How to clean corroded battery terminal on Toys

The condition of a battery terminal is as significant as the battery itself; the battery terminal most times determines the function, effectiveness, and longevity of batteries in many gadgets, especially toys. As a parent or guardian with kids, you know how crucial it is to keep a healthy battery terminal for your children’s safety. Furthermore, a healthy battery terminal condition cannot be overemphasized because it is one of the important factors that facilitate the effective operation of toys. So, how is a corroded battery cleaned? How long does it take? This article will answer all your questions.

A corroded terminal battery terminal could be cleansed with distilled white vinegar. Pour some quantity of distilled white vinegar into an available empty can, then use cotton swabs to apply the vinegar to every area of the affected toy terminal and wait for a few minutes so that the vinegar performs its cleansing.

This post will also discuss the causes of battery terminal corrosion and how to keep the battery terminals in good condition. Read on, and you are definitely on the right track to properly safeguarding your kids  and extending the battery life of your kid’s toys.

Condition of a corroded battery terminal on toys

A bad battery terminal is often characterized by particles surrounding the terminals that look like a flaky layer of many colors. It is usually a white, brown, or green discoloration that sits on the battery terminal. Most of the batteries used by toys are of the alkaline variety, which tends to leak over time when used for too long because they are corrosive. 

How to clean corroded battery terminal on Toys

A corroded battery terminal also prevents power transmission from the battery to important electronic sections of the toy, which renders the toy useless. 

Causes of corrosion on battery terminals

Proper awareness will not be achieved without first addressing the fundamental causes of corroded battery terminals in toys. We must first identify some of the notable causes of corrosion.

  • Leaking battery: batteries tend to get damaged after some particular period, especially batteries of alkaline variety. Damage to the battery causes a crack or a hole that releases battery fluids called electrolytes into the terminal and causes corrosion.
  • Abandonment: when a toy is kept or abandoned for a long period without removing the batteries, along the line, the batteries get exposed to a very high temperature which causes the battery to explode and discharges harmful fluids to the battery terminal.
  • Keeping batteries in the toy for too long: Toy batteries should not be used for too long. A battery inside a toy should not be used for more than 3-6 months. Keeping a battery above the duration leads to a situation where the batteries get damaged and release harmful leaks, which in turn causes corrosion to the battery terminal. However, an old battery mustn’t be used with a new one. The old one should be properly disposed of. 
  • Unfavorable temperature: batteries are corrosive, so it is important to keep the toy from extreme temperatures, whether too cold or too hot. High temperatures are not good for battery life as it causes corrosion to the battery terminal. 
  • Recharging disposable batteries: a battery lifespan should be between 3 and 6 months; charging this set of batteries is dangerous and usually leads to a corroded battery terminal. You must change to a new set of batteries once it has passed the number of months it is supposed to use.

Items needed for cleaning corroded battery terminals on toys

  1. A pair of a rubber gloves 
  2. Spectacle or eyeglasses 
  3. Distilled white vinegar 
  4. Cotton swabs 
  5. A piece of white cloth
  6. Toothbrush 
  7. Screwdriver or knife 

Steps to take to clean corroded battery terminals on toys

  • The first step is to put on a safety rubber glove to protect your skin in removing the corrosion. Leakages from spoilt batteries or particles from the battery terminal can cause skin irritation, so you must put on a glove. However, you are advised to maintain very far eye contact as it is advisable to get a spectacle before the task. Performing this task without a glove or eyeglasses is not advisable as it will only lead you to a big risk or health challenges. You are therefore advised to use both gloves and eyeglasses.
  • The next step is to open the battery cover with care and put gloves on. This process must be done with care so as not to destroy the toy case or any further damage to the toy itself, and after the removal of the battery door, you must dispose of the bad battery with care. Batteries removed from the toy are most likely dangerous, and it is advisable to dispose of them immediately or keep them out of reach to children until you can properly dispose of them.
  • After the proper disposition of the batteries, you use the screwdriver to remove visible corrosion from the battery terminal. This process is delicate and must be done with caution; otherwise, you destroy the battery terminal. 
  • Pour some quantity of distilled white vinegar into an available empty can, then use the available cotton swabs to apply the vinegar to every area of the affected toy terminal and wait for a few minutes to perform its cleansing. 
  • After waiting a few minutes, you can now use the toothbrush to scrub off the remaining corrosion on the battery terminal carefully. Then you use a neat cloth to clean the battery terminal thoroughly. After this process, we now have a battery terminal free of corrosion. 
  • Lastly, after the work has been done, you must dispose of everything that needs to be disposed of. Then you can now wash all the instruments (glove, can, and screwdriver) and your hand with soap and neat water.

If you follow the above instructions carefully by now, you should be able to clean corroded battery terminals on toys with ease and enthusiasm.

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