How Much Does a Watch Battery Replacement Cost?

Do you have a watch that you love but isn’t working correctly for some days now? In that case, it might need a quick battery replacement to be perfect like before. 

But is watch battery replacement expensive? 

Fortunately, the cost of replacement isn’t always high and often starts from $10. 

How Much Does a Watch Battery Replacement Cost?

However, the final replacement price depends on the watch band, the battery type, and the changes of the professional performing the job. 

This article explores all you need to know before you head out for a battery replacement. So, dig in to find out. 

Why Do You Need to Replace the Watch Battery?

Here are a few signs indicating that your watch battery needs a replacement.

Your Watch Has Stopped Working

Your dead battery might be the top reason your watch may have stopped working. Most watches come with at least two years of life, but many reasons such as your usage, battery size, and watch’s exposure affect the duration it works well. 

It Fails to Show the Correct Time 

Your watch should show you the correct time, but you may need a battery replacement if it doesn’t. Your watch may unnecessarily run fast or slow, and that’s because your watch’s battery might be dying. 

Case With Moisture

If your watch face has a certain amount of moisture, its battery might be the next victim. Water can ruin your watch’s internal mechanism and may kill its battery directly. 

It is Difficult to Adjust Time and Date

Finally, if you are finding it hard to adjust the time and date on your watch, you may need to extract its battery and head out for a replacement. You must take this action as soon as possible before the damage gets worse. 

Also, a battery replacement is an excellent move if you want to maintain the warranty of your watch and protect its abilities. Further, some watches require a much-needed jump-start or TLC, and a new battery can help them achieve that. 

What Happens If You Don’t Replace the Battery?

Most watch batteries can only work for a few months, so if not replaced on time, they might stop working. And if the battery dies, the watch becomes useless. A battery provides a power source to your watch, so without it, it becomes impossible for your watch to work at all. 

Can Target Replace a Watch Battery?

How Much Does a Battery Replacement Cost?

Many people don’t go for a battery replacement because they fail to recognize the right price. Some think it is a costly expense and delay it as much as possible. 

Typically, replacing a watch battery can cost anywhere between $10 and $19. However, the cost can vary significantly depending on the brand of the watch and its type. 

For instance, watches with waterproof batteries can easily cost around $40 to $65, while those with chronograph designs require expensive batteries that can cost up to a whopping $100. 

The $10 battery replacement cost is primarily for watches that don’t have a sealed body. These watches shouldn’t be submerged in water at any cost. Since they don’t have extra layers of protection, replacing the batteries of these watches is pretty convenient. 

But watches with sealed bodies have gaskets that require heavy servicing when batteries need replacement. In that case, their battery replacement process gets a little expensive. 

How to Get a Battery Replaced

Getting a watch replacement done isn’t a challenging task. If you have bought your watch from a reputed brand, the store may have a professional or a repair shop on hand to get this job done. The person in charge can easily replace your watch’s battery without hassle. 

Here are a few steps that a professional may take to replace the battery:

  • They will start with switching off the watch and removing the back shield.
  • Then the professional will remove the gasket carefully and place it somewhere safe.
  • With the help of tools and a special screwdriver, the exposed battery will be removed. 
  • Once that’s done. The new battery will replace the old one, followed by setting the back shield. 
  • After all the steps have been performed, the professional will set the watch according to the current date and time. 

Interestingly, you can also perform this task, but make sure that you have done this before, so you know how to remove all the essential parts. Further, you should have the right tools and battery to replace the old one. 

For instance, there are four main types of batteries that most watches use. Mercury batteries last for three years and provide consistent time. The silver oxide batteries are pretty powerful but are smaller than mercury batteries. 

Further, lithium batteries are also known as coin batteries and can last up to 10 years. They are also environmentally friendly. 

Alkaline batteries are also quite popular. These batteries only last a few months but are comparatively cheaper than the other options. 

Important Tips and Tricks for a Battery Replacement

Here are some ways to make the battery replacement process successful and smooth. 

  • If you own an expensive watch, avoid discount rate professionals and seek help from well-known experts. Don’t save money when it comes to replacing your battery. This is because some sellers add an old battery and do not even have the expertise to fit it properly, costing you more hassle. 
  • Be careful around the crystal supports if you choose to replace the battery yourself. Avoid putting excessive pressure on the watch, or it may break easily.
  • A watch needs to be pressurized, so it doesn’t lose most of its water pressure when you get it opened. That’s why you should always seek help from a professional who may know the correct way to do that. 

Final Conclusion

If your watch has entirely failed to work or is showing a consistently wrong time, the chances are that its battery requires a quick replacement. In that case, please don’t delay and take it to a professional shop for a much-needed TLC. 

The replacement cost usually starts from $10 and can go as high as up to $100, depending on the brand and the charges of the professional. So, if you love your watch, get it a much-deserved new battery.  

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