are deemed suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, the Vmax SLR85 is one of the best. Those who are familiar with Vmax often know that the company produces durable and reliable batteries.

As with other SLR 85 products, these plates are made with a unique chemical structure that enables them to last miles ahead of other group 24 deep cycle batteries. Its SLR85 model has an AGM electrolyte suspension system, which means the electrolyte is suspended in absorbed glass mats (AGMs) of a high porosity that are capable of completely absorbing and retaining electrolytes. There are no contaminants or silica used in this process.

Additionally, the alloys used in making these batteries are custom-built and of military-grade quality. Despite its robust design, the SLR85 is capable of withstanding even extreme weather conditions. Its extra-strong ABS container ensures long life and high performance, reducing case bulging and plate warping. This battery is designed to ensure that gas does not accumulate excessively within it. It also features safety release valves like its predecessors. Because the battery is sealed, spill-proof, and hazard-free, it is approved for use on aircraft, ships, or mobile devices.

It is common to have maintenance concerns, even among people who don’t prioritize battery maintenance. Because this battery requires no maintenance, including adding water or checking its specific gravity, it’s completely maintenance free. The company expects it to serve you for 8 to 10 years when used in float service applications.

When it comes to reserve capacity, this battery offers 190 minutes of additional power to make sure you’re never left without power. Compared to other AGM batteries who typically have discharge rates of 2-3 percent and lead-acid batteries who commonly have discharge rates of 15-20 percent, the SLR85 has a self-discharge rate of 1-2 percent per month at room temperature.

The SLR85 is a top-of-the-line battery that provides long cycle life and good performance. However, you should be aware that it won’t work well as a starting battery, even for very short periods of time. This can significantly reduce the operating life of the device. The recharging time of this battery is about an hour, so you might consider it if you enjoy sailing for long periods of time.

  • The Battery does not produce any harmful fumes or gases.
  • Exceptionally low levels of self-discharge rate is available.
  • High-grade alloys built for military applications.
  • There is a high level of reserve capacity.
  • Battery life of a Vmax SLR is long and reliable.
  • Waterproofing is not completely possible with this battery.
  • Batteries are not suitable for use as starters.

NorthStar NSB AGM 24 M Marine Battery

Product Features:

  • It has an impressive CCA rating and is made with AGM technology.
  • The cycle count reaches 400 at 80% depth of discharge with a rapid start up.
  • Function of rapid recharging.
  • The sideways installation of this product has been approved.
  • A tough plastic exterior ensures durability and strength.
  • Battery design based on AGM technology with low maintenance.

Our Review:

The NorthStar NSB-AGM24M battery is one of the industry’s top-performing models, unlike other batteries that are designed for just one purpose either as a starting battery or as a deep-cycle battery. Designed for everything from pounding on a boat trip to deep discharge requirements in RVs, it can handle almost anything.

NorthStar batteries have a reputation for being reliable and suitable for a variety of applications. AGM batteries offer superior cranking power, unbeatable cycling life, and a fast recharge rate compared to most batteries on the market. Because the battery offers ultra high performance without gassing or corrosion, the manufacturer claims it is ultra high performance.

NSB-AGM24M is built in advanced plastics for durability, effectiveness but it is actually made entirely of pure lead. The battery’s thin-plate technology adds an impressive amount of power and amp-hour capacity, plus reserve capacity, to its performance.

The NSB-AGM24M features advanced AGM technology, which means you don’t have to constantly check the water level or clean the terminals. This battery can be discharged 80 percent of the way more than 400 times due to its unique design, so you will not experience power loss. It is made according to the exact standards of the BCI Group 24, so you can be confident that it will fit perfectly.

Since the battery includes a solid AGM design, it has been approved for transportation by ground, air and sea. Additionally, the NSB-AGM24M can also be installed on its side, which further confirms its spill- and leak-proof qualities.

This NorthStart NSB battery will deliver 1,500 pulse cranking amps for the first few seconds of operation before slackening down to 840 CCA. A typical battery has about 160 minutes’ worth of reserve capacity, but this one recharges faster. This battery is backed by a 3-year warranty.

  • This battery has an extremely low rate of self-discharge.
  • Battery design based on AGM technology with low maintenance.
  • Speedy start-up and rapid charging.
  • Installing this product in the sideways position has been approved.
  • The NorthStar NSB battery is quite pricey.
  • Battery has a heavy weight.

Absolute Battery 12V 75AH Group 24 SLA Dual Purpose AGM Marine Combo Post Battery

Product Features:

  • Operating without maintenance due to its sealed nature.
  • The construction is non-spillable.
  • It is shock-resistant and vibration-resistant.
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly.
  • The battery has low self-discharge characteristics.
  • Suitable both for getting started and trolling.

