What Are The Alternatives to 96R Battery?

96R batteries are widely used in the automotive industry, given their lightweight and reliability. They are the go-to batteries for Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and several other car models. 

Because customers do not want to compromise their vehicle’s functionality, they often question the best alternatives to a 96R battery. 

Bosh, Optima Red 35, 2010 Ford Fusion, and Odyssey PC1200MJT are a few reliable substitutes for a 96R battery. 

Find more about the 96R battery specifications, design, functionality, and best alternatives in the guide below. 

What Is a 96R Battery?

96R batteries are lightweight lead-acid SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition) vehicle batteries. Due to their rising demand, they are widely produced batteries in the automotive world. The Lead Acid 6-cell provides up to 12 volts. 

Besides, the battery’s dimensions are 24.2 cm X 17.5 cm X 17.5 cm. 

The 96R batteries also offer an excellent Cold Cranking Amp rating (CCA). Cold Cranking Amp refers to a battery’s ability to endure extremely cold weather conditions. Put simply; it determines how much consistent power a battery can supply at 0F or below. 

Fortunately, 96R batteries have a 500CCA rating that stands well against harsh weather conditions. 

Another reason for their popularity is the top posts. They make the mounting and removal step relatively easier. 

They fit into most vehicles and are low maintenance. Besides, their extended lifespan makes up for another reason why they are an attractive option. 

96R batteries are also sealed in a high-tech case featuring the latest technology to power your modern vehicle. Besides, the group 96R batteries offer improved durability and increased resistance to vibration. 

Today, several brands sell these batteries. Popular ones include Duracell, Everstart, and DieHard. If you seek a small-sized quality battery, you cannot go wrong with 96R. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Battery Alternative 

Note that you might not find a direct alternative to your 96R battery. However, you can consider a few things before replacing your existing 96R battery to ensure you purchase one per your needs. 

The primary features you must consider are the battery’s size, voltage, and capacity. Go for a battery with volts similar to or higher than your current battery. This will ensure the new car battery functions optimally to provide sufficient power to your vehicle. 

Secondly, the size of the battery is another thing to consider. There’s nothing worse than choosing the wrong battery size that won’t fit into your car. Make sure you thoroughly read the specifications to pick a compatible battery. 

Finally, capacity is another thing to consider. The battery’s capacity refers to the amount of power it can store. If your vehicle uses more electricity, go for a high-capacity battery. 

What Are the Alternatives to a 96R Battery?

Considering the battery size, capacity, and voltage is one thing; you must also check and compare the price and warranty of different batteries. This will help you choose your ideal option. Here are a few recommendations. 

2010 Ford Fusion 

The SE 3.0L V6 battery is one of the best alternatives. It offers a CCA rating of 600 and a dimension of 9.625L X 6.875W X 7.5H. 

The battery weighs around 35 lbs and offers a warranty of up to 3 years. Besides, it gives 12 volts, making up for a reliable battery option for your vehicle. 

Optima Red 35

Optima Red 35 is another popular alternative. They are made of pure lead and are durable. Perhaps this explains why they are costlier than other battery types. 

Their reserve capacity at 25 amps is 90 minutes. Besides, the 720 CCA rating gives it the power to withstand harsh cold weather. 

Optima Red 35 batteries last up to 3-4 years, which is another plus. Finally, a 1-2 year warranty covers replacements and repairs. 

Odyssey PC1200MJT 

Odyssey PC1200MJT is an Advanced Lead-Acid (AGM) battery offering 12 volts of power. It provides a CCA rating of 590 and weighs only around 38.2 lbs. 

They are high-performance batteries and give value for money. Their reserve capacity at 25 amps is around 180 minutes, relatively higher than the former. 

These batteries come with a 3-year warranty, giving you the confidence to buy them. 


Bosh batteries provide a 590 CCA rating and a 95 minutes reserve capacity. Their dimensions are around 12.2 X 10.2 X 10.2 inches, and they weigh only around 10.4 lbs. 

