Who Makes Optima Batteries & What is The Warranty?

Optima has been producing high-quality, long-lasting batteries due to continuous technological advancements and engineering improvements. The brand has a lot of experience, with various product lines created for very different purposes. Nevertheless, several people continue to wonder about the manufacturer of optima batteries.

Clarios LLC manufactures Optima Batteries. Clarios LLC is a maker of car batteries that offers power and extended life required by different applications. Johnson Controls previously manufactured optima batteries until December 2019, when Brookfield Division Partners purchased Johnson Controls’ automotive battery business and established Clarios LLC.

Optima Batteries are AGM batteries and are available in different colors and sizes. Optima Batteries are the only brand that uses Spiral cell technology which makes it vibration-resistant, has a higher starting power, recharges faster, and has a longer battery life than flat-plate batteries.

About the manufacturer

Clarios is an energy storage technology firm that manufactures over 150 million batteries per year. Brookfield Business Partners formed the company after they bought the former manufacturer of Optima batteries, Johnson controls. It has its headquarters in Glendale and has manufacturing plants on three continents. Clarios has also collaborated on R&D projects with leading scientists, engineers, laboratories, universities, government agencies, and other essential partners. According to reports, the corporation has formed sixteen dedicated R&D partnerships and has opened six R&D centers. The manufacturer company has over 50 production facilities and claims to serve over 140 countries. Clarios also manufactures other battery brands like Diehard, Everstart, Duralast, and Kirkland’s.

Who Makes Optima Batteries

Are optima batteries good?

Optima batteries use Spiral cell and Pure flow technologies, making them stronger and more lasting than any other battery. In addition, these batteries feature a kick start capability and a deep cycle capability unlike any other. Some of the best features of Optima batteries include:

  • They are AGM batteries.
  • These batteries are engineered to ignite a spark of power for a quicker start.
  • Optima batteries are designed for dual usage.
  • Optima batteries provide the best cranking power and cycling capability of any battery.
  • These batteries are built to handle harsh circumstances.
  • The batteries are spillproof and maintenance-free.

Types of Optima batteries

Optima offers three battery types that differ in size and color of their tops and meet different automotive needs. Here are the typed of Optima batteries available: 

  • Optima Redtop batteries: The RedTop battery outperforms the competition by up to 3 times and is 15 x more vibration resistant. Optima’s high-performance AGM batteries are uniquely developed and engineered to give high ignition power, ensuring a reliable start-up every time you start your vehicle. In addition, these batteries offer excellent resistance to common battery failure difficulties and their increased power. As a result, these batteries are referred to as the “ultimate starting batteries. Optima Redtop batteries have up to 6 years of lifespan.
  • Optima Blue top batteries: This battery line outperforms standard batteries in runtime and recharges. These batteries have boot applications, dual-use capability, and excellent vibration resistance. They are built to resist a lot of wear and tear and multiple deep cycles. Optima Blue top batteries are more efficient at generating power and faster recharge time. That means you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s battery while riding and can focus on enjoying your ride. Optima Blue top batteries will last at least four years for heavy use.
  • Optima Yellowtop batteries offer more excellent performances as they are developed with premium grade starting power, excellent deep-cycling capabilities, and the best vibration resistance. These batteries are also ideal for newer automobiles with a variety of accessories. The Optima Yellowtop batteries have low internal resistance, and they give more constant power output and recharge in less time. The battery can handle more than 300 complete recharge and discharge cycles. The battery is spillproof and may be installed in any position. These batteries are perfect for heavy-duty tasks and can last up to four years. 

Optima batteries warranties

Optima batteries offer different warranties and replacements depending on the product. Here are the warranties provided by Optima batteries:

  • 1-month free replacement: optima offers a 1-month free replacement for some yellow and blue deep cycle batteries but no red top. The batteries can be exchanged within a month for free if any issue is found with the battery.
  • 12 Months Free Replacement Warranty: this is the most common warranty most battery brands offer. Optima provides this warranty for commercial types of all its battery types. 
  • 24 Months Free Replacement Warranty: The two-year free battery replacement warranty is good and not offered by many people. Optima batteries provide this warranty for yellow tops models, D31A and D31T Commercial, and blue top models BLUE TOP Starting and Dual-Purpose Batteries.
  • 36 Months Free Replacement Warranty: this is the most extended warranty offered by Optima. It gives you peace of mind for a long time. This warranty is offered for yellow and red tops models only.

The Top Best Optima Batteries

Here are some of the most highly rated Batteries from the Optima brand’s extensive product line:

Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery: The 35 RedTop was created to provide maximum cranking power in all weather and driving circumstances. The battery uses SpiralCell technology and distinguishes it from other AGM batteries. The lead-based plates’ helical wrapping allows them to withstand even the most extreme conditions. In addition, the battery has a larger reserve capacity. As a result, it can handle high-power loads for a long time before entirely discharging. It also means that the battery will retain a sufficient charge after being stored for an extended period.

Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery: This is one of the few brands producing a dual-purpose battery line globally. These batteries are made for both starting and cycling.   This battery has a capacity of 750 CCA, ensuring a successful start every time. Furthermore, the 120-minute reserve capacity ensures that you get a product that will reliably power up all of your equipment. This battery will work in hot and cold climates, and the 750 CCA will ensure a solid start. This battery is up to the task, whether you’re running high-beam lights, heavy-duty A/V systems, or winches. This battery has a very low discharge rate, and it will be ready for use even after sitting in storage for a long time.

Optima OPT8016-103 BlueTop Starting Battery: these batteries were created to fit the most popular heavy-duty cars. There’s a reason they’re called marine batteries. The manufacturer has developed this battery with 750 CCA to ensure that you will get a reliable start-up every time. This high number ensures a dependable start at temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius. When it comes to cranking amps, the 750 CCA is more than enough to ensure a reliable start every time. It can also be used to power a boat because it is a marine battery. It’s made for all kinds of high-energy applications.

Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 RedTop Starting Battery: This product has the strongest starting burst compared to other makers. It ensures that you will always have a reliable start-up. The battery has been developed to withstand a variety of activities. It has a 15-fold higher vibration resistance than the competition. It will also last three times as long, ensuring that you are happy and satisfied for a long time. This battery is one of the best available as it is maintenance-free and can be put in any position as it is spillproof due to its sealed design.


Optima batteries from multiple reviews are considered one of the best as they offer more power, fast recharge time, and longevity. They are manufactured by Clarios LLC, a technology firm specializing in stored energy. Optima batteries offer different types of batteries with different specifications. Furthermore, Optima Batteries come with a 1, 12, 24, or 36 months warranty, depending on the model. Optima batteries offer the best cranking power and cycling capability and withstand extreme temperatures. The batteries are also spillproof and maintenance-free. However, as with all batteries, regular maintenance will help enhance the lifespan of your optima battery.

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