Who Makes Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries are known for their high efficiency, versatility, and satisfactory performance. They have a wide variety of batteries designed to fit the needs of each engine it caters to. Each Deka battery is critically made to meet the quality standard. They have an impressive life cycle as they maintain a charge even after discharging many times. They are spill-proof and built for extreme conditions such as low temperatures, power sports use, etc. 

Who Makes Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries are manufactured by the parent company of the Deka Brand- East Penn Manufacturing.

East Penn Manufacturing was founded after the second world war in 1946 by DeLight E. Breidegam Jr. and his father, DeLight R. Breidegam, with Karl Gasche, an MIT Engineering graduate, joining them in 1947. The name ‘Deka’ was formed from ‘Delight’ and ‘Karl.’ They continue to widen their horizons in different states in America and have become the makers of batteries apart from Deka, such as AUX battery, Autozone battery, Duracell car battery, Rayovac battery, Napa battery, MK battery, and a couple of others. They are well known for their grit in research and development in power sports. East Penn manufacturing also makes specialist batteries for military ammunition, wheelchairs, alarm systems, and backup power for eco-friendly energy sources. They also bagged awards and recognitions such as Fortune 100 best companies to work with, Governor’s award for environmental excellence, and counting. 

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Where To Buy Deka Batteries?

You can easily get Deka batteries in stores like Walmart, Amazon, U-buy, or your local automotive store near you. You can also request installation or testing depending on their terms. 

How Good Are Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries are one of the most versatile and reliable batteries on the market. They are powerful and built for conditions most batteries are not tough enough to power in. also, they come in a maintenance-free casing, so you do not have to bother about spilling acid. If well managed, they can last for up to 6 years. They have been around for over half a century, their battery technology improving with time and intense research; you can trust that these batteries work efficiently.

Deka Battery Series

Deka batteries come in different types to suit the engine it is to power. Here are 11 types of Deka batteries for their respective purposes: 

  • Automotive/LTV Batteries:

The automotive batteries come in different sizes and have low cranking amps that can help power your engine in very low temperatures. It can cover the electrical accessories in your car with no issues. 

  • Ordinance Batteries:

They are designed to meet the high-power needs of heavy-duty engines and military specifications. It has a good starting power to fire up the engines of your truck and electrical accessories. 

  • Lawn and Garden Batteries:

These are suited for small engines like lawnmowers, chipper shredders, turf vehicles, and the like. They are very durable and work as a perfect choice for your garden machines. 

  • Marine Batteries:

They are designed to supply power to marine vehicles such as jet skis, boats, and even others like snowmobiles, motorcycles, and RVs. They are deep cycles batteries not limited to marine vehicles only; they can also be used on solar panels. 

  • Commercial Batteries:

They power large heavy-duty equipment, large equipment, and electric vehicles. It provides maximum capacity without weakening. 

  • Scrubber Or Sweeper Batteries:

 They come as 6V and 12V batteries. They are designed to perform optimally for your home appliances. 

  • Vintage Batteries:

They are perfect for classic cars or trucks. They are durable and, as the name of the series implies, with a classic touch. 

  • Gel/AGM Batteries: 

They are advanced lead-acid batteries designed with non-spill technology, resistant to vibration, and built to support the high electrical demands of recent vehicles. They are quite more expensive than regular batteries, but you get value for your money in terms of durability. 

  • Golf car/EV battery:

They are superior performers for golf cars and electric vehicles. 

  • ETX/PowerSports Battery:

This offers easy installation and powerful AGM technology to be the perfect battery for your power sports engines such as ATVs, dirt bikes, powerboats, SSVs, etc

  • Reserve Power:

Also called deferred action batteries, they act as a backup power source. They have a long shelf life which is essential for their function. The Deka Unigy battery is a perfect choice for backup to power critical systems. It is designed with high innovation and efficiency in mind. 

