How to Share Battery On iPhone

Have you ever run out of your iPhone battery with no charging station around? Did that ruin your plans for the day and make you hate your phone?

Unfortunately, a battery is the essential part of an iPhone or any other device, and it is a disaster when it runs out. However, you can always share an iPhone battery and save yourself from such a situation. 

How to Share Battery On iPhone

Dig in to explore how to share your battery on your iPhone and different ways to increase the life of your battery for emergency situations. 

Can You Really Share Batteries on iPhone?

Surprisingly, it is very common to share batteries between iPhones. It is a very convenient feature that allows a simple procedure to save you from losing access to your iPhone. 

Here are some ways in which you can do that:

PowerShare on iPhone

PowerShare allows you to share your battery power with our devices. For example, suppose you have a high battery, and your friend has a low. In that case, you can use the PowerShare feature to help you donate your battery power to your friend so they can charge their device. 

So, how to use this feature? Simply go to the Control Center and then press the PowerShare button. Then choose the device you want to charge, and that’s it. 

However, before you opt for this feature, keep in mind that PowerShare can reduce your phone’s power or battery life. Besides, it can’t function without your Bluetooth on, and that too isn’t safe for your battery’s long life. 

Also, make sure that the device you want to share your power with is compatible with this feature. Otherwise, you may experience failure. 

Use AirDrop 

You can also use the AirDrop feature to share the battery on your iPhone. It allows you to share your phone battery with another without carrying out any transfer. Interestingly, the phone accepting your battery will get the power instantly, saving all the hassle and time. 

However, for this plan to work, make sure to enable the Battery Share feature. Also, carry out this procedure where there is low power. 

AirPower for Battery Sharing 

If you are looking for an app that can help you share batteries, you can opt for AirPower. Invest in the AirPower mat and place it with your friend and your iPhone. Please make sure they are together so they can start sharing power effortlessly. 

However, this technique works with iPhone 11 and iPhones with iOS 14 or more. 

Power Bank 

Suppose you own an iPhone 11. In that case, you can share its power with other devices using a power bank. This is a device that doesn’t require electricity to charge your iPhone. 

Also, this device is usually portable, so you can easily carry it around. Simply plug your phone’s charging code in the power bank and let the charging begin automatically. 

So, it is safe to say that there are many ways in which you share your iPhone battery and save yourself or someone else from a disaster. 

But as they say, prevention is better than cure; you should practice certain tips to increase the life of your iPhone’s battery. 

Below we have shared ways to give a boost to your iPhone’s battery and get through the day without frequent charging. 

Best Ways to Save iPhone’s Battery Life 

You can practice all of these or a few tips to maintain your phone’s battery life. 

Adjust Your Screen’s Brightness

You may like a crisp and bright screen, but it is one of your phone’s biggest battery life enemies. So, make sure that the screen is dim, especially at night. 

Here’s how you can do that. 

  • Activate the auto-brightness feature by accessing the settings and the display and text size.
  • The auto-brightness feature allows your phone to adjust the brightness automatically. 
  • If you have enough light around you, the phone will automatically turn down the screen’s brightness and save the battery. 

Turn Off All Location Services

If you don’t want to wear down your iPhone’s battery, turn off all the location services on your device. Location services are helpful, but you should only use them when you need them the most. 

To turn these services off:

  • Go to your phone’s settings and then the privacy option.
  • Then find the option of location services, only to switch them off.
  • Your phone will automatically stop feeding any location data to these services with this move. 

Cut Down Your Notifications

Does your screen always light up with every notification it receives? If yes, you may want to reduce the notifications that you get to avoid draining the battery. These interruptions are your battery’s biggest enemies, so cutting down on them will also save your sanity. 

Here’s how you can do that. 

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the option of notification.
  • Customize how and when you want to receive notifications and exclude the apps you don’t want to stay updated with. 

You can also disable a notification directly if you don’t want to receive it in the future. 

Opt for Airplane Mode 

If you are tired of frequently charging your iPhone, put it on Airplane Mode and turn off all its wireless features. This feature restricts your phone from receiving calls and texts; however, you can still access Wi-fi and connect to some relevant features. 

Switch Off Active Listening 

Modern iOS phones come with a popular feature Siri that allows you to ask a question and receive its answer through active listening. Unfortunately, although it is a great hands-free feature, it drains your battery as your iPhone is always awaiting your command. 

If you don’t use Siri a lot, disable active listening, and save your battery from draining. 

Final Takeaway 

If you are tired of roaming around with an iPhone that requires frequent charging, you may want to power it through the feature of battery sharing and save yourself from any uncalled hassles. There are many ways to do that, and we have listed the popular and most convenient ones in the article above. 

Also, to ensure you don’t experience a drained battery every time, disable notifications, adjust your screen’s brightness and switch off active listening. With these simple tips, you can increase the life of your iPhone’s battery.   

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