How to Change the Battery in a Blink XT Camera?

Do you want a camera that you can use to monitor your business and house while you are away? In that case, the Blink XT camera has some fantastic features that can help you keep an eye on your belongings and property. 

This camera has a competitive price and is entirely wireless. Besides, it is easy to install and produces mobile alerts, so you know what’s happening. 

That said, like any other machine, this camera also demands a battery replacement after a few months. That’s because an old battery can deplete with time, and to maintain the camera’s performance, a new battery is essential. 

This discourse will help you find steps to change the battery in your Blink XT camera. Take a look!

A Blink XT camera uses two lithium batteries expected to last for two years easily. However, the battery life may vary due to several factors such as usage and environment. For instance, if you want to place your camera on a busy road or sidewalk, the battery may deplete quickly. 

Furthermore, you should always use lithium-ion batteries in a Blink camera. Batteries such as alkaline and rechargeable ones don’t work well. They can significantly reduce the battery’s life and the device’s functionality. 

With the simple steps mentioned below, you can conveniently replace the batteries in your Blink XT camera. 

  1. Start by simply unplugging the connection from the outlet and waiting for ten to twenty seconds before initiating the process of replacement. 
  2. Remove the battery bracket located at the back of the camera. 
  3. The back cover has a switch with an arrow. The arrow points downwards, so push it down and pull the cover out.
  4. Now take the old batteries and replace them with the new ones. Make sure to remove the batteries carefully and insert the new ones correctly.
  5. Once the new batteries have been correctly inserted, put the cover back and secure it with the same gray switch. Place all the pieces firmly so that the cover stays sealed.
  6. Put the bracket back on the cover.

While replacing your old batteries with the new ones, keep the old ones on a side and then dispose of them immediately. It is not safe to keep them at home.

Also, after putting the batteries back, switch on the camera to check if it’s working correctly. If it doesn’t, you may have to readjust the batteries or buy new ones.  

Do you plan to change the batteries in your camera for the first time? In that case, here are some safety precautions you can follow to ensure that the replacement process goes smoothly. 

  • Keep your hands dry and clean before swapping one battery with the other. This will prevent any dirt from landing on the camera’s surface and cause problems while changing the batteries. 
  • Make sure to perform this task in a room with an average temperature. Batteries are negatively affected by extreme temperatures.
  • Do not insert non-recommended batteries in your camera. These can damage the performance of your camera. 
  • Finally, avoid poor internet connection when testing the performance of the camera. This is because poor connectivity may not show you accurate performance.   

If your camera works for 15 hours straight, the batteries may last eight to ten hours more than any other standard battery. That’s because lithium-ion batteries are way more efficient. 

However, a few factors and features can easily reduce the life of these batteries. 

Extended Motion Clip Recording

The Blink XT camera has many different and unique features, including the motion clip recording. This feature allows the camera to record a motion. However, it consumes significant power that can easily drain your battery. 

To avoid that, you can reduce the frequency of motion recording and save the battery. 

Live View

Again, one of the most prominent features of a Blink XT camera is its live view feature. This feature allows you to view the performance or recording of your camera remotely using your smartphone. 

Although this feature is helpful, it can decrease the life of your battery as the camera remains active for a long time. 

Poor Connectivity 

Your Blink XT camera won’t work well until it shows three bars for signal strength when connected to your WiFi. With poor connectivity, your camera may consume more battery power to work, reducing its life. 

Using Alkaline Batteries

You might find the need to replace your camera’s batteries more than often if you aren’t using your camera correctly. In that case, you may consider buying budget-friendly options. But that doesn’t work well at times. 

For instance, alkaline batteries are cheaper than lithium-ion ones. But they don’t have sufficient energy to power Blink cameras. Moreover, since these cameras have intensive features, low-quality or less competitive batteries can reduce the camera’s performance. 

Are Lithium Batteries Rechargeable?

Yes, lithium-ion batteries can be easily charged and discharged. The movement between the positive and negative electrodes helps recharge these batteries. 

Is a Lithium-Ion Battery and Lithium Battery Similar?

No, both batteries are different. Lithium batteries are non-chargeable and are constructed using primary cells. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries use secondary cells to make and are rechargeable. 

Final Words

If you suspect specific activity in your home or just want to keep an eye on your office while you are away, a Blink XT camera may prove pretty handy. It has many top-class features and is also affordable. Plus, it has excellent quality and is easy to install. 

However, like any other device, this camera also demands a battery replacement after a few months. In that case, you need to know how to replace its batteries easily. The above article has helped you to find that out, and we have also shared some tips to prevent the battery’s life from decreasing. 

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