Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

Indeed, AutoZone will install your car battery for free, but only when you purchase it from them. Uncomplicated battery installations take fifteen minutes, give, or take. 

Does AutoZone Change Car Batteries for Free? 

AutoZone is a reliable retailer of automobile parts in the U.S. Besides providing clients with quality batteries, they also offer installation service without taking much of your time. Your vehicle will be sporting a brand-new quality battery in fifteen minutes, but only if the installation point isn’t tricky. You won’t pay a dime too.

To purchase a battery from AutoZone and have it installed for free, visit one of the retail locations and speak with the customer care representatives. In most cases, they’ll test your battery first to determine if it needs a repair or replacement. 

You never know if it merely lost a charge, in which case you’ll enjoy a free battery charging session. 

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Will AutoZone Replace Your Car Battery?

Once again, AutoZone will change your car battery only if you purchase the replacement from them. Thankfully, they sell affordable and quality units, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Depending on the type, model, and year your automobile was manufactured, you may spend $50 to $200. If you want a premium unit, you must prepare to pay between $90 to $250, but you have the assurance of durability and longevity. However, this isn’t to say the other options at AutoZone will not serve you well. 

If, after testing your car battery, it’s discovered that you need to replace it, the customer care representatives will explain your options. If your vehicle manufacturer has structured your battery location to grant easy access, the new unit will be installed within minutes. 

However, suppose it’s located in a position requiring the car part’s removal or displacement. In that case, AutoZone will provide other installation options for you, such as recommending a trustworthy service shop that can install batteries in technical spots. But of course, you’ll have to pay for their service. 

Aside from free battery installations and access to a range of quality battery units, there are other endearing services AutoZone offers car owners. For instance, you don’t have to pay a dime for battery consultation services. If all your battery requires is a charge session, you can also get it here. 

Sometimes, the alternator is the reason your car refuses to start. It has such power over automobiles because it’s responsible for charging the battery. So, if it’s faulty, you may believe there are issues with your car battery. You may discover this during your visit to AutoZone because they also test alternators and motor starters. Again, you guessed it! It’s a free service too. 

Finally, if you’re an AutoZone patron, you can report your check engine light issues to them when next you visit. One of the perks of being a loyal client is free testing to determine why the light refuses to go away. 

Can I Take My Old Battery to AutoZone for Disposal? 

Old batteries are significant hazards to the environment. And AutoZone, just like other responsible auto shops, takes proper battery disposal seriously. There’s even an incentive for environmentally conscious vehicle owners – when you bring your old battery for removal or replacement, you get a gift card that can be redeemed when you come around. 

What Type of Car Batteries Does AutoZone Install? 

There are different types of car batteries, and AutoZone offers free installation services for most of them. Provided yours isn’t located in a tricky position, as mentioned earlier, you won’t pay a dime to install the following batteries: 

Lead-Acid Batteries 

Lead-acid batteries are among the most common options in the automobile industry. They offer a voltage reading of 12.6v when fully charged and consist of six battery cells. 

Perhaps the most endearing factor for this battery type is its easy maintenance. However, the electrolytes also require a reasonably frequent refill, which every car owner can complete without assistance. 

Finally, ensure the battery is installed vertically to prevent the acidic content from spilling. 

Gel Batteries 

Gel batteries are a newer design of flooded batteries. It’s a modification or impressive improvement from lead-acid batteries prone to occasional spillage. 

A gel battery unit contains calcium that prevents the acid from leaking. Some silica is also present in the internal liquid content; it thickens the fluid and gives it a gel-like consistency. 

This battery type requires less maintenance, making it a durable option. 

Deep cycle batteries 

Deep cycle batteries are heavy-duty batteries that draw a lower current. Its thicker shell characterizes it. They’re used for heavier applications like powering larger vehicles. If you own a boat, RV, or motorcycle, you can free install your deep cycle battery at AutoZone. 

You can use it for a long time, but it’s far costlier than the conventional vehicle battery. 

You can purchase all these options at AutoZone. Your patronage also qualifies you for a free installation.

How Much Does AutoZone Charge to Install Car Batteries? 

Considering that other auto shops may charge you to install your car battery, you may wonder if there are places that offer free installations. AutoZone has performed free battery installments for car owners for several decades, and you can tap into this service by becoming a patron. 

Buy a battery from them, and they’ll install it for you. Bringing an external battery for free installation is not permitted. 

What are the Other Installation services AutoZone Offers?

AutoZone offers car owners many free services aside from battery installations. Some include alternator testing, starter testing, voltage regulator testing, oil recycling, and loaner tools. 

Bottom line 

There are always physical signs that your car battery needs a replacement. In some cases, it may be a false alarm or an indication of another automobile fault. Either way, a visit to AutoZone will be beneficial for your vehicle. You’ll discover the cause of the battery challenge and determine whether a slow charge or completely new unit will resolve it.

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