How Long Is 4000mAh Battery Life In Hours?

One of the admirable qualities of a good phone is its battery life. Many smartphones today don’t provide the time you need to complete any task you give them, which can be aggravating. It has caused people to ask questions like; How many hours would take a 4000mAh battery last? Is it enough to power your phone for a whole day?

Based on the current needed by the device being powered, a 4000mAh battery could last up to 40 hours (up to 2days). The battery life can be determined by dividing the battery capacity (mAh) by the current consumed (mA)  by the device. For example, a 4000mAh battery can last up to 40 hours when used with a phone that needs a current of 100mA. However, the battery’s running time will still depend on what you’re using the device for.

This article will show how battery life affects device performance, how to assess battery capacity, and how frequently you should charge a device with a 4000mAh capacity.

What exactly does mAh stand for?

The mAh ( milliampere hour) of a battery indicates the battery’s capacity, that is, the energy charge that a battery will hold and how long it will take your gadget to run out of power. To determine how long a 4000mAh battery will last, you have to divide the mAh by the current capacity supported on your device’s watts or amps output. It will provide an estimate of overall runtime in hours. 

A phone that uses 100mA will last for 40 hours with a 4000mAh battery. However, age and model affect the device’s effectiveness, reducing uptime or usage time before the battery is depleted. The operating system of your device also influences how quickly it loses power and how much you use your phone or tablet during the day. Furthermore, If you use any special application like Bluetooth, Gps navigation, or other high-powered programs that need more power to perform smoothly, your 4000mAh battery life will be shortened. The battery’s condition and any other criteria mentioned above influence how long a 4000mAh battery lasts.

How Long Is 4000mAh Battery Life In Hours?

Is it good to have a 4000mAh battery in your phone?

Phones have become essential in our everyday life as it is a way to get a fast way to connect with people and get information and updates. Having a phone with 4000mAh can be suitable for people who don’t need to charge their phones constantly. The battery should be able to last over a day without charge, depending on how long it is used and the application used on it. A 4000mAh can also work for people in video games or movies as it can last long before recharging.

Do you need a power bank to charge your 4000 mAh device?

Having a charged phone is essential as you may not know when you need your phone. You can rely on a single charge for the whole day as the phone may run down due to different issues you may face during the day; therefore, you’ll need a power bank. There are a variety of power banks available, each with a different mAh capacity and output wattage; thus, knowing the mAh of the power bank before choosing which one is ideal for your smartphone is critical.

How long does a 4000mAh battery take to charge?

A 4000mAh battery takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to charge. The time to charge your device will vary depending on the charger you use and how low the battery was before recharging. It’s critical not to leave batteries entirely discharged, as this might permanently harm them and reduce their lifespan.

Tips to make your phone battery last longer

Different factors like the screen brightness, camera, and amount of processes running in the background can contribute to low battery life. Here are some ways to make your phone’s battery last longer.

  • Stop overcharging or using the phone excessively.: To be specific, the time it takes to drain a charged battery is determined by the amount of time spent on the device, the apps utilized, the number of hours spent on the screen, the screen brightness, and other factors. To extend the life of your phone’s battery, try not to use it excessively and avoid overcharging it.
  • Please stop using the phone while charging: Operating the phone while charging reduces the battery’s lifespan. Using your phone while it’s charging pulls power from the charger instead of the battery, reducing the amount of power transmitted to the battery.
  • Please don’t use the phone at hot temperatures:  When the battery is exposed to high temperatures, it discharges faster than when exposed to normal temperatures. To extend the life of a cell phone battery, avoid using it in hot weather, especially while strolling in the sun.
  • Reduce the screen’s brightness: The screen has a more significant impact on battery life than any other app or process on the phone. In fact, according to Android, it used to be the most battery-draining feature. In most cases, dial down the brightness on the phone to save battery life.
  • Use the dark theme: Along with reducing the screen brightness, having a dark theme across your device’s UI will help you conserve a lot of battery, particularly if your screen is an AMOLED panel.
  • Removing unused apps: Keeping redundant apps on the phone causes the phone’s CPU to work harder and consume more power. Consider removing any redundant apps on your phone or that you don’t need. However,  if you don’t want to, you can use the freezer if your phone has it.
  • Use the original charger: The sort of charger you use impacts how long your battery lasts. The charger that comes with your phone is the ideal charger for charging. If it is no longer working, buy an original charger to extend the battery’s life. Every phone is designed to charge at a specific current. Thus, using a higher or lower capacity charger will harm the battery.
  • Turn off  Bluetooth and wi-fi:  When not in use, turn off Bluetooth and wi-fi to extend your device’s battery life. Leaving them on means, they will continue to search for available networks to connect to, thereby draining the battery.


Knowing how long a 4000 mAh battery will last will help you determine the kind of phone to buy when you need to conserve your battery and if you need a power bank. A  4000 mAh battery can be a suitable option for some people and should last up to a day, depending on how it is used. However, several factors can reduce the life of your phone battery which, if avoided, can lead to longer battery life. 

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