Costco Interstate Car Battery Review

Costco Company

Costco is currently ranked fifth among the world’s largest retail stores. They operate a chain of big-box stores across America. A big box store is simply a retail store that has a large amount of physical space and supplies a wide variety of items to consumers, and is usually a part of a chain. Think of it as a megastore!

Costco was founded in 1976 in Seattle, Washington but was then known as Price Club. Today, Costco has spread around the USA and to other countries, totaling 858 warehouses as of March 2022. Costco has up to 90% customer retention and is loved by many. They keep their customer base glued with incentives such as membership, discounts, the beloved $5 rotisserie chicken. Who does not love a good deal? 

They have both physical and online presence. You can shop on their website or even download the mobile app. They have made it easier for customers to shop in the comfort of their homes. After you have cleared your cart, you can select the delivery options that work for you- pickup near me, same-day delivery, or 2-day delivery. Costco shopping is very efficient and easy. 

Can I Buy Car Batteries from Costco?

Variety is a second name for Costco. You can get almost anything, like groceries, household items, food, electronics, gadgets, jewelry, clothing, pet supplies, toiletries, makeup, home appliances, toys, decorations, over-the-counter medication, so much more, and of course, car batteries

What Car Batteries Does Costco Sell?

Recently, Costco stopped selling any other batteries apart from Interstate batteries. Before then, however, they sold Optimal and Kirkland batteries. You can even get Interstate batteries at a discounted price when you buy from Costco.

Costco Interstate Car Battery Review

Who Makes Interstate Batteries for Costco?

Brookefield, alongside Exide technologies, currently manufactures interstate batteries for Costco. Formerly, Johnson Control was responsible for manufacturing them but not any longer. This handover happened in the latter part of 2019. 

Other Interstate Battery Products:

 Interstate batteries are not only made for cars; there are other types such as:

  • RV or Marine interstate batteries:

These are strong interstate batteries designed for RVs and marine vehicles. They have thick lead plates that enable them to power these vehicles efficiently.

  • Powersports:

They are designed to power sports vehicles such as motorcycles, go-karts, ATVs, snowmobiles, and the like. They are fully charged, ready-to-use AGM batteries. They are well-sealed, so you do not have to bother about maintenance or spilling. You also do not have to replace them as you just use them until they wear out.

  • Golf cart batteries:

They come in four varieties- the Extreme cycle golf cart battery, High cycle golf cart battery, Powerfast golf cart battery, and M line golf cart battery. Extreme cycle battery has the highest reserve capacity (450-560), runtime, and cycle life of the four. High-cycle battery is ideal for golf carts for residential and commercial use and industrial to power scrubbers and scissor lift operators. It has a long life cycle and a reserve capacity of 280-340. Powerfast battery is known for its quick charging and is very affordable. If you need value on a budget, then Powerfast is a great choice. M line is also very affordable, if not the most low-budget battery of the bunch but a good investment. 

Lawn and garden batteries:

They are very durable, and due to the nature of the vehicle, their powers it is designed to resist vibration and last for weeks without weakening. They are durable and retain charge for a long time. 

Interstate Battery Types:

The below list will show and give insight into the Interstate battery types in order of performance, from best to good. 

  • MTZ Line Car and Truck Batteries:

The MTZ line is an AGM battery with a Pure Matrix power feature to start powerful engines. The pure matrix feature consists of a combination of pure non-alloy lead and an extra thin-plate design. The absence of impurities in the lead and increased surface area of the plates enables the battery to perform at a high energy level and power electrical accessories repeatedly. It also comes with a 48-month free replacement warranty. The line has a CCA of 715 to 800 and a reserve capacity of 90 to 130. 

  • MTX Line Car and Truck Batteries:

This series comes right behind the MTZ line in terms of overall performance. It delivers optimum power in AGM-related applications. Very durable and guaranteed to meet your vehicle’s starting needs and may even surpass it. This line has a CCA of 500 to 950 and a reserve capacity within the range of 100 to 190. They have a 36-month free replacement warranty. 

  • MTP Line Car and Truck Batteries:

The MTP Line has good cold cranking performance for moderate to low temperatures with a CCA range of 500 to 900. They have a 30- month free replacement warranty and can perform for up to six years. They have a reserve capacity range of 60 to 180 and can provide your car with the efficient starting it requires.

