How To Stop ADT Alarm From Low Battery Beeping?

ADT alarms are crucial security equipment to protect residences, workplaces, and other structures. They contain a beeping system that alerts you to any threats you may be facing. However, these alarms could beep uncontrollably for a variety of reasons. Most frequently, a low battery is the main reason. This article will cover how to stop your ADT alarm from low battery beeping. 

A low or dead battery most likely causes your ADT Alarm’s beeping. Pressing the “OFF” or “#” buttons can silence an ADT alarm system’s low battery beep. Depending on the model of your alarm system, pressing any of these buttons will mute your alarm.

Continue reading to discover everything there is to know about ADT alarm beeping.

Why Is My ADT Alarm Beeping?

You should be aware of the likely causes behind the ADT panel’s beeping before discussing potential ways to stop it. Consequently, a few of the most typical issues that could cause ADT alarms to sound continuous are listed below:

  • Low battery: Continuous beeping frequently indicates Old or weak batteries. It enables us to safeguard ourselves against unforeseen accidents. Additionally, this message might denote low voltage, which can be fixed by buying new batteries.
  • Power outage: Power outages can also cause your ADT alarm to beep, which happens frequently. The device switches to the backup battery in the event of a power loss. Power failure can occur for different causes like Voltage changes, the disconnection of the AC power, or a power outage. Some of them may significantly affect your ADT equipment, and in rare circumstances, they may seriously harm the electrical parts.
  • Interruption on the phone line: A bad landline connection can set off your security alarm system. In response, the system makes a beeping noise. To determine whether your phone line has an issue, pick up the phone and listen for the dial tone. If there is no dial tone, you may have the reason for the ADT’s continuous beeping.
How To Stop ADT Alarm From Low Battery Beeping?

How to Stop the ADT Alarm’s Beeping?

Your ADT Alarm System will beep if the battery is low or dead. It is to inform you that the battery does not have a complete life and may interfere with proper operation. The beeping is beneficial since it warns you to take precautions for safety. You can silence your ADT alarm’s beeping by doing the following:

  • Pressing the OFF button on the keypad
  • using the keypad’s # button
  • if other options don’t work, consult the ADT user manual

 Note that this is only a temporary solution. Your alarm was beeping continuously for a reason and you only silenced the beeping using the steps above. So, to completely solve this issue, you’ll have to fix the main cause of the problem. 

After the ADT Alarm has stopped beeping

There are various approaches to solve your low battery problem depending on the main problem that is making your ADT Alarm System to beep.

  1. Recharging the battery

Keeping the batteries in good condition is crucial to ensure that your alarm works well. When you hear an unusual beeping sound, your initial thought might be that you have a low battery. Therefore, you should always start by charging the batteries. Additionally, you can change them once a year for effective work. Additionally, all you have to do to recharge the batteries is adhere to the directions below:

  • To stop the beeping, press the # button or the off button.
  • Now, remove the batteries from the circuit by prying apart the control panel with a screwdriver.
  • Then charge the batteries and reconnect them once they are done. Additionally, it typically takes 48 hours for these batteries to fully charge.

Note that you can verify that this issue has subsided by observing the disappearance of low battery notifications. However, you should contact the help desk for more assistance if there is still a notification alert.

  1. Replace the batteries

You could occasionally still have the same issue or receive the low battery alert even after fully charging the batteries. The batteries must be entirely worn out in this situation and must be replaced. It typically occurs after prolonged use of these batteries. To quickly change your batteries, follow the procedures below:

  • To stop the beeping, press the # button or the off button.
  • The old batteries should now be taken out of the ADT. To save any problems later, identify them and get similar types.
  • Place the replacements and test them out, or check the keypad for no notifications.
  1. Fix any phone line connectivity issues.

There may be a problem if your phone doesn’t have a dial tone. Your phone line can frequently go dead, which would make your ADT blaring alarm malfunction. So, to remedy it, contact the experts for assistance. You must verify that there is no issue on the provider’s end. Additionally, we advise using cellular monitoring rather than landline monitoring.

How Long Should the Battery in an ADT Alarm Last?

An ADT alarm battery should typically last three years before needing to be charged or replaced. The environment, usage, and battery type are the only factors that affect battery life. It might last longer if you’re using a lithium-ion battery. The battery life of the alarm will be reduced if used in severely cold climates. The usage will also affect how long your ADT alarm battery lasts. The battery life will suffer if the alarm beeps frequently.

How Do You Tell Whether the Battery Needs to Be Recharged Or Changed?

Your backup power source is the battery in your alarm system. It’s easy to detect whether your alarm system battery needs to be recharged or changed. You may only need to recharge your system if it operates on battery power rather than AC power due to a power outage or another issue. You should also conduct a quick test to be sure the battery has to be replaced before heading out and purchasing a new one. To accomplish this, take the following actions:

  • Log in on, and select “My Alarm” from the dashboard.
  • When a menu appears, select “System Management.”
  • Select “Put system through test.”
  • open the alarm system’s panel and give them a gentle tug to detach the cables from your battery.
  • Reconnect the battery by attaching the red wire to the battery’s red tab and the black wire to its black tab, respectively.
  • As soon as you have the alarm system out of “Test Mode,” close the panel door.
  • Click “My alarm” on, then go back to “System Management,” where you may select “Stop test.”


These days, ADT beeping alarms are a crucial component of security solutions. It is equipped with a system that beeps if a threat or issue arises. However, if they have certain internal flaws or external triggers, they frequently continue to beep continuously due to factors like low battery. You can consciously try to prevent low battery beeping by replacing the battery in your system every three to five years. Doing this will improve your home’s security and lessen the likelihood of your alarm sounding.

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