Does Walmart Recycle Old Car Batteries?

Recycling is the process of collecting old materials that would have been thrown into the trash and converting them into new useful products. It is the process of converting old materials into new ones. The old materials are sometimes broken down into simpler forms like starting material and remade into an entirely new product, or they are furnished to look new. 

Walmart participates in a recycling program called the Walmart battery core charge program. The program’s goal is to enable customers to return their batteries for recycling at no cost; instead, they earn benefits from doing so. 

What is Battery Core Charge at Walmart?

The battery core charge is a hidden fee on the cost of your battery on purchase, which you will be refunded when you return the battery for recycling. The cost usually ranges from state to state between $5 to $20. You can identify it on your receipt on purchase as Merchandising fee. When you return your battery, it will be refunded back to you. Some terms and conditions apply to returning your battery, and they vary from store to store. 

Does Walmart Recycle Old Car Batteries?

What are the Terms For Returning a Car Battery to Walmart?

Some stores require that you buy your old battery from them specifically, while others will accept it as long as it was from Walmart. Some stores also need your original receipt to prove you purchased at Walmart and paid the core fee. You can always contact the customer help desk to confirm their terms before proceeding. 

How Do I Return a Battery to Walmart?

It is quite easy to do so; just follow these steps below:

  • Take your Walmart battery along with your purchase receipt to the customer service desk 
  • The receipt is scanned, and your battery is received. The core charge can be returned to you in cash, as a credit to your account, or as a discount on your next Walmart purchase.

Some stores require you to place the battery in a cardboard box and the cart before approaching the customer service desk to avoid grime stains. 

Alternatively, you can check if your local Walmart has a tire and lube center instead of dropping it at the customer service desk. 

What Happens If I Lose My Original Receipt?

Depending on the store’s policy, if you do not have proof of purchase, you may not be eligible for the refund. 

The Recycling Process

Did you know that 80% of a battery’s parts are made with recycled materials? This process shows how an old battery gets converted into a new usable one:

  • The old batteries are collected and sent to the recycling plant
  • The lead is separated from the plastic casing (polypropylene) 
  • The lead is melted in a furnace and used to manufacture new batteries
  • The plastic (polypropylene) is washed and recycled
  • The acid is treated and neutralized

Benefits of Recycling Batteries

  • Protects the environment: 

Recycling reduces pollution, which in turn protects the environment from toxicity. The content of a battery includes lead and sulfuric acid, which are harmful to humans and animals. Batteries take a long time to decompose and can take up a lot of space. Instead of disposing of batteries into the ocean, where it can cause lead poisoning, oxygen depletion, death of wildlife, unsafe water, and other adverse effects, the battery components are used to create new ones. This way, the environment is protected, and resources are properly managed. 

  • Saves money:

Recycling saves manufacturing companies the cost of getting new materials. It is a very economical and profitable way to make new batteries. It also conserves the earth’s raw material that would have been extracted for use. 

  • Encourages eco-friendly lifestyle:

The world is becoming more aware of climate change and its effects in the long run; hence more people are encouraged to play their part in protecting the earth. Recycling is a major way of conserving the earth’s resources and keeping it conducive to live in. 

  • Reduces the risk of hazards:

You may have noticed a warning on batteries that they should not be incinerated. Battery suppliers should encourage their customers to return for recycling because disposing of one’s accord might lead to a disaster like an explosion or fire. 

throwing a car battery away


What car batteries does Walmart sell?

Walmart is famous for Everstart batteries. These batteries are very durable and reliable. They are also relatively affordable and can serve you for up to 5 years if well maintained. 

Does Walmart do free testing for customers?

Not all Walmart stores have an AutoCare center, but if yours does, they will install and test car batteries purchased from them for free. 

Are there other ways to dispose of my car battery?

You can sell your old used car batteries to your local auto parts store, eBay, scrap yards, metal recycling centers, Craigslist, pawnshops, foundries, etc. 

How much can I make selling an old car battery?

Most scrap yards would charge per pound. Some sell by lead scrap rate, which is the rate per pound of lead in your battery. On average, a car battery contains about 20 pounds of lead, so if the scrap rate is 0.3 cents per pound, then you will make $6 on one battery. 

What other stores would recycle my car battery?

Apart from Walmart, stores like Costco, O’Reilly auto parts, Autozone, Rural king, Napa, and interstate can buy old used batteries. Some require that the battery be purchased from them, while some buy by scrap rate. 

When should I dispose of my car battery?

When your battery has been used for a long time or starts to show signs of dying, it is ready to be taken out. A bad battery would show symptoms such as: 

  • A bad smell coming from the battery
  • Dimming car headlights
  • Slow-cranking
  • Swollen battery casing
  • Radio and electrical appliances do not work
  • Vehicle does not start, and if it does, it dies immediately
  • Melting cables and plastic casing
  • Clicking sounds on ignition

Can I dispose of my car battery with the house trash?

It is dangerous to keep a battery with the house trash. It should be separated and disposed of separately as recommended in this article. Putting car batteries together with the trash can lead to environmental poisoning, fires, and explosions. Pets can also tamper with the trash and be exposed to danger in the process.

Must all battery types be recycled?

Most but not all batteries require recycling. Some of them can be disposed of with the house waste, such as nickel-metal-hydride batteries, regular alkaline batteries, manganese, and carbon-zinc batteries. 

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