How to change Movado bold battery

Movado began in 1881 and is a Swiss wristwatch manufacturer. Movado watches have a unique basic design with a single metallic dot at the 12th hour. They are known for their high-quality and well-designed watches. Despite their exquisite designs, the watches still run-on battery, which tends to die after years of use. This article aims to teach you how to change your Movado bold battery.

The kind of battery Movado bold uses

Movado bold watches use 371 batteries. The 371 battery is a coin battery that can be used to run your watch and other small electronics. The 371 battery has a silver oxide and is known for its long life, resistance to leakage and rust, and low voltage reduction. Although it is most commonly associated with watch batteries, it can also be used in other electronic devices such as key fobs, toys, and calculators.

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How long does the Movado battery last?

The Movado bold uses a 1.55 Volt silver-oxide battery distinctly made for watches. Under standard conditions, it will last 18-36 months. However, using special functions frequently, such as the stopwatch timer on chronograph models, might reduce battery life.

How much does it cost to change a Movado bold battery?

Movado watches use standard watch batteries purchased at a hardware store or supermarket. However, because Movado watches are considered high-end luxury items, jewellers and watch retailers may charge anywhere from $50 and $100 for the battery. Movado batteries are so costly because they never cut corners when it comes to quality during the design or manufacturing process. The organization conducted extensive research into the design idea for steel bracelets. It demonstrates their wealth of experience and meticulous attention to detail. As a result, both the price of the watch and the battery are a little high.

How to change a Movado bold battery?

The Movado bold battery can be replaced without any difficulty at home and will cut the cost watch shops will collect for the replacement. Here are the ways you can replace your Movado bold battery:

  • Place the watch face down on a clean cloth
  • Put the head of a tiny screwdriver into the spot in the rear of the case where the watch’s case opens up. Open the watch by moving the screwdriver around. Make sure not to scratch the watch case.
  • The opened external casing has an oil-based gasket. Remove the gasket to keep the watch casing dry. Note how the gasket was placed so it can be fixed the same way when closing the watch.
  • Use the screwdriver tip to push the battery out of the watch. Note how the battery is placed as the new battery must be placed the same way. Also, make sure the screwdriver does not touch anything else inside the watch, as this may cause damage to it.
  • Insert the new battery in the exact location as the old one.
  • Replace the oil-based gasket to the exact position that it was when the case was opened
  • Place the back case on the watch and Push down until you hear a click indicating the casing has been closed.

Is Movado bold water-resistant?

Movado bold watches meet international water-resistant criteria and requirements. It signifies that the watch can tolerate water but not immersion. Even though your Movado bold may absorb some moisture, you should still remove it if you’re driving or doing any other activity involving significant water volumes. Also, remember that removing the rear cover may compromise the water-resistance of the device. 

How do you maintain your Movado bold?

Like any carefully designed mechanism, Movado bold requires regular maintenance to guarantee maximum performance. Thorough disassembly, cleaning, component replacement as needed, reassembly, and greasing of the movement are all part of routine maintenance. In addition to any mandatory battery replacement, a servicing interval of 3 to 5 years is advised.


The aesthetic appeal of Movado bold is well-known. They are noted for their elegance and offer a wide range of styles. The watch’s battery will eventually run out and need to be replaced. It is always preferable to utilize the same type of battery installed initially. If you choose to change them yourself, make sure that the battery you use is good quality. The watch will perform better and last longer if the batteries are good quality. You can also entrust the replacement to professionals. It is more expensive to charge the battery from an authorized watch retailer. However, it can be worthwhile as you will get a quality battery replacement. Furthermore, if you want the optimal functioning of your Movado bold, it is recommended to change the batteries once every three to four years. 

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