Basic Battery Maintenance

  • Keep batteries in cool temperatures. Avoid placing batteries around heat in storage.
  • Use battery spray or a mixture of baking soda and water to clean corrosion off terminals and cables. 
  • Keep the top of the battery casing dust-free by cleaning it regularly. 
  • Avoid keeping AGM batteries in a discharged state to prevent sulfation. Sulfation is the formation of lead sulfate crystals on the surface or pores of the active materials of the battery’s lead plates.  
  • Try going through the manufacturer’s manual before carrying out any critical procedures. 
  • Coat the terminal in anti-corrosion spray to protect them from rusting.
  • Ensure the hold-down is tightened to keep the component in place. This will prevent the battery from getting damaged due to vibration.
  • When the car is not in use, make sure electrical accessories are off, such as headlights, GPS navigators, etc.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Car Battery

Reserve Capacity:

This is the time measurement of how long a fully charged battery can sustain an engine till the voltage decreases. The Deka battery reserve capacity is 225 minutes at 25amps. 

Battery Type: 

There are different types of batteries. Deka makes AGM and Gel batteries. 

AGM batteries (or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries) are resistant to vibration and acid spills. They are advanced lead-acid batteries designed in such a way that the fine fiberglass mat absorbs and immobilizes the acid between the plates. They need little to no maintenance, and you need not worry about spills with them. They offer better cycling performance, durability, and minimal gassing.

Pros of AGM batteries:

  • Zero spill
  • Faster charging compared to gel cell
  • Very durable
  • Works well in low temperatures 
  • Responsive for load
  • It can be stored for a long time

Cons of AGM batteries:

  • Performance and capacity decline over time 
  • Could weaken due to overcharging 
  • Quite expensive 

Gel batteries are similar to AGM batteries in terms of anti-spill design, except that gel batteries use gelled electrolytes instead of the glass mat. They are durable and withstand extreme temperatures. They are more lightweight than other battery types. Also, gelled solution holds the charge for much longer. 

Pros of Gel Batteries:

  • Low maintenance 
  • Zero spill
  • Performs well in cold weather 
  • Lighter in weight

Cons of Gel Batteries:

  • Charges slower than ordinary batteries 
  • More expensive than AGM and another battery type 


A good warranty is an indicator of good battery life. Deka battery warranty offers 24 months of free replacement. The warranty has terms and conditions that apply to them, so ensure to check if you meet the requirements for it. Some reasons that the warranty does not cover include:

  • Improper installation 
  • Battery fitted to more than one vehicle
  • Battery misuse due to extreme sports, overspeeding, modification 
  • Careless handling or negligence 
  • Electrical issues due to faulty charging 
  • Accidents or environmental damage due to fires, heat, etc
  • Battery fitted into more than one vehicle 


When does my battery need replacement?

Most good batteries last for 3 to 5 years. When your battery has functioned for a good number of years and begins to show signs of dying or extreme weakness, it is time to change your battery. Some signs of a dying battery include:

  • Dimming headlights 
  • Slow-cranking of the engine
  • Clicking signs on ignition 
  • Frequent jump-starting
  • Electrical issues

Are Deka batteries low maintenance?

Deka batteries require little to no maintenance because of their no-spill design. Most maintenance includes technical checks, charging, and cleaning of the battery case.

How long do Deka batteries last? 

Deka batteries last up to 4 years and up to 6 years if managed well.

How do I claim the Deka battery warranty?

The manufacture date stamped on the back of the battery case is all you need to show at the store to claim your warranty. Protect the stamp for when the need arises. Some conditions may affect your warranty claim, such as damage caused by carelessness, misuse of the battery, improper installation, etc. 

What are the Deka battery brands? 

Master, AGM, Deka Unigy, Intimidator, AUX, Ultimate, Hydrosaver, and a good number of more Deka brands. 

Are Deka batteries expensive?

They are quite affordable compared to most US-manufactured batteries. You get value for your money when you use Deka batteries.

Does Deka make solar batteries?

Yes. East Penn Manufacturing makes solar batteries for Deka. They provide long-lasting power solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. When it comes to solar batteries, you can go wrong with Deka. Their research and development have helped them to come up with high-performance technology implemented into their solar batteries. Some of their solar battery brands include- Deka Gel Monobloc, Deka Solar gel AGM Monobloc, and the Saver Flooded battery setup. 

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