Can Target Replace a Watch Battery?

Anyone who wears watches would have had problems with the batteries at a point or the other. These watch batteries are not rechargeable, so they will eventually get used up and need replacing. You may be wondering if Target can replace your watch battery. Here’s your answer;

Target is not a place where you can replace watch batteries. Target is a one-stop shop where everyday necessities, as well as beneficial concessions, are sold. So, No! Target does not replace watch batteries. The store has encountered some difficulties that have restricted them from repairing watches. 

Can Target Replace a Watch Battery?

Why can’t Target replace watch batteries? 

As of 2022, Target is not one of the shops that repairs watch batteries. Instead, they only sell watch accessories. Target stopped changing all watch batteries in-store only a few years back. Previously, the shop had battery-changing equipment that could work on 99 percent of watches. Then, customers became frequently dissatisfied with the service, accusing the store of inflicting more damage on their watch, making the shop replace customers’ watches instead of repairing them. This cost them a lot, so they had to stop repairing watches and changing watch batteries in their shops.

As a result, Target’s policy became that they could only work on watches they had in stock, ensuring that if the watch were damaged by the staff working on it, it would be replaced immediately. By so doing, costs of damage will be reduced. 

Which stores can replace your watch batteries? 

  • Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair is a well-known place where you may obtain a cheap watch battery replacement. Fast-Fix accepts most watch brands and has watch repair technicians. They charge as low as $15 to repair watches. 
  • Total Watch Repair offers a mail-in watch battery replacement service for most brands. They repair for as low as $9.95 – $45, depending on the watch brand. You may check if your watch brand is on their list by going to their website.
  • Certified watchmakers handle Watch battery repairs at My Jewelry Repair for most brands. Their repairs start from $40 upwards. If you have a water-resistant watch, the Standard Pressurization Test is included with all battery replacements. 
  • If you have an expensive watch worth a few hundred dollars, you may not feel comfortable sending it in or entrusting it to the personnel at a battery store. If this is the case, visiting a jeweler or a watch store may be a better option.
  • From Rolex to Timex, Sears has experienced professionals that can service nearly every watch brand. This cost-effective solution ensures your watch will be serviced by a professional. They offer $12 for battery replacement. 

These are a few stores where you can easily replace your watch batteries at decent costs. It is advisable to visit any nearby watch repair shop when your battery isn’t working well to get it fixed.

In conclusion, Target does not repair or replace watch batteries except for watches they sell in their store. 

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