Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries?

Motorcraft batteries are a very reliable brand of car batteries. They are the recommended batteries for Ford vehicles. In fact, Motorcraft batteries were exclusively manufactured for Ford and Lincoln vehicles. They can last up to six years with proper maintenance. Designed with the latest technology, they are very efficient in supplying the electrical demands of recent vehicle models. 

Who Manufactures Motorcraft Batteries?

Clarios LLC, formerly Johnson Controls, manufactures Motorcraft Batteries. Clarios LLC. is a well-known and trusted company when it comes to batteries. They do not only manufacture batteries for Motorcraft; they are the makers behind other trusted brands such as Energizer car battery, Diehard car battery, Optima battery, Duralast batteries, Kirkland batteries, and a couple of others.

Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries?

About Clarios LLC 

Johnson controls were making Motorcraft batteries until late in 2019 when Brookfield Business Partners bought the automotive business of Johnson’s Controls and formed Clarios LLC. Johnson Controls was founded by Warren Johnson in 1885 as Johnson Electric service company in Ireland. It all started with Warren Johnson’s patented electric room thermostat, which led to the company expanding to other sectors. The company was given its present name in 1974 and merged with Tyco International in 2016 to form JCI (Johnson Controls International). The company offers these three services- Building efficiency, automotive experience, and power solutions. 

The building efficiency segment focuses on building heating and air-conditioning systems, building controls and management, ventilation, security, and mechanical equipment, installation, design, and sales of related products. They also provide consulting, management, and operations of real estate portfolios for non-residentials. 

Automotive experience design and manufacture parts and systems for vehicles such as cars, light trucks, vans, utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, etc. 

Power solutions, which is the focus aspect of this article, is a leading global supplier and maker of lead-acid automotive batteries. They supply batteries to power engines, hybrid, and electric vehicles. They are well known for their innovation and customer-focused technology in the power industry. 

Are Motorcraft Batteries Good?

Motorcraft batteries are designed with the latest innovation and technology. They are a great choice when it comes to efficiency and durability. If well handled, they can last for up to seven years. These batteries are manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineering to supply the power needs of high-technology vehicles. They are fairly affordable, giving you value for your money and a great warranty plan of up to 36 months. Motorcraft batteries mainly specialize in making batteries for commercial, marine, industrial, farming, and automotive applications. 

Motorcraft Battery Types

Different Motorcraft battery models are available, depending on your vehicle and requirements. Here are some of them:

  • Fleet tough commercial battery

This battery type is excellent for powering farm engines. It has excellent cranking power and durability. This model comes with a 12-month free replacement warranty and a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty. 

  • Fleet tough extra battery

The fleet tough extra battery is very versatile, with high cranking power excellent for trucks, motorhome engines, farm equipment, and more. As the name implies, it is a great choice if you need some extra power for your engine. They have a free replacement warranty period of 12 months. 

  • Tested Tough max battery

Do not look too far if what you need is a rugged, high-performance battery because Tested tough max is just the fit. It is long-lasting and reliable, with a free replacement warranty period of 36 months. It is a great choice for supplying power to trucks and SUVs. They can function in any condition and withstand damage thanks to their impact-resistant casing and leak-proof covers. With the heat-sealed covers and a special bonding paste applied to the cells, you hardly have to worry about leakage or spills. They require little or no maintenance.

  • Tested tough plus battery

The tested tough plus battery is very similar to the tested tough max, with the same leak-proof design and sealed covers. This battery is designed to resist damage caused by vibrations. It has high cranking ability, which is perfect for kick-starting vehicle engines. 

  • Specialty battery

They are specially designed to power commercial vehicles like local delivery trucks and material transport vehicles. Specialty Motorcraft batteries have a free replacement warranty of up to 24 months and a 36-month unlimited mileage warranty. 

Where Can I Buy Motorcraft Batteries?

You can easily purchase your car battery on the brand’s website or from stores like Amazon, Walmart, Ford, Sears, Advance auto parts, and the like. You can also get them from physical shops. 