Their robust in-built makes them last longer than conventional batteries. Besides, the 4-year warranty piques the interests of consumers seeking a battery brand that provides more years of warranty. 


96R Duracell is a Flooded battery offering 90 reserve capacity and a 600 CCA rating. They are designed to last long due to their power-packed technology. However, they might be a little pricey. 

Which Cars Use a 96R Battery?

Several vehicles use a 96R battery. Some popular models include Chevrolet, Ford, and Volkswagen. If you’re uncertain whether your car uses a 96R battery or not, you can always ask the car’s manufacturer. 

96R batteries are more often used in high-powered vehicles that need more power to run efficiently. So, 96R batteries are your ideal option if you seek batteries with sustained power and high performance. 

How to Get 24 Volts from a 12V 96R Battery? 

You can connect two 96R batteries to double the voltage and provide 24 volts to your vehicle. The voltage of a series connection equalizes the sum of the voltages of the attached batteries. 

So, if one 12-volt lead acid battery is connected to another similar battery, you’ll have 24 volts of power output. However, ensure to disconnect the batteries after charging them fully. Otherwise, it may lead to damages. 

96R Vs. 40R: What’s the Difference? 

Each battery available on the market has its pros and cons for apparent reasons. No two batteries are created equally (unless they belong to the same group). 

96R and 40R batteries are two popular battery types widely known for their powerful performance. The CCA ratings of both batteries are similar. However, they are different in reserve capacities and sizes. 

The reserve capacity of 40R batteries is 105 minutes. On the other hand, most 96R batteries provide a reserve capacity of 90 minutes. 

Further, the 96R battery is slightly shorter in length compared to the 40R batteries. The former is around 9.5 inches, and the latter is 10.9 inches in length. 

Signs Your 96R Battery Is Going Bad.

Although it’s not always the case, you could be looking for a 96R alternative because your existing car battery is failing. Here are a few tell-tale signs of a faulty 96R car battery; they’ll help you take action immediately and replace the faulty battery with a new one. 

  • Your car is taking longer than usual to power the engine. 
  • The car’s electrical system is behaving weirdly. For instance, the headlights are flickering, power windows fail to open or close, and dashboard lights are getting dimmer. 
  • You checked the car’s battery voltage and found it was below 12 volts. 
  • You hear annoying humming and cranking sounds from your car
  • The engine performance has significantly reduced
  • The check engine lights stay illuminated 

If you’re still unsure about going for a replacement, we recommend taking your car to a professional. They’ll inspect your car and quickly spot what’s wrong with the battery. 

On a side note, consider regular maintenance to keep your 96R battery running optimally. For instance, clean the battery’s terminals and regularly check fluid levels. Besides, firmly secure the battery is in place to avoid spills

A little care and maintenance can boost your battery’s performance and help reduce unwanted issues. 

What Happens If I Purchase the Wrong 96R Battery Size?

Purchasing an incompatible battery is like throwing your money down the drain. Here are a few indications of the wrong battery size. 

  • You struggle to fit the car battery in the hood properly
  • You recently ran into unexpected issues with your alternator, or it got damaged in the worst-case scenario. 
  • The battery fails to power the engine optimally. This may happen due to alternator damage. 
  • You encounter frequent short circuits in your car. 
  • You hear weird noises and unpleasant odors springing from your car’s hood. 

To sum up, you’ll struggle to maintain and run your car smoothly. Plus, the issues arising from the wrong 96R battery would require you to pay for costly repairs. 

Therefore, read the battery’s specifications thoroughly before purchasing one. If you’re skeptical about your technical know-how, you better ask the manufacturer about the right battery size. 


96R batteries make up for reliable batteries to power your vehicle and run it smoothly. However, you might be looking for its alternatives because your existing battery went bad or because you simply want to try another. 

We enlisted several 96R battery substitutes, including Bosh, Optima Red 35, 2010 Ford Fusion, and Odyssey PC1200MJT. 

Consider the battery size, capacity, and volts before purchasing one for your car. Besides, compare the prices to avoid paying more. You’ll likely come across retailers that sell batteries more affordable than others. 

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