Ecobee Thermostat Battery Life & Which Battery To Use

A thermostat detects and regulates the temperature levels within an enclosed space. It is usually connected to the home’s central heating system to control the temperature of the space.

An Ecobee thermostat is a modern type of thermostat that uses smart technology in the form of sensors and third-party digital integrations to control the climate condition within the house. It allows you remotely control your home’s temperature with your smartphone or tablet.

The remote sensors monitor the temperature and detect if someone is in the house. They are very efficient and offer features that make a living in your home more enjoyable.

What Are The Features Of An Ecobee Thermostat? 

  • Hands-Free control
  • Sophisticated design
  • Easy scheduling
  • Smart sensor 
  • Easier testing for lower service cost 
Ecobee Thermostat Battery Life & Which Battery To Use

Hands-Free Control

Ecobee thermostats can be controlled from your smartphone and integrated with AI such as Alexa and Google Assistant to control the temperature with your voice. 

Sophisticated Design

It has a sleek minimalist design with an interface that is easy to operate. It is easy to install, use and handle. 

Easy Scheduling  

You can easily set the settings for your Ecobee thermostat to follow. It helps you to automate the temperature shifts throughout the day to suit your preferences. Ecobee smart thermostat also learns your daily schedule and adjusts accordingly to manage your energy use. It also gives scheduling recommendations for your home. 

Smart Sensor 

Ecobee smart sensors detect temperature changes at a +/- 1.0F accuracy. It helps to balance the temperature through this sensor. Some Ecobee thermostats can also detect occupancy, telling if someone is within the vicinity.  

Easy Testing

Diagnosis is made easy through the test equipment menu on the thermostat. This saves you the cost of running a test on the thermostat and fixing it. 

What Type Of Batteries Does The EcobeeThermostats Use? 

Ecobee thermostats use a single 3 Volt CR-2032 battery. It is a common non-rechargeable coin cell battery that uses lithium chemistry. The CR means lithium-ion chemistry ( C ) and rounded shape ( R ), and 2032 shows a diameter of 20mm and a height of 3.2 mm. The newer models of Ecobee thermostat batteries use CR 2477 batteries. 

Panasonic CR2032 3.0 Volt Long Lasting Lithium Coin Cell Batteries in Child Resistant, Standards Based Packaging, 10 Pack
  • Panasonic CR2032 batteries are engineered to provide reliable long-lasting power
  • Reliable even in a wide range of operating temperatures (14°F to 140°F)
  • These Panasonic CR2032 batteries and packaging meet or exceed IEC 60086-4 2019 ANSI c18-3m part 2-2019 and UL 1642 compliance standards
  • Long shelf life of up to 8 years
  • 3. 0 V nominal voltage

They are both small coined shaped batteries with the CR 2477 slight batteries. They are non-rechargeable and should be properly disposed of after use, preferably recycled. 

How Long Do Ecobee Thermostat Batteries Last? 

The 3 Volt CR-2032 lasts up to two years, and the CR 2477 batteries last longer for up to five years. They are not rechargeable, so you cannot reuse them when the power is completely expended. 

How To Replace An Ecobee Thermostat Battery

Changing your Ecobee thermostat battery is very easy and can be done in minutes following these steps;

  • Use a screwdriver or any proper tool to pry the cover off the back of the device
  • Take the damaged battery out and set it aside for appropriate disposal
  • Insert the new battery making sure that the positive side faces outside. Make sure the battery is inserted, and the metal holders press it down properly
  • Replace the battery cover

Ecobee Thermostat Battery Draining Quickly 

A sign that your thermostat battery is faulty is when it drains too quickly. It could also be an issue with the thermostat itself if you replace the battery many times a year. Ecobee offers a warranty period of three to five years for a no-cost replacement or repair. If your use period falls within this time, you can claim the warranty and get it replaced. 

How To Claim Ecobee Warranty 

Ecobee products have a warranty period of three to five years, depending on your purchased product. To claim the warranty, you can go on their website and get the customer service contacts, put a call to them on the procedure and follow their guidelines.  

How Long Does An Ecobee Thermostat Last 

Ecobee thermostats and products, in general, are very durable. They can last for up to a decade and a little more, provided you take extra care to maintain them and not overload it. 

How To Fix Your Ecobee Thermostat When It Is Not Cooling 

  • Confirm the settings
  • Check for a blown fuse 
  • Inspect the wiring
  • Inspect the AC filters and drain lines
  • Check if the coil is dirty 

Confirm The Settings 

Confirm if the thermostat is set to cool mode or not. It may have been a pure case of omission. You can confirm from your phone or tab with the Ecobee app to see if it is in cool mode. If it is correctly set but does not respond, have a technician check it or follow all the steps below before you do so. 

Check For A Blown Fuse. 

Fuses protect the device from a power surge, preventing fires or explosions. To check the fuse, turn off the breaker to the house and check if it is a blown fuse. If blown, it is easy to replace, so discard the bad fuse and replace it with a new fuse. 

Inspect The Wiring 

Wear and tear on the wiring can affect the connection, impeding response to command due to difficulty in the current flow. Unmount the thermostat and call a technician to handle it. 

Inspect The AC Filters And Draw Lines 

Running your HVAC system will make dust accumulate in the filters. The AC filter is located on the unit, so you might want to leave checking and replacing it to technicians. Drain lines can also collect moisture and clog it up. Use distilled vinegar to clear the debris by pouring it down the drain pipe. Reattach the clean drain pipe and test the thermostat to see if it works. 

Check If The Coil Is Dirty

Copper is a conductive metal prone to rusting, so it is expected to rust in contact with moisture. Corrosion on the copper coils could be a reason the cooling setting is inefficient. Get help from a technician to clean or replace the coil. 

Final Thoughts

Ecobee thermostats are the recent, sleek, and tech-savvy thermostats of the modern time. Investing in an Ecobee thermostat is a great idea. It is a good investment and reduces how much work you must do to keep your home in a balanced climate. 

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