How To Start a Dead Battery Without Jumper Cables

It is easy to start a dead battery when you’re in a city. Most probably, you’ll have jumper cables and another vehicle around you. You can use them to jumpstart your car without any problem. But what if you are stuck in the middle of a country road? What if it is too late and you can’t find any other car on the road? And above all, what if you do not have jumper cables? 

Now, you have two options when you have an automatic transmission car. These include: 

  1. Using a portable charger, and
  2. Calling roadside assistance 

And if you have a manual transmission car, you have an additional option as well. That is, to push-start your vehicle. And, if you are on an elevated terrain, it is easy to push-start the car. But if you are on a flat road, it is better to ask a friend to push your car from behind. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of starting a car without jumper cables. But before we move ahead, make sure the problem is with your battery.   

turning key to start car ignition

Make sure the problem is with your battery!

In most cases, if the car doesn’t start, we assume that the problem is with the battery. It can be the case in most cases, but there are certain situations when your battery is fine. When the battery isn’t dead, none of the solutions mentioned in this guide will work. The problem can be with your starter, ignition switch, fuel filter, or even an empty gas tank. 

Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that the battery is dead before moving ahead with the solution. To make sure the problem is with the battery, see if,

  1. The battery light is on
  2. When you turn the ignition switch, the lights go dim. 
  3. There are no other clicking sounds when you turn the switch on. 

If the battery light is not on, the battery is not properly connected. When the lights go dim when you turn the ignition switch on, the problem is with the battery. And when there is a clicking or cranking noise, the problem may be with the starter. 

Once you have confirmed that the battery is flat, now it’s time to move to solutions. 

How to start a manual transmission car without jumper cables? 

If you have a manual transmission car – and your battery is dead, it is easy to start it without using jumper cables. The easiest solution, in this case, will be to push start the car. If you’re on an elevated terrain, it would be easy. But, if you’re on a flat road, you’ll need the help of a couple of people who can push your car from behind. 

After the push from behind or removing the parking breaks, the car will start moving. And once it gains momentum, you need to shift to the second gear and release the clutch. 

Alternatively, you can use a portable car charger to charge the battery. You can also call roadside assistance if nothing works. 

But what if you own an automatic transmission car? 

How to start an automatic transmission car without jumper cables? 

Unfortunately, you have very few options available. You can not push start an automatic transmission car. So, the only options you’re left with are: 

  1. Use a portable charger

It is the most convenient option to start your automatic transmission car without jumper cables. These modern portable chargers are also known as portable car jumpers. They are powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery (commonly known as Li-on battery) that can charge your car battery in no time. You have to plug the charger cable into the cigarette charger and wait for 20-25 minutes. It will charge your battery, and you’ll be good to go. 

Modern portable chargers also feature a display that shows the battery charging status. They are easy to use but sometimes can be a bit costly. You can also go with older versions that are cheaper. 

2. Call for roadside assistance. 

The last option available to you if you have an automatic transmission car is to call for roadside assistance. There are plenty of good roadside service companies in the US, and they can help you tow the car to the nearest service station or jumpstart it. 

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