  • MT Line Car and Truck Batteries:

They are the classic interstate batteries offering up to six years of performance life and a 24-month free replacement warranty on them. They are suitable for hot to moderate climates due to a high electrolyte to lead ratio that does not work well for low temperatures. Reserve capacity ranges from 80 to 150. 

  • M Batteries:

M line offers long-lasting performance and is suitable to the customer with value in mind. They have an 18-month free replacement warranty and an ample CCA ranging between 500 and 700.

  • Commercial Series Line Car and Truck Batteries:

The commercial series is a high endurance series that provides power for heavy-duty applications. They come with an 18-month free replacement warranty and a CCA range of 600 to 800. They perform very well in moderate to low temperatures. 

How to Choose the Right Interstate Car Battery

There are some factors you need to look out for when buying a car battery. 

  • Cold-cranking amps: 

This is the ability of a battery to start an engine in cold temperatures. If you are in a cold region, you should consider getting a battery with a good CCA. 

  • Reserve capacity:

This is the amount of time a battery can spend running on its own. You want to prioritize this factor because of scenarios where the alternator fails and to avoid having a dead car when you forget to turn the lights off. 

  • Battery size:

When getting a battery, it is important to know the size that fits into your car. You can check your vehicle’s manufacturer manual to determine what size of batteries you should look out for. Choosing the right size will prevent looseness, acid spills, or damage. 

  • Terminal Positions:

This is also known as polarity. It is simply the position of the negative and positive terminals on the battery. It is very important, especially that of the positive terminal, because you must ensure that the terminals are not in contact with the metal body to prevent short circuits. Hence, it is important to note where a battery’s positive terminal is located before making a choice. 

  • Battery brand:

There are so many car battery brands promising the same things, but one must look out for tested and trusted ones. You can go online to check customer reviews, select brands that are reliable and committed to quality, such as Interstate. 

  • Warranty:

On average, a good battery should last up to three years. Good warranty plans serve as a backup should in case something goes wrong with your battery. Try going for batteries with a warranty plan of at least 18 months. Terms and conditions also apply with warranties, as some of these battery companies would consider the warranty invalid if the battery is used for commercial purposes; ensure to maintain the batteries properly so you do not experience any hassles in claiming your warranty if the need arises. 

How Do I Buy Interstate Batteries from Costco?

You can start by looking up their website before going to the store physically. You can do this to be sure the battery you are looking for is available or to just browse through options. On their website, get into the battery section and enter your vehicle information in the fitment section. A battery will be recommended to you; then, you can go into the store to request it. 

Does Costco Provide Installation Services?

Costco does not provide installation services, but you can head to automotive stores such as Autozone, Pepboys, and the like. They also do not offer testing services. 


How do I know when my battery needs to be replaced?

You know your battery is due for a replacement when it starts to get weak. Signs of battery weakness include dim headlights, difficulty in the motor turning over, slow cranking, clicky sounds when starting the car, and electrical problems in general. 

How does high temperature affect my battery? 

High temperatures can evaporate the water in the acid quickly, leading to a weakened battery. Hot weather also accelerates corrosion and shortens the lifespan of your car battery. 

How do I get rid of an old battery?

Simply return it to the Costco store for recycling. In return, you get core Costco credits for recycling. 

Can I install a car battery myself?

Although it is sometimes best to let an expert install your car battery, it is quite easy to do on your own. Simply follow these steps:

  • Inspect the tray for any signs of corrosion. Clean the area with baking soda and water, then rinse off. Dry the area and then clean the terminals. 
  • Check the cable and starter connections, and tighten them if they are loose.
  • Gently place the battery in the tray, ensuring that the sitting level and terminals align correctly.
  • Tighten the hold-downs so that the battery does not shift. 
  • Apply some high-temperature grease to the posts and cable connections. Although it is not necessary for the battery’s normal functioning, applying grease protects the connections from corroding.
  • Replace the cables, and ensure the negative cable follows the negative. Avoid over-tightening the cables.

How can I maintain my car battery?

  • Inspect for corrosion around batteries and cables once in a while
  • Use battery cleaners or a mix of baking soda and water to get rid of corrosion
  • Avoid overcharging
  • When not in use, keep your battery in a cool, dry place.

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