Our Review:

The Absolute 12V 75AH AGM Group 24 is an Absorbent Glass Mat battery also known as a Sealed Lead Acid Battery or SLA Battery with advanced features that provide the power and performance you need. Our deep cycle and float applications are designed for more than just performance. They are designed to keep you on the go for longer than the competition.

Approximately 10.24 inches x 6.61 inches x 8.27 inches are given as the dimensions of the Absolute 12V battery. Batteries and screws are only included in the listing. It is not supplied with wire harnesses or mounting accessories.

Group 24 12V 75AH 12 Volt 75 Amp Hour SLA and AGM marine batteries with Marine Post Terminal Control Connector batteries offer total spill & leak proof properties, allowing the batteries to be mounted in any orientation. These batteries are resistant to vibrations, shocks, chemicals, and heat and self-discharge less frequently, resulting in longer battery life. Batteries with AGM technology are built with electrolyte suspended in fiberglass mats and designed to be leak-proof and spill-proof.

In accordance with the DOT, these batteries cannot spill or pose any health risks. All shipping methods, including air, are available. The unit can be mounted virtually anywhere with long lasting performance despite being resistant to vibration and shock. Work both as a starter and as a trolling device

  • This product is environmentally friendly.
  • Despite its low self-discharge rate, the battery still holds a lot of power.
  • Due to its sealed nature, it operates without maintenance.
  • Battery is expensive.
  • Battery can be adversely affected by overcharging.

Group 24 Battery – Details & Buyer Guide

In general, Group 24 Batteries are intended to be used for backup power and long-term purposes in medical, security, and solar applications.

Dimensions of Group 24 batteries:

The dimensions of Group 24 batteries are 10.25L x 6.81W x 8.88H, with the positive terminal typically on the left when looking at the battery from the front. The group 24 battery is a mid-size battery that is commonly found in an AGM and SLA configuration. Additionally, they can be found in gel-cell or lithium varieties.

Method of Charging:

The most efficient method of charging a group 24 battery when it is used as a standalone resource is to use smart chargers, proportionate to the battery capacity, for 75-85 Ah batteries, with chargers that deliver between 10 and 15 amps.

Charged using Solar Battery:

Group 24 batteries are capable of charging fully with a 100 watt solar panel during the day, even with less than perfect weather. A total of 30-40 watts can be provided by the batteries overnight when they are left unattended for 7-8 hours.

Group 24 battery Usage:

Batteries of Group 24 are used for a variety of purposes. Along with their use in automobiles, they are also found in boats, healthcare appliances, safety devices, extensive power distribution systems, and even in the industrial sector. Deep cycle batteries are commonly used to power devices for long periods of time, and are rarely applied to starting or cranking applications.


Batteries of Group 24 are difficult to choose, and the choices above will hopefully give you an understanding of what makes a long-lasting, valuable battery. These batteries are often constructed with the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology, which is one of their most common characteristics. For Group 24 batteries, especially those used in stop-start systems, this is becoming quite common, because the batteries are able to withstand constant draining and recharging and since the batteries do not require maintenance.

This is why ACDelco M24AGM came in first place in the list, simply because it is manufactured by General Motors, a company known for producing the best batteries. The fact that it is made with AGM design, which makes it easy and fuss-free, makes it a highly rated product among many users.

In addition, there is a pressurized valve system focused on preventing leaks, dryouts, and damage caused by acids. In addition, you should ensure your battery is built to the BCI standards, and the ACDelco M24AGM battery features the BCI standard.

People Might Ask

How are group 24 marine batteries used?They are utilized in many different applications, such as large UPS systems, medical and security systems, wheelchairs, vehicles and industrial applications and so on. Unlike starting batteries, deep-cycle batteries are typically used for standby or float functions, rather than starting.
Is it worth the money to buy AGM marine batteries?

The price is definitely worth it. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that they hold a charge. As your battery begins to fall, it can be recharged.

What is the life expectancy of Lifeline AGM batteries?

Depending on how often you use your AGM battery, it can last anywhere between three and four years with proper maintenance. The amount of time you spend driving your vehicle also affects how long the battery will last.

Do all AGM marine batteries have dual purposes?

An AGM battery is most often used for dual-purpose marine applications. The CCA and deep cycling capability of many Lead Acid batteries are simply not sufficient  for large motors and electronics. Be sure your boat charger is capable of charging AGM batteries.

How good are Vmax batteries?

A VMAX battery is unmatched in the industry. With them, you can get the best value and have confidence that they will function and operate as promised. In comparison with Wet Lead Acid Batteries, these batteries are far superior.

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