How To Unlock Sentry Safe If Battery Is Dead And Key Is Lost?

Sentry Safes are solid-steel storage lockers that have been in the market for many years. They provide the most safes backed with advanced safety features. Most of their safes now feature a digital keypad to unlock them. 

But, it is not uncommon to face problems with these safes. The most common question/problem people have is how to unlock it if they have forgotten the key? And what happens when the battery is dead? When you store your valuables in a safe and you can not unlock them; – it becomes a hell of a headache for you.

In this guide, we will walk you through the most common reasons you can not unlock your Sentry Safe, and how to solve them. 

Reasons Why You Can Not Unlock Your Sentry Safe? 

There can be multiple reasons why you can not open your sentry safe. Some are identifiable while others are not. Here, we have gathered a list of reasons/scenarios that may cause you to lose access to your Sentry Safe. For each case, there is a different solution. 

Following is the list of reasons why you can not unlock your sentry safe: 

  1. The battery of your safe is dead. 
  2. You lost the key. (We have a solution).
  3. The bolts got jammed. 
  4. The wiring inside is damaged. 

Let’s explore the solutions for each case. 

How To Unlock Sentry Safe If Battery Is Dead And Key Is Lost?

How To Unlock Sentry Safe If Battery Is Dead? 

It is the most common reason you can not unlock your Sentry Safe. Most modern Sentry Safe products come alongside a digital lock powered by batteries inside. If these batteries are dead, you will not be able to unlock your safe. 

If you want to unlock your Sentry Safe, you will have to replace the batteries inside. Just locate the batteries, check their versions/type, and replace them with new ones. 

If having a dead battery was why you could not unlock your Sentry Safe, replacing the batteries will solve the problem. If it does not, then the problem might be with something else. 

How to Unlock Sentry Safe If Key Is Lost? 

Another common reason you can not unlock your Sentry Safe is that you might have forgotten the key or lost the key (in the case of an old mechanical lock). 

In the case of a digital lock, the only way to unlock your Sentry Safe when the key is lost is by drilling out the lock. You will probably need a technician or an expert to do it. 

In the case of an old mechanical lock, you have two options. Either drill the lockout, or you can use paper clips to bypass the lock. Again, you will need a technician or expert for this. 

Sentry Safe offers excellent customer service – and you can just call them for help in this situation. 

How To Unlock Sentry Safe When Bolts Get Jammed? 

If you have checked and have confirmed that the batteries are fine – and that you are trying the correct key, the problem might be with the bolts. Sentry Safes are very precise, and an issue with bolt work inside the safes can cause them to stop functioning. 

The jammed bolts can be the result of any physical damage. Getting dropped or getting knocked can jam the bolts. If there is a problem with the bolts, you will hear the sound of the motor, but the safe will not open. 

You have two options to solve this issue. The first one is known as the “mule kick”. You will have to kick the front of the safe on the front a few times and then try to unlock it. When kicking the safe, make sure you don’t kick the handle or the keypad. These kicks will loosen the jamming of the bolts that are causing the problem. 

Another option is to push or tug the handle in the opposite direction when entering the key. Release it after you have completed entering the password/turning the key – it will help release pressure from the bolts and unlock the safe. 

How To Unlock Sentry Safe When The Wiring Is Damaged? 

Most Sentry Safes feature a ‘digital lock’ powered by batteries. And if there will be some sort of wiring involved in all types of digital equipment. 

Although we recommend calling up an expert/the Sentry representative if you think that the damaged wiring is the problem – you can solve it yourself if you feel confident. The first step here is to check the wiring inside. Remove the keypad and see if any wire is broken, cut, or damaged. 

If any of the wires are damaged, cut, or broken – you will have to replace the keypad. Call a locksmith to get it replaced. We also recommend checking the model number of the keypad and sharing that with the locksmith so that they bring the right one. 

If the wires are not damaged, you can solve the problem in a few steps. Start by disconnecting the wires from the keypad, remove the battery – or better, replace it with a new one. Then, wait for around 30 seconds before reconnecting the wires with the keypad. You will be good to go. 

If that does not solve your problem, you should call customer support, and they will send an expert over to you to unlock your Sentry Safe. 


  1. How do you open a Sentry Safe when the batteries are dead? 

When the battery is dead, you can open your Sentry Safe by replacing them with new ones. Just locate the battery, remove it, and replace it with a new one. You will just have to make sure that the new battery that you are using is of the same brand and specs as the older one. 

  1. How do you open a Sentry Safe with a dead battery and no key? 

When you have lost the key, it doesn’t matter if the battery is dead or not. You’ll either need to drill out the lock or will have to call a technician from SentrySafe who can open your lock. 

  1. Can you open a Sentry Safe without the key? 

Yes, the SentrySafe can be opened without a key. The first option is to open it by drilling out the lock. The other is to use the latest features of Sentry Safes that enable you to unlock it by just waving your hand above it. 

  1. What do I do if I lose the key to my Sentry Safe? 

The best for you after losing the key to your Sentry Safe is to ask for help from the company. They will hopefully send a technician who can help you with it. 

Alternatively, you drill out the lock from the save yourself. Although this is a bit risky, it is the most obvious solution you have. 

In Summary 

The modern Sentry Safe products are cool but it is not uncommon to face problems when using them. And, it becomes a great problem if you can not open a safe in which you have kept your valuables. It causes a lot of stress until you are finally able to unlock it. 

There can be different reasons why you are unable to unlock your Sentry Safe, and for every reason, there is a different solution. We have listed solutions to the four most common reasons in this guide. We hope this guide will help you in unlocking your Sentry Safe. 

If in your case, none of the solutions provided work, we recommend contacting the Sentry Safe support. They will send a technician who is well-versed in handling such issues. 

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