Motorcraft AGM Batteries

AGM batteries, that is, Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, are an improved version of the traditional lead-acid battery. It is improved to be spill proof because of the glass mat technology that holds together and separates the electrolyte leaving no room for acid spills. The components are pressed together in a compact manner to prevent damage caused by vibration. 

Motorcraft is innovation-driven, and they have implemented brilliant designs into their AGM battery line. Here are some of the unique features of Motorcraft AGM batteries:

  • EPDM Dual seal vent: this safely drains the battery and then re-seals it. 
  • Power frame Grid technology: this technology is implemented to reduce corrosion and prevent premature weakening of the battery. The grid is made by rolling metal into strips and then stamping it into a grid shape. This method strengthens batteries for extreme conditions. 
  • Proprietary negative paste: this formulation prevents flaking and improves charge acceptance.
  • High-density positive paste: for good cycling purposes to power high pulling operations.
  • Thick AGM separators: these fiberglass separators trap acid and prevent leakage.
  • The casing: the reinforced propylene case resists pressure. 

Advantages of AGM battery

  • They are low maintenance.
  • No risk of acid spill or leaks.
  • Longer life span.
  • They do not take long to charge fully.
  • Not prone to sulfation and corrosion.

Disadvantages of AGM battery

  • Low tolerance for overcharging because high voltage shortens their lifespan.
  • Relatively expensive compared to other battery types.
  • Reduced capacity after some time. 
  • High cost of production.


Motorcraft covers at least 24 months free repair warranty period with unlimited mileage. Unlike other brands’ terms and conditions for warranty claims, there are no commercial exceptions. 

How to Claim Warranty

To claim warranty, the battery must be submitted with the warranty sticker located on the corner of the top label of the battery along with a proof of purchase such as an invoice or receipt. However, there are exceptions for claiming the warranty. Some of the conditions that the warranty does not cover include:

  • Damage due to usage in other applications apart from recommended ones.
  • Mishandling, abuse, or improper installation.
  • Use of rental battery.
  • Removal and replacement of battery.

Tips for Choosing a Car Battery

Here are factors to consider when choosing a car battery:

  • Battery type: there are different types of batteries catering to various needs. You can request recommendations or fill in your car model on the website before purchasing to find suitable matches for your vehicle.
  • Group size: group size is the industrial measurement combining the height, length, and width of a car battery. Check your car manufacturer’s manual to see the group sizes that fit your car.
  • Cold Cranking amps: this indicates how well a battery will perform in really low temperatures. 
  • Reserve capacity: it indicates how long a battery can supply power for before falling below the minimum voltage level. 
  • Battery date code: the code indicates when the battery was made, showing how long it has been. 


How often do I need to charge my car battery?

The recommended charging cycle is every two weeks.

How can I tell that my car battery is dying?

There are different signs your car will show you when the battery is getting weak. Some of them are:

  • Dimming headlights.
  • Slow-cranking of the engine.
  • Clicking sounds on the ignition.
  • Having to step on the gas to start the engine.
  • Faulty function of electrical accessories.

How long should a car battery last?

An efficient car battery should last for up to four years, and even further, up to six years if maintained well.

Does Motorcraft install or replace car batteries?

Installing a car battery is quite easy. You can either do it yourself or get an expert to install it for you. Ford provides installation and replacement services for customers.

Here are steps to follow if you are installing a car battery on your own:

  • Clean the battery tray and terminals with a battery cleaning spray or a mix of baking soda and water. Rinse and then allow to dry before doing anything further. 
  • Line up your fully charged battery, ensuring the terminals are well aligned to the corresponding cables. 
  • Connect the positive cables first, followed by the negative cables. The positive cable is usually marked red, while the negative cable is marked black. 

Safety precautions: 

  • Wear safety gloves and goggles.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Avoid contact with cables and metal bodies.

Are Motorcraft batteries expensive?

They are relatively affordable compared to other house brands such as Duralast and autograft. The cost is reasonable, and you get value for your money